About me essay in english

about me essay in english

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Youve messed up the whole thing, you totally deviated from the subject. Your essay doesnt have any flow of thoughts or proper rhythm. The seasoned examiners immediatly sniff out this padding and they dont give much marks for it, your expected score for this kind of garbage writing is less than 50/200, means even with decent score in all other papers, your chances of getting interview call. Youve jeopardised your chances of selection in ias, youve digged your own grave. Thats why take great care in picking up the subject first 30-40 minutes for thorough thinking. Stick to the subject Same applies while dealing with the big 60 marker question in gs and optional papers.

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It makes the examiner think that youve no input of your own so youre just filling up the pages. Donot pick up the subject where your idea or thought content is very low. You picked up do we need nuclear power so you start with how thermal power-stations create pollution, there is huge demand and low post supply of electricity, nuke power is cheap, and then the dangers such as Japanese Tsunami etc. After 4 pages, your thoughts and ideas are exhausted-youve nothing more to say and assuming that you write 100 words per page, you realise that only 400 words wont get you any marks! Now you cant scratch those pages and write a new essay on new topic, youve wasted enough time on this one. So you decide to continue with this nuke-power essay and start rewriting the same stuff you already stated in different ways and then youll deviate from the main topic- like nuke power is unsafe as we saw in Japan so we need to switch. Then you realise omg, displacement of people also applies while making nuke-powerplants like in Maharashtra! so you come back to the topic -half page written but still youve not filled up enough pages so you start talking about to land-acquisition policy and start writing the other half page. Then you think oh i must talk something about the Indo-us nuke deal so you go on talking about how we havent signed the ctbt and yet. S.G gave us clearance and China-pakistan couldnt stop it so we are a global power now and we deserve a permanent seat in unsc! This kind of padding goes house on until time.

Dont make mistakes in writing who said what. You" Abraham Lincons sentence and plan write george washington said. Nothing will make you look more stupid in the eyes of the examiner than that. 2" Exactly as it was said. Mao said Power flows from the barrel of a gun so you should not write it as barrel of the gun contains power or muzzle of the gun flows the power you must" the" verbatim. If youre not sure then dont". Even in the worst case, youre supposed to write words for a 250 marks essay. Padding means, you dont know the exact answer so you just beat around the bushes and write the garbage stuff to fill up the pages, while this tactic does work in the school and college exams but dont try it in the essay paper. Dont write too many proverbs /"s/ (invented) case studies/examples per page.

about me essay in english

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Never write essay talking like congress did this and bjp did that. Its the trait of a common man, not of a future officer. Give a balanced answer With out getting into hero-worship or mud slinging If criticizing govenrment in the essay alone was going to make you ias officer, then every journalist of Aaj tak would be an ias officer. An officers trait is to remain anonymous, faceless and neutral- meaning your essay should look like it literature has been written by a graduate. Same applies for. Religion / culture/ language-literature (in philosophical essays). States (in polity / federalism / development) Im not saying you should transform into a sterile person writing the essay with out having any personal view/ opinion or righteous anger but, you mustnt become too much passionate about certain things. Im saying all this because you can never be sure about what will word be the political / ideological / religious / regional alignment of the examiner. This suggestion also applies while dealing with Public Administration (optional subject).

Seeing negative sides with out suggesting reforms. Sometimes the essay topics are given in such a way, that you want to agree all the way. Panchayati raj is wastage of tax payers money. (yes it seems so, just like nrega but when youre writing an Essay you need to maintain some balance) poor people are their own enemies. In such cases just because he gave you statement doesnt mean youve to sing in his tune throughout the not forget to show the other side of the mirror. Its Easier to criticize a non working things than to fix. (Remember this all time during essay.) Donot give filmy solutions to real life problems. (Munna Bhai mbbs / Slum Dog Millioner.) Dont go naming individual politicians their achievement / scandals (Kalmadi, raja, Amar Singh etc.) (except in the foreign policy related essay, where youve to analyse from entire nehrus Panchsheel era to vajpayees Lahore bus visit and current affairs.).

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about me essay in english

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Take a pencil and write them all (in very brief) on the end of the answer sheet, see if there is any chance of adding some essay diagram or table in it? Do you remember any? Current events, people, historical events, laws / Administrative polices related to it *Related to that topic, What are the. Positive, negative sides writing obstacles, reforms you suggest? Once youre done adding everything that you can think about, regarding the essay- then give those topics, order of preference. The order is very important, just like in wedding parties you start with soupdal-roti andIce cream in the end. The order should be Introduction Background / History related main concept / theory / what the subject is about Current scenario related.

Good sides Negative sides / obstacles Suggested reforms Conclusion everything has to be written in its place. Gandhis Champaran must come in the beginning not in the end. Now some donts. Autocracy is better than democracy. (know that its the democracy thats allowing you to criticize it) so you should never justify certain solution to Indias problems. Excessive criticism of govt. administration (I mean the frontline and The hindus stand).

I write something like. Gandhi was born in Porbandar then he went to me backfreedom ndhi-Irwin.2nd round rtitionetc. After 1 hour of writing, i realize that I forgot mention about Champarans Indigo Struggle when Gandhi got actively involved in Indian Freedom struggle for the first time! Now I cant add. Because there is no space in initial pages. However I can still try to add it in the conclusion like in 1947 Gandhi won the fight he started with Champaran.

But when Examiner doesnt find the mention of Champaran in the initial pages, then he gets an impression you forgot it less marks. Hence everything has to be written in its place. Thats why you must. Think for 30-45 minutes before you start the Essay writing. Youve 3 hours to write the essay. Dont immediately start 1st try to recall everything that you can remember / want to say about the essay.

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Reading books as a hobby, related articles, this is what I learned from my seniors and toppers. There are plenty of articles on internet on how to prepare the essay (read editorials daily etc.) Im writing one about how to actually write it inside the exam hall. In the Essay paper, they give you 4-5 essays and youve to write only one. Time limit -3 hours, max-marks200. In a 2 marker with question, upsc specifically mentions that answer it in 20 words. So with that logic, youre expected to write an essay containing around 2000 words father's for the 200 marks. Before you start the Essay writing. They asked an essay on Gandhi, i start writing.

about me essay in english

Successful completion is defined as satisfying the nri following two criteria:.) Securing a minimum grade of b and demonstrating 85 attendance in each. English Language center class; and.) Securing a minimum grade point average.50 (undergraduate).00 (graduate) in academic courses taken during the met program. Students who choose to satisfy English proficiency requirements through the on-campus elc will be placed according to the following criteria: toefl ibt score below 61 (500 paper-based automatically eligible to enroll in the Intensive english Program (IEP). Toefl ibt score between 61 - 78 ( paper-based automatically eligible to enroll in the met program, which includes both academic and semi-intensive elc course work. English Language center iep students may enter the met program directly without toefl test scores after satisfying the following requirements:.) Successful completion of level 5 in the iep program with a 'b' grade or higher; and.) Receive passing scores on level exit assessments. This option is only available to students that have progressively enrolled in the Intensive english Program. Think for Thirty minutes, what *NOT* to write in an Essay? Provokative essays, dont get Personal (Cong. quot;ng the famous"s, padding with Fodder Material, suggested reading.

be equivalent to the University's. English composition, advanced composition or technical writing course. Matriculated Old Dominion University english, language center students must receive prior approval from the Office of International Admissions to take. English composition courses at another institution for the purpose of satisfying the. Successful completion of the, monarch, english. Transition (MET) Program (formerly the Bridge Program).

Conditional admission to Old Dominion University is offered only to those highly qualified applicants meeting University admission requirements with the exception. Granting of conditional admission is subject to program approval, and may not be available for all programs of study. Admitted students who have not satisfied the. English language requirement are automatically offered intensive. English language studies at the on-campus, english, language center. Satisfy by any of the following: Acceptable test Scores. Or, possession of a bachelor's or Master's degree equivalent from an thesis accredited institution located in a country where.

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Non-Native speakers of, english, admission to all levels of University study is contingent upon successful completion. English language proficiency requirements. English can provide evidence of, english language proficiency through a variety of options. Admission to the on-campus. English, language center (ELC) and subsequent enrollment. English language courses at the elc does not imply admission to the University. Conditional Admission, if your native language is not. English, evidence of, english proficiency must about be demonstrated to enroll in academic, credit bearing courses.

About me essay in english
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