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awesome essays

An awesome essay

For a real world project, your 'remote' and 'deploy' folders would usually be setup on a server, not locally. The details of doing that and properly configuring ssh is beyond the post of this scope (note about to self: I should write on ssh configuration, too!). From here, it's up to your project to determine what actions to automate! (If the push-to-x pattern interests you, you should follow me on Twitter, or subscribe to my rss feed, because i've got a few more posts on the subject coming up! Also, feel free to tweet feedback / questions / topics you'd like to read.). m, welcome to the rudy rucker portal, used by two rudys, father and son: Rudy rucker,. And, rudy rucker,. Net wizard, artist, founder of t, a dyi isp for punks and small businesses in San Francisco. Monkeyview, an awesome free photo-sharing site.

The directory we're deploying to should now be populated and up-to-date:./deploy diff file. Txt Pretty awesome, right? Testing without Pushing When you're working on a post-receive hook, it's annoying to muck up your project's commit history and push each time you make a change. Luckily, because it's just a script, we can fake it from the command-line. Cd./remote git log -2 -formatoneline -reverse first, we need to get the ids of our most recent 2 commits. The git log command, above, will give us these two ids in the order you'll want to replace the from_id and TO_id variables with, respectively. Echo "from_id to_ID master"./hooks/post-receive this method makes setting up your post-receive hooks enjoyable, enabling you to quickly iterate on your script and execute it repeatedly. Next Steps In this post, we've walked through how to setup the push-to-deploy with git.

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awesome essays

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Our purpose here is to automate push-to-deploy. Assuming a workflow that keeps production on the master branch, we want to exit this script prior to deploying if the branch being pushed is not master. The first deploy step is to "checkout basically export or copy, files from the master branch to the directory where our project is deployed to in production. (Remember, in this demo it's the fake "deploy" resume directory, in the real world this might be /var/www, or wherever your project expects to be in production.). Now that our deploy directory is up-to-date, we can run whatever deployment tasks we need to run. This could be applying Puppet scripts (I'll write a post on this scenario soon restarting a web or application server, clearing cache files, recompiling static assets, etc. Whatever steps you'd normally need to do manually after updating your project's files, automate them here!

Save your post-receive hook, and let's test it out! Testing with Pushing we can test our script manually, by creating a new commit in our development directory and pushing:././development echo "New line." file. Txt git commit -m 'testing push-to-deploy' git push production master In the output of the git push command, you should see lines starting with "remote. These lines are the output of our post-receive script: Already on 'master' deploy: master(TO_ID) copied to 'push-to-deploy/deploy' the first line is noisy output from the git checkout command in step 3, we can ignore. The second line, is from the puts command, also from step 3 in our post-receive script.

Next, open the post-receive script file in your preferred text editor. Copy the contents below: !/usr/bin/env ruby post-receive . Read stdin (Format: "from_commit to_commit branch_name from, to, branch. Split " " . Only deploy if master branch was pushed if (branch /master nil puts "Received branch branch, not deploying." exit end . Copy files to deploy directory deploy_to_dir file.

Expand_path./deploy git_work_tree deploy_to_dir" git checkout -f master puts "deploy: master to) copied to deploy_to_dir DO: Deployment Tasks . E.: Run Puppet Apply, restart daemons, etc. Let's walk through each of the steps:. When git runs post-receive, the data about what was received is provided to the script via stdin. It contains three arguments separated by spaces: the previous head commit id, the new head commit id, and the name of the branch being pushed. We're reading these values and assigning them to from, to, and branch variables, respectively.

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Set up Push-to-deploy, now that our remote repository is setup, we're ready to write a script for what it'll do when night it receives a push. Let's navigate to the hooks folder of our remote repository. Hooks are scripts that git runs when certain events happen. Cd./remote/hooks touch post-receive chmod x post-receive. The hook we care about for push-to-deploy is post-receive. It is run after receiving and accepting a push of commits. In the commands above, we're creating the post-receive script file with touch, and making sure it's an executable file.

awesome essays

commit.'. We now have a development repository with its first commit. Our last preparation step is to register the "remote" repository. If you're fuzzy on git remotes, the official git site has you covered. Git remote add production./remote git push production master. You've just pushed your commit from development to your bare, 'remote' repository. We're ready to setup push-to-deploy.

In this post, i'll walk through the setting up Push-to-deploy from the ground. (I'm assuming a working knowledge of: terminal, git, and a scripting language.). Preparing our Repositories, let's keep things straightforward by placing our development git repository, remote git repository, and deploy directory under the same local directory. Mkdir push-to-deploy cd push-to-deploy mkdir development,remote, deploy. Awesome, now let's setup the remote git repository. with a real project, this would be a directory on your production server. There is a special setup for git repositories whose purpose is to receive pushes from developers, they're called "bare" repositories. You can read more about "bare" repositories, but for our purposes their purpose is just to receive pushes. Cd remote git init -bare.

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I first set up a push-to-deploy system with git and puppet for a side project a few years back. It worked so well I transitioned. Nmc 's development process onto it for all of our new projects starting last year. It offers the simplicity of the "push-to-deploy" model Heroku statement pioneered, with full control and flexibility over the operating system environment. I've started thinking about my next iteration of this system for. Didsum, and using pushing for more than just deployment purposes. The push-to-_ pattern is powerful and easy to use, once you know how the pieces fit together.

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