Best mission statement ever written

best mission statement ever written

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He also jokingly warned us about collecting. "If this really takes off he said, "you will need more space and eventually you may have to establish a real 'Crypto museum' in due course". At the time, we didn't have a clue what he was talking about and didn't think that one day we would have to acknowledge his insights. After a few years of collecting equipment and stories, Crypto museum suddenly became reality in 2008. Cor moerman came up with the idea to setup a special temporary exhibition dedicated to ' secret messages and asked for our help. Many objects from our collection were given on loan to his museum and they were complemented by items from Cor's own collection, the collections of Jan Rijnders, Arthur bauer en some others. It was a big experiment, but it turned out to be a huge success: there were days that some people left the building because it was too crowded!

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Many of them are collectors of cryptographic devices and related equipment. It was a real eye-opener to us and we immediately felt comfortable in this company of friends. The next day we had to admit to ourselves that the Crypto-virus had really gotten under our skin. Since then we have become regular visitors of bp and we know many people there now. We made contact with other visitors and collectors and even after all these years, it still is an inspiring place to spend our holidays. The birth of Crypto museum In the spring of 2004, the first small paper cipher machine crossed our path. On a local aution website, we found our first Hagelin C-446 and a few days later we showed it to our good friend Cor moerman. Cor, who is the curator of the dutch Ham Radio museum, immediately recognised our enthusiasm and told us that he also had a forgotten Hagelin that was dusting away somewhere on a shelf. It didn't fit in with his collection, he said. So then we had two hagelins.

We demonstrated the Enigma-e to him and david immediately fell in love with. He insisted that we would talk to the bp director. Although it was an extremely busy weekend, david had successfully persuaded bp director Christine large to grant us a five minute slot. The rest is history. Christine spend more than reviews an hour with us and the Enigma-e, and immediately recognised its promotional potential. And it wouldn't be long before the first batch of kits was delivered. That night, david invited us to a closed meeting of the American Cryptogram Association (ACA) who happened to be at bp that weekend as well. The aca is a group of interesting people who share the same 'strange' hobby.

best mission statement ever written

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Both essays 100 compatible with a night real war-time Enigma machine. By now, we were truly contaminated with the Crypto-virus. First contact In the summer of 2003 we went back. This time with a working prototype of the Enigma-e under our arm. We wanted to show it to people at bp and to find out whether it would be an interesting product for the museum shop. It was just a gamble as we were not certain whether or not a self-build electronics kit would actually be of interest to the public. We were lucky, as we happened to have picked the weekend of the annual Enigma reunion and the park was crowded with people 'in the know'. On the first day we met well-known Enigma researcher david Hamer with whom we had so far only exchanged e-mails. David noticed the small wooden box under Marc's arm and asked what it was.

From a mechanical point of view, some of the machines are real marvels of human engineering. A fews days later we were on the boat back to The netherlands. We booked a cabin, so that we could sleep during the 10 hour trip, but the Enigma kept us awake. We spend the entire night day-dreaming about how wonderful it would be to posess our own Enigma machine. When we arrived home, we immediately started to work out the concept of an electronic version of the Enigma. It would give us, and everybody else, the ability to own an affordable Enigma machine. The results of our efforts were an Enigma computer simulation for risc os computers (Acorn) and the now famous Enigma-e self-build kit.

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best mission statement ever written

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From its origin, through interception, to the breaking of the codes and finally the intelligence derrived from. At the end of the trail there even was a real Enigma dental M3 machine! We were overwelmed; what a beautiful place this was. We spend three days at bp and soaked up everyting. The smell of the old huts, the old cipher equipment and perhaps even the Enigma-ghost. Everything matched with the book as in a real deja-vu. One of the nicest things about British people is that, as soon as they notice your interest, they are prepaired to explain things in great detail.

From the intercept stations, the so-called y-service, to the bombe machines that were used for breaking the Enigma messages. Robert Harris' novel Enigma became reality for. Apart from the Crypto Trail, bp had brians a lot more to offer. Many cipher machines were on display and the principles behind codemaking and codebreaking were demonstrated. We came to realise that there was a complete business behind this hush-hush crypto stuff. (If you search the internet, you will soon realise that this is still the case today.) The technology behind the cipher machines is really fascinating.

Bletchley park It all started in 2001 when a good friend - nanno van haaften - lent us the book enigma by robert Harris. Reading is not the most favorite activity of most engineers, but he insisted that we'd read the book as, according to him, it was a most intreguing and appealing story. And he was right. Although it was a novel, it was a most fascinating story. How was it possible that the British broke the Enigma codes during wwii. Why was this story kept secret until 1974?

And where was this place Bletchley park? Did it still exist? In fact we were so fascinated about it, that we booked at boat to the uk a few weeks later, to spend our holidays at Bletchley park. When we arrived at bp, we saw buildings in decay and an improvised museum. But despite all that, we were presented with a complete and clear picture of what happened there during wwii. We walked the so-called Crypto Trail and were educated with all stages of a secret German message.

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To do things our own way. It gave us the liberty to take on the projects that really interested us, but it also brought great responsibility with. After all, we want our customers to be happy, as in the end shredder they have to pay the bills. Today, we both have a good running presentation enterprise, but to our dismay we see the interest in technology from young people declining rapidly. As if everyone wants to become a manager these days. That said, our society still has an enormous need for new technicians. Perhaps now more then ever.

best mission statement ever written

Marc founded his company, yig engineering bv in 2000 and specializes in the development of electronic circuits, also known as brave hardware, for a variety of applications ranging from the. Senseo coffee machine to state-of-the-art fpga designs, for companies such. He also developed the control system for a well-known old people's scooter brand. One of his latest projects is an intelligent weed-control system that he developed in close co-operation with paul. Crazy about technology, we started Crypto museum in 2004, but our interest in technology dates back to our youth. Already at an early age we were considered 'strange people'. Always busy with wires and a soldering iron. Building model trains, transmitters, audio amplifiers and eventually becoming radio hams and electronics engineers. Later in life we - surprisingly - both took the step to establish our own company.

is a virtual museum, we want to share our knowledge with as many people as possible. We are therefore seeking to co-operate with other museums whenever we can. At the same time we are trying to raise the profile of technology in general; a profession that tends to be forgotten. August 2010, paul reuvers marc Simons, about. Crypto museum is an initiative of paul reuvers and Marc Simons, both self-employed engineers from Eindhoven (Netherlands). Paul started his software company. X-ample technology bv in 1986. He has specialized himself in developing embedded software, user interfaces and health-care software. Most of the embedded software is developed for Marc's hardware.

And it is still the case today. But crypto also plays an important part in our personal life today. By collecting crypto equipment, we try to capture an important part of our history. A part that has been kept secret for a long time. If we don't act now, we might lose it forever. The website is our attempt to describe the equipment to the best of our abilities. Whenever possible, we will also try to explain the operating principles and the underlying history. If we succeed list in this mission we may all learn from.

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Mission Statement, in the thesis story below, we've tried to explain why we have created the. Crypto museum and why we spend so much time with. The text will also be available for download in due course, both in English and in Dutch. Abstract, cryptography - or crypto for short - is all around us: in our credit card, in our car keys, as part of electronic banking and even in our web browser. Crypto is generally used to exchange secret messages. In a war it is important that secrets are kept secret, so it doesn't come as a surprise that it plays an important role at the department. That was the case during wwii and also in the dark days of the cold War.

Best mission statement ever written
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  6. Free mission statement papers, essays, and research papers. Remember: This is a mission statement, not a mission essay. Try to sum up your entire company's mission in one or two sentences. Think of it this way: your. Cryptography - or crypto for short - is all around us: in our credit card, in our car keys, as part of electronic banking and even in our web browser. As we inch closer to jerry maguires 20th Anniversary, i thought you might want to read Camerons original Mission Statement (that is only briefly.

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