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fashion write up

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Fashion is a broad term used to describe many genres of clothing and accessories. Before you get started it is essential to select your area of expertise. This needs to be more detailed than writing a blog that appeals to men, women, teens, or children—but instead, you must focus on a specific niche within the industry. The area of expertise you select will be used to help create your marketing strategy, website url, and website design. For example, you could select: Moms who need to be stylish yet comfortable. Women over 40 who want to wear the latest fashions, while still looking age appropriate.

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Even if your story doesnt star a fashion designer protagonist, paying attention to relevant details of the clothes in your world will enrich your readers experience. Do you have any fashion tips for writers? Let us know in the comments. Practice, look at the people axis around you or browse the web for an image of someone. Then take fifteen minutes to describe a persons clothing. What do they tell you about that person? When youre done, share your practice in the comments, and dont forget to leave feedback for your fellow writers! If you have a passion for fashion, you may be considering launching a fashion blog. First, you must learn the key elements for how to write a successful fashion blog. Below is a step-by-step plan of action to help you get heading in the right direction. Begin by selecting your Area of Expertise.

If your character is in an industry where it is expected that they be thoughtful about clothing, then that character should notice a persons clothing. A person working as a stylist may notice how a jacket fit, for example. A partner at a law firm might notice how much a jacket cost. Alternatively, you may have written a character who tends not to notice anyones clothing, ever. To me, that actually presents the greatest opportunity because when he does notice a new necklace or a recent shoe shine, it signals to the reader that that it is significant. Resources Exist to help you describe Clothing. To brush up on your fashion/clothing knowledge, the hosts recommend the following: Clothing gender can be an incredibly useful tool for characterization.

fashion write up

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We can get away with being imprecise about clothes in our real lives, but that doesnt work when were writing. As McKinney points out on the show, its incorrect for a person to play with the weave of a sweater because sweaters are knit (who knew?). The fashion guru also seemed to shudder at a writers use of the word tool when he meant twill. Using the wrong words can hurt your credibility. Conversely, knowing the right word can strengthen the image youre trying to draw with your words. Not sure how to write a good clothes description? One resource the hosts recommended for figuring out exactly what things are called is the. Readers Digest Complete guide to sewing. Different Characters Should Describe Clothing in Different ways.

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fashion write up

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Take advantage burgundy of this opportunity. Consider the Economy of your Characters Clothing. Without giving some thought to your characters clothing, you may end up putting a struggling. Student in an expensive brooks Brothers shirt. Unless you can explain the paradox (e.g., he used to work at an investment bank it just doesnt make sense. Another question to ask is, do your clothes and fabric work with the region in which your work takes place?

Or, do they work for the time period? The podcast hosts pointed out that, while fabrics such as cotton may be relatively cheap in the United States, theyre considered a luxury in other parts of the world. Similarly, if certain material was scarce in a specific time period, the average joe probably wouldnt have access to it (even if its ubiquitous today). Think about how much your characters clothing costs and whether it is consistent with his background, location, time period, and everything else we know about him. Use the correct Words to describe Clothing.

Let me make something clear up front: the point of this blog post is not to give you tips on how to dress. The point is to help you think about how you discuss clothing in your writing. Recently i discovered this amazing podcast called, writing Excuses. Specifically, i listened to an episode called. Fashion for Writers, featuring fashion guru rebecca McKinney, and I could not not share what I learned.

This is partly because it was useful and partly because i could see a lot of people dismissing the topic as irrelevant to their work (which they definitely should not!). A great clothes description can make your characters spring vividly to life. Take a look at what I learned, and tell me what you think. You can learn a lot by a persons Clothing. A persons clothing can tell the reader a lot about a character in a few short sentences. You can learn something about her age, social economic situation, personality, and more. McKinney points out that if a woman walks into a room wearing a fuchsia dress, for example, you can be pretty sure that person is not a wallflower. You can alert your audience that she likes attention, is confident, and host of others things with two short words: fuchsia dress.

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This article was amended on 19 September to correct an error, changing Willie walters' job title from course leader to programme director of fashion at Central St Martin's. Christian Siriano "The glass sculptures of Sergio redegalli were the reviews first inspiration for my spring/summer 2015 collection. I was drawn to the diffusion of light and reflective transparency of his work installed at the Adelaide botanic Garden, where his sculptures have an almost long, liquid quality to them atop the dark water on which they sit. This is echoed in the collection in the form of reflective fabrication. Inspired by the glass itself are some of the icy arctic blues and greens, the sharp laser cut patterns, and intricate—sometimes voluminous—crystal embroidery. I wanted this collection to feel light, clean, and crisp; tranquil like a japanese zen rock garden; modern for today's woman. The collection combines simple elegant separates for day and lustrous, long dresses for evening to outfit the Christian Siriano customer with something light, feminine, clean, and crisp.".

fashion write up

"We look for students who want to make a positive difference through what they do as a designer she says. Accuracy and a good flow are things all tutors agree on when it comes to a good personal statement, but Barnes says you should also be in tune with the specifics of your course. "There are lots of courses that are called fashion marketing, for example, but the content of those courses will vary enormously barnes explained. "Understand the course you are applying for and tailor the personal statement to match.". For courses where a portfolio furniture carries a heavier weighting than the personal statement, it is still important to express personality in your written statement. Tutors say individuality and character are perhaps the most important things to convey. "Don't contrive something for the sake of it advises Chaisty, "just be honest, be natural and be yourself.". Just don't" coco Chanel.

it makes me think that they see fashion as something rather fluffy she says. As well as explaining why you want to study fashion and listing any relevant work experience, it's also important to show interests outside of fashion, say tutors. "Some of our fashion courses are really business-orientated says liz barnes, senior lecturer in fashion at Manchester University, "so demonstrating a commercial mind is key.". Outside interests show an engagement with general society that is important for a fashion student, and key to fashion admissions tutors. It's important to be up to date on current news, to prove an academic interest and to show curiosity about the world and an inquisitive mind. If you have an unusual hobby don't be afraid to mention it as it might help yourself get noticed. "i've had ice skaters, an Olympic-standard gymnast and stick insect collectors says Anne Chaisty, principal lecturer in fashion studies at the Arts University bournemouth. Fashion may be portrayed as a cut-throat industry, but people who are interested in giving something back interest Chaisty.

Fashion related courses are notoriously competitive, so avoiding clichés is an important way to make your application stand out, says Andrew Groves, course director for fashion design at the University of Westminster. "Put yourself in my shoes says Groves, who reads over 1,000 personal statements each year. "How would you make yours different from all those long other applications?". Although mentioning your favourite designer is a good idea, you should think carefully about who you cite, says Mal Burkinshaw, programme director of fashion at Edinburgh University. "we always have the same designers"d. Every now and then someone says they are interested in a more conceptual designer and it makes them stand out. You can tell they are engaging more deeply.". Evidence of engagement with fashion is essential, agree tutors, but make sure you are thinking about it as a serious industry.

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"Fashion is not simply a matter of clothes; fashion is in the air, born upon the wind; one intuits." That's a" from Coco Chanel business and it's how not to start a personal statement for a fashion degree. When applying for a university fashion course, your personal statement won't even be read though if your portfolio is not good enough. Willie walters, programme director for fashion at Central St Martins, said the personal statement is "secondary" to portfolio work. "I don't even read the statements unless the work looks interesting she says. Walters advises applicants to make their portfolio work as clear as possible, and to include research and sketchbook work, as well as photographs of design pieces. "We look for originality and something fresh.". When it comes to the written statement, saying you have a "passion for fashion" is an immediate no-no, says Josephine collins, course leader for fashion journalism at the london College of Fashion. "It's easy to do and sounds great but we've seen it so many times before she warns. Similarly, admissions tutors cringe when confronted with yet another tired" from a fashion icon.

Fashion write up
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Helpful ideas not only for drafting a nonprofit mission statement, but also for ensuring board and staff are consistently referring. 1 Tips; 2 Example; 3 Body paragraphs.

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  1. It s important to be up to date on current news, to prove an academic. Fashion week is here! Before the spring 2015 shows kick off, we ask ed designers to share the inspiration behind their collections. Here is how I would write the description (i ve made up the fi ber content because i don t know it and omitted his cutting instructions which. You must learn the key elements for how to write a successful fashion blog. See a step-by-step plan to help you get heading in the right direction.

  2. When your favorite childhood game is dress up and you grow up. More productively: How can we write and think critically about fashion? Ana finel honigman is a fashion writer and art writer with a doctorate in history. Earthly delights at Tape modern and Cult pin-up Eden Berlin looking heavenly. Fashion courses at university are incredibly competitive, so how d o you.

  3. Inspirational fashion and style"s from across the decades. anyone can get dressed up and glamorous, but it is how people dress. Let me make something clear up front: the point of this blog post is not to give y ou tips on how to dress. The point is to help you think about how you discuss. You need to tell people exactly what is exciting about your fashio n launch, and why they should sit up and pay attention. Bear in mind that.

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