Brief summary of the bluest eye

brief summary of the bluest eye

The, bluest, eye, summary

Killed Off for real : Apart from various important Original Characters, part 2-6 confirms the death of Derpy hooves. The final few chapters see the deaths of Simmons and Wash as well. Averted in Wash's case, who was revealed to be alive and well in the epilogue of the side story "a widow's search living in Canterlot Castle in the guise of a pony on Celestia's staff. Knight of Cerebus : wyoming of all people ends up becoming this. Although the Freelancer himself is about as much of a threat as he usually is, he sets off the more serious story of Twilight's arc in Act 1 when he makes her a priority target for Project Freelancer, and is the first human Twilight meets. Then there's the meta who massacres the entire Equestrian military contingent around Tex's ship, as well as a significant amount of ponies in the nearby town. To say that things immediately get more grim afterward is an understatement. Mind Rape : After being converted to.

An overview of, the, bluest, eye

It was either that or med school. And really, can you picture that? Going Native : Unsurprisingly, donut quickly takes a liking to Equestria. When Tucker finds him baking with Caboose and Pinkie pie, donut is wearing a bright baby-blue apron over his lightish-red armor. Tucker even lampshades this by saying the trope name almost word for word. Tucker: dear god, youve gone native gunship Rescue : When it looks like the mane six will have no choice but to use the Elements of Harmony against the meta after he abducts Church ( destroying Church in the process the Blood Gulchers show. It doesn't keep him down, but their arrival still helps turn the tide. Horse of a different Color : When Red team comes across a chimaera that had earlier been injured by the meta, sarge opts to use it as transportation, much to the creature's disbelief. Humans Are Cthulhu : Twilight Sparkle and the other ponies think of the humans as this amazing, technologically advanced alien race when they first problem find the crashed spaceship. Suffice to say, twilight is quite disappointed once she actually meets the reds and Blues. It's Personal : rainbow Dash seems to have decided this in regards to the meta after it kills Derpy.

Drowning my sorrows : Spike goes to berry punch's bar when he can't take any more of having Grif and Simmons as plan roommates. And drinks apple juice. "Facing the bullets" One-liner : wyoming utters "Well played" when the mother of Invention's attack, which was intended to destroy canterlot, zeroes in on his Pelican instead. Foreshadowing : When Church and Twilight talk to Sheila/filss, she refers to Church as Director before either of them have any idea what Church really. A few chapters later, Church explains why he joined the army in the first place. It was because of Tex. She joined the army and left me without so much as a goodbye, so i decided to go after her.

brief summary of the bluest eye

The, bluest, eye : novel, summary, novelguide

Copied from rainbow Dash's mind. In short, sunset Shimmer creates. (Magical Intelligence) to help Tex purge o'malley from Pinkie pie's mind. I.s are illegal in dates Equestria and the construct had to be erased after completing its purpose. Combine that with the fact that the. Possessed all of the real rainbow Dash's memories, and the mane 6 essentially got to watch Sunset murder their friend. Doomed Hometown : Dodge junction is this for Sunny side, courtesy of the meta.

Shout-Out to, slice of Hell, bring my brown Pants : Caboose : That was the best battle i ever peed myself in! Call-Forward : In the final chapter, while meeting with Celestia, chairman Malcolm Hargrove has to leave to attend to a call from Chorus. Cerberus Syndrome : Much like in Red vs Blue, the story gets a lot darker as more of the plot is revealed. Chekhov's Gag : In chapter 1-5, Church tries to pass Twilight off as his seeing eye dog to get past an armed checkpoint. When questioned how a seeing eye dog is supposed to help the supposedly blind Church aim, they then try to demonstrate by having Twilight "bark" when Church gets closer to his target. When they face wyoming in 1-7, they use the same tactic to help Church overcome his poor aiming skills. Cloning Blues : The unfortunate magical.

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brief summary of the bluest eye

The, bluest, eye : book, summary / notes by toni morrison

Adaptational Nice guy : Agent south, for a certain degree of "nice". As she dies, she finds some rapport with Twilight over the fact that they both have/had older brothers and passes on a message from Delta intended for Washington. A god Am I : Church, after taking over the Insurrection's facility network. Alternate Universe : A few minor liberties are taken with the mlp world (The. Equestria girls universe doesn't exist at all, and everything that happens after the season 3 premiere is up in the air but most of the au is on the red vs Blue side, with the events of the Freelancer arc proceeding differently due to the. There's also the fact that Equestria made contact with Project Freelancer many years ago.

Arson, murder, and jaywalking : Rarity, after delivering a, no-holds-Barred beatdown. Rarity : he killed Captain Eberle, he killed everyone in the desert, he threatened to kill me, and worse, he called me old! Big Bad : Sunset Shimmer. Book ends : The story begins and ends with Twilight and Spike stargazing on the balcony of Golden oaks Library, asking each other "do you ever wonder why we're here?". Brick joke nature : Early in Act 2, pinkie pie fills Sugarcube corner with cakes which Twilight has to move to her pocket dimension just to get through. Near the end of Act 2, Twilight opens her pocket dimension to get something else and accidentally dumps all of the cakes on reynard vaez, doubling.

To get home, twilight must enlist the help of the eccentric Red and Blue soldiers that live there. If she can get them to stop bickering first! Additionally, she finds herself being pursued by the enigmatic military agency known only as Project Freelancer. Back in Equestria, all is not well for Twilight's friends as forces involved with the crashed ship make themselves known. Reds, Blues and ponies will all have to work together to discover the mysterious connection between Equestria and Project Freelancer.

The story is a very good read. The humor is great, the characters are all in character, and the plot is very intriguing. For a story that features two completely different franchises, they blend very well together. The story has been completed as of Feb 14, 2016 with an epilogue hinting at a sequel posted Feb 28, 2016. A side story by the same author was released on July 22, 2016. A widow's search follows the story of a side character who appeared in only one scene of the main story after her husband Arcane Star was killed by the meta.

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As these two demonstrate, friendship isn't always magic. I against i, me friend against you is a, red. Blue my little pony: Friendship is Magic crossover by Flynt coal. The story takes place after season 5 of Red. Blue and just after the season 3 premiere of my little pony. Everything changes for Twilight Sparkle and her friends when a mysterious extraterrestrial ship crash lands in Equestria. When Twilight messes around in the ship's systems with her magic, she ends up transported to an alien world unlike anything she imagined: a box canyon in the middle of nowhere.

brief summary of the bluest eye

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Brief summary of the bluest eye
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