Front end dev resume

front end dev resume

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Whilst my home stack is lamp, i also love to experiment with new tech languages. My front end focuses on js (backbone/marionette/jquery css (bootstrap while my back-end is mostly php (some laravel) and mysql historically, ive used Actionscript3, and am smitten by some of its facets that are now appearing in Typescript. I love using tools like grunt, vagrant, scss, and npm to make my life easier. Id like to think of myself as an enabler an idea developer a tinkerer an engineer with a comprehension of internet technologies methodologies, an affinity for data-enhanced digital experiences, and a tendency to experiment and innovate. Experience: Freelance Flash/web developer/sole proprietor : Invalid Sequence labs. Omaha, ne (January 2005 present freelance/contract interactive development consulting.

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Implemented rsa secureid on lan, workstations; hard drive-level encryption on laptops. Web developer, snapp associates Insurance services, Inc. 11, 2005 San diego, ca assistant to the parts it director Performed skilled repair and maintenance of all technology-related equipment Provided technical support to users on equipment monitored, administered 30-user lan, satellite office with multiple remote users Jan. 26, 2004 San diego, ca production Assistant Worked with producers to create literature effective management solutions for leads and sales Administered Commence rm relational database Created website, brochures, and other marketing materials Webmaster maintained and created new material for website: http alumni. developed print and web-based informational materials Collaborated with co-workers on projects and website maintenance Education University of California, san diego (ucsd. 2003 San diego, ca degree: ba in Interdisciplinary computing in the Arts (icam emphasis in Music and Music Technology) The icam program aims to create the next generation of artists in a world of increasing connectivity in art, music and technology. Cognitive science minor - study of the brain, behavior, and computation, fitting in with the icam program by rounding out artistic and technological merits with a basis in scientific study and research. Technical skills development Technologies (Primary) php (Drupal, wp) (X)html(5 css(3) javascript C Ruby Objective-c/Swift Powershell development Technologies (Other) Shell scripting Rust go development ides Atom Visual Studio notepad TextMate Xcode web Server Software Apache (xampp/mamp/lamp) iis jekyll Mongoose database systems mysql mariadb microsoft sql server. Current residence: Omaha, ne, 68106 click to contact, the story up to this point. Im a 17-year veteran of the digital advertising industry, with time spent between authoring experiences for high profile clients at agencies, and time spent authoring high performance ad authoring/delivery tools while working at ad tech companies. With a focus on the front-end, i comfortably operate throughout the stack.

Responsible for Sharepoint mockup of internal telecommunications website. Customization of web-based database system (xhtml, css, javascript, Classic asp) m (m nov. San diego, ca, systems Technician, perform skilled repair and maintenance of all technology-related equipment. Maintain several Windows- and Unix-based servers in-house and at datacenter. Provide technical support to users on equipment purchase and setup shredder hardware/software when needed. Manage raid and tape backups, create marketing/sales materials for both print and web. Created/maintained Windows 2003 Active directory domain.

front end dev resume

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Created front-end interface in xhtml.1 and css.1, as well as client-side interaction using various jQuery plugins and custom scripts. Responsible for front-end design for catering website. Modified website in t, customized front-end interface in xhtml.1 and css.1, as well as client-side interaction using various jQuery plugins and custom scripts. Programmer/Analyst (Information and Telecommunications Services via ucsd temp Services). 2010, responsible for front-end design and back-end programming for internal telecommunications website. Created website in Visual Studio 2008. Added web/server controls customized using c paper including plan web form with file upload. Responsible for front-end design and back-end programming mockup of web paging system. Created web application in Visual Studio 2008.

Provide tech support for 30 web/db/index Windows 2003/2008 servers. Provide tech support for 5000 user workstations. Lead Sharepoint site admin training classes. Create and maintain several custom Powershell scripts (and modules) for server administration. Programmer/Analyst (Facilities and Hospitality services via ucsd temp Services). 20, responsible for front-end design and back-end programming for internal facilities website. Created website in Windows Sharepoint Services.0. Added web/server controls customized using C.

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front end dev resume

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Lead implementation of jive forums. Established very early Twitter integration during Twitter's infancy. Hosted internal monthly front-end discussion groups. Apeshit co-founder los Angeles (7/2002 - present) technologies: html, css, javascript, wordPress, php, mysql sites: apeshit. Org co-founded music blog before the widespread adoption of blogging as a content platform (back when WordPress was b2!). Responsible for all technology and design, plus shared editorial duties. University of California, irvine Studied Sociology and Computer Science which is an accurate intersection of my interests and expertise.

Work history, programmer/Analyst, may 2016 Present, work with web summary team to create, administer, and develop for custom web applications. Programmer/Analyst (Web Services may 20, work with team to create, administer and develop for custom Sharepoint web applications. Administer and support a mix of public and private Sharepoint sites, ranging from Sharepoint 2007 to 2013, and a handful of Classic asp and other miscellaneous web applications. Administer and support large internal Sharepoint 2013 web application used by thousands of employees. Create and maintain several custom Sharepoint web parts using C in Visual Studio.

Transitioned site from externally hosted services to fully responsive in-house platform. Ux guardian supporting biz and merch needs while ensuring optimal user experience. Sample features: lookbooks, q a/ratings/reviews, marketing landing pages, product favoriting, account/profile, checkout, more. Established style guide and interface library (site experience, email templates) to ensure consistent design, enable rabid prototyping/development of new features, and keep stock of design patterns. Integrated Contentful, api-first cms, to manage page layouts contentful blog guest post (2014), control site features case study (2014), and ultimately empower merch and editorial teams. Improved email production workflow by helping define templated layouts and implementing custom email template tool.

Built custom WordPress theme for Nasty gal blog to align with refreshed branding, add responsive support, and empower growing editorial team: m took intiative to design and develop next gen, mobile-first checkout experience from prototyping, development, and user testing. Continuous site performance and user interaction monitoring to ensure optimal site experience. Evite senior Web developer west Hollywood (5/2009 - 8/2012) technologies: html, css, javascript sites: m Redesigned legacy website which revamped of entire site ux including event creation experience, guest rsvp experience, and post-event experience. Lead effort in developing event engagement features such as a conversation feed, polls, questionnaire, and photo sharing. Online (Comcast Entertainment Group) web developer iii los Angeles (9/2001 - 5/2009) technologies: html, css, javascript, jsp sites: m, m (offline m (offline) lead front-end developer on all customer-facing content sites for E! Online, style network/MyStyle, and fearNet. Built custom internal cms to manage news/blogs, on-air show packages, and photo galleries via jQuery/Prototype before the age of modern javascript frameworks.

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Technologies: html, css, javascript, Shopify, site: diff eyewear, shopify theme development and site management. Clique media group, principal developer, web User Experience, los Angeles (11/2016 - 1/2018). Technologies: html, css, javascript, react/Redux/jsx, sites: The Thirty, runway, college fashionista, college fashionista site redesign implementation (WordPress theme custom features). Ux and Front-end dev on real-time, interactive fashion show ( m front-end reviews dev on new lifestyle media blog ( m content modeling of article types for site and cms redesign including introducing a weighted point system for articles and the module within. Nasty gal, ux developer, los Angeles (8/2012 - 11/2016 technologies: html, css, javascript, ruby, contentful, wordPress. Sites: m ( screenshots m, lead front-end dev and ui designer for responsive shopping experience and accompanying blog. Instrumental night in connecting brand to technology while guiding product direction. 1 in mobile ecommerce experience study (2014).

front end dev resume

While working for The Practical dev, i built the popular CodePen embed feature which is used to present, share, and collaborate on code. Ive built small front-end projects as well as a larger project using react, and Bulma css. Im roycifer and this is my web UX/dev resume. Samples of my latest web work are available in my portfolio. Ux the guardian with 20 years of front-end dev, ux/UI design, and product strategy experience. Html web Standards, responsive design, semantic Markup, Progressive enhancement, Accessibility, seo, web Performance, css less, sass, scss, postcss, javascript jQuery, react/Redux/jsx, node, grunt, npm, design Web, Product, ux, ui, style guides/Pattern Libraries/Design Systems, ruby, cms contentful, forestry, hugo, netlify, wordPress, Agile/Scrum/Kanban/Lean. Diff eyewear, lead Front End ux developer, los Angeles (1/2018 - 6/2018).

tools for stem education, skill Sets. User Research, leadership, development, front-End dev. Html, java, javascript jQuery, gis, maya, unity, openGL. Net axure Adobe cc back-End dev. C c sql python php). Front-end developer with 3 years experience working with javascript, css, and other front-end technologies.

Funding was sought and acquired by myself through. Draper Laboratory (dpc ui designer / Front-End developer, cambridge,. Programmed, designed and conducted user evaluations for the development. Gained front-end development experience. Learned techniques for observing analyzing users to improve designs. Built business relationships with. My role progressed into a design lead on two of my projects. Sensor Systems Support Inc. Embedded Systems developer, merrimack, nh, implemented a fpga based delay-line transceiver for a geophysics project with the harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics.


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Designer for Analysis action, empowering people to accomplish their missions. Education, georgia institute resumes of Technology. In Human Computer Interaction, atlanta, ga, university of Virginia. In Electrical Engineering, charlottesville, va, experience. Nasa jet Propulsion Laboratory, data visualization Intern, pasadena,. Tasked with developing a path visualization tool to explore new and interesting visualization and interaction paradigms for supporting rover operations in both short and long-distance traverse planning. Georgia institute of Technology, graduate research Assistant, atlanta,. Designed and prototyped an InfoVis tool for mobile military application. The project is under a non-Disclosure Agreement.

Front end dev resume
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Responsibilities include looking after employees, creating detailed business plans, and drawing up budgets. Writing, resumes cover Letters.

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  3. It management / ui and ux design. N Implement procedures for automated developer unit testing for front - end and back-end code. an account, this form will automatically create an account for you after filling up and clicking on Preview and Submit Resume button. and platforms Front end developer: SunRun Personalized url (in final QA) custom concrete5 package: single-page application for.

  4. He additionally helped with front and back- end development for the admin-level side of the product. Ux guardian with 18 years of front - end dev and UX/UI design experience. Front, end, dev for clin wizard, a contract Line Item open source Angular project for dpap. Gained front - end development experience. This is my resume /cv - a short description of me, my work and skills. It manager/ Front End dev.

  5. I'm, front - end, developer and UI/ux designer in, dev -3 and I have 4 years experience in web development. Customized front - end interface in Xhtml.1 and css.1, as well as client-side interaction using various jQuery plugins and custom. Redesign the company e-commerce front - end, dev, tools. Front -end developer with 3 years experience working with javascript, css, and other front - end technologies. Architected front end framework for jQuery plugins with prototype inheritance for ease of maintenance and scalability.

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