General purpose statement

general purpose statement

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With strong depth, expertise and leadership experience in the it industry, my near-term goal is to higher levels of responsibilities and challenges as a project Manager. With core competencies in actuating the development of software products, i hope to add value to the technology/product strategy/deployments of leading it (1) corporations such as a, b, c and. I also hope to gain further depth of expertise by working with software services corporations such as efg. In the long run, i aim towards heading the it (1) function/department whose core business may not be technology. Such a role will enable me to passionately succeed in applying technology towards making business easy. A global mba from xyz university is the key to achieving my career goals at this juncture in my career. It will enable understanding at a cross-functional level of enterprise complexity and at a perfect stage to be able to apply such learnings.

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I also became aware of the process of designing systems to ensure continual improvement. After a analysis brief stint in developing open source software applications at abc, i joined def, an established name in the industry and in The silicon Valley itself! In the initial first month itself I realized that the rich cultural diversity my colleagues at adef inc. Happened to be from all across the continents. The tenure broadened my perspective through exposure to a variety of cultures and languages and fortified competencies as a software engineer. The transition to def marked a new step-up in my career. As a team leader, i was entrusted with the responsibility of large-scale leading teams and on sophisticated, intriguing and challenging technology projects involving understanding of computer technology at a much deeper level (operating systems, databases). I also became acquainted with the entire life-cycle of technology product development and had the opportunity to interface with clients across the globe and assess their needs. My career has thus evolved from that of an engineer/technologist to a professional capable of understanding both technological and business developments and leading technical teams to deliver outstanding project results. The it (Information Technology) industry forms the focus of my near-term (post-mba) and long-term goals.

I realized my passion for Technology during the final year of my undergraduation. A particular project required me to develop computer software to automate certain calculations and tasks that formed a part of an experiment. My intellect gained apt stimulation as I developed the logic flow, wrote programming instructions and tested the software (computer application). After completing my Graduation in Computer Sciences, i was eager to join a cutting-edge technology company and make a mark as a professional in this booming, dynamic industry. At abc (my first employer i had the opportunity to work with Bluetooth, an emerging technology. Valuable skills in teamwork were learnt as we were expected to wear different hats at the same time in the technology start-up we had to help not just ourselves but each other. Apart from technology, i played a key role in the quality assurance team and was instrumental in getting iso 9001:2000 for my organization. The apple project brought home the importance of processes in the it (1) industry.

general purpose statement

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I learnt the core values of focus, perseverance and patience at a very early stage of my life. My father who is a patient, disciplined and determined individual, would spend countless number of hours in his endeavor to purchase a residential property in nascent economic times. His success in buying our dream home and at a value-for-money motivated me to follow his ideals. A few years later, it was this belief that led me to major success in organizing a cultural event in our sprawling resume locality. After convincing nearly 10 of my friends staying nearby, i went on to solve problems in the other two areas of concern lack of funds and unwillingness of the community towards contributing to the event. Beyond the schooling and study hours, i led the team towards garnering contributions from more than 100 households in the locality. Slowly and gradually, and over a 2 month period, we had crossed our targeted revenue collection. The event was a mega-success and established the trend for similar cohesive celebrations and the foundation for the cultural events committee in the residential complex.

A person who intends to serve as an officer, employee, or other agent is likely to want such a provision since he/she will benefit from. A corporation seeking to recruit a talented officer (such as a ceo) will probably have difficulty doing so unless agent liability is limited. Statement of Purpose services general ielts english Help. For a professionally planned, composed and written statement of purpose, m is the right place! Our team of professionals employ unique evaluative techniques to produce proven results. We will work with you to create a document that increases your chances to get you into the school and program you want. Sign up for our professional statement of purpose services today! Samples: Statement of Purpose.

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general purpose statement

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For example, if a corporation indemnifies its agents against negligent performance of duties, and that situation later occurs and causes damage to the agent, the corporation will pay for any resume loss or damage suffered by the agent as a result of that situation. California corporations Code section 317 authorizes a corporation to indemnify agents sued for carrying out activities on notes its behalf. However, depending on the circumstances, indemnification may be mandatory or prohibited. With respect to the Articles of Incorporation, a provision may be included that allows a corporation to indemnify agents in excess of what is allowed under Section 317, but only for breach of duty to the corporation and its stockholders. This type of indemnification would not cover any acts that a director would be liable for under. California corporations Code section 204(a 10) (discussed above) or for circumstances in which indemnity is expressly prohibited. California corporations Code section 317.

Please note that unlike the "Limitation of Director liability" provision above that applies only to directors, the indemnification provision applies to "agents" of a corporation. Agent is defined. California corporations Code section 317 as: any person who is or was a director, officer, employee or other agent of the corporation, or is or was serving at the request of the corporation as a director, officer, employee or agent of another foreign or domestic. Why would an agent want this? Such a provision protects agents and therefore is very important and useful for agents (such as ceo's).

One reason may be to prevent scaring off desired personnel. Corporate liability intimidates many people. A corporation seeking to recruit someone particular onto the board of directors may have an easier time doing so if director liability is limited. This may not mean much if your corporation consists only of you and a couple of friends. However, as your corporation grows, this could become more important.

Furthermore, it is important to understand that such a provision does not eliminate or limit liability for acts of intentional misconduct, absence of good faith, where a director derives an improper personal benefit, and other certain situations where the interests of fairness would not. The list of exceptions is found. Corporations Code section 204(a 10). Hence, by having such a provision, the corporation is not giving a director free reign to act as desired. Please keep in mind, that this provision does not eliminate or limit liability of officers for any act or omission as an officer, notwithstanding that the officer is also a director or that his or her actions, if negligent or improper, have been ratified. Indemnification of agents, to indemnify someone means to secure him/her against a future loss or damage. To "secure" against a future loss or damage usually means paying money for the loss or damage, if and when it occurs. Indemnification is usually limited to certain circumstances.

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These 2 provisions are explained below: yardage limitation of director liability, directors have certain duties to the corporations for which they serve. If they breach their duties, they are liable to the corporation. However, the Articles of Incorporation may word contain a provision that eliminates or limits this liability. Why would a director want this? Such a provision protects directors and therefore is very important and useful for directors. A person who intends to serve as a director is likely to want such a provision since he/she will benefit from. Why would a corporation want this?

general purpose statement

Corporations Code section 204 sets forth optional provisions that may be included in an articles of incorporation. Although these provisions are not required, some of them must be included in the articles of incorporation for them to be effective. For example, a corporation may, if desired, have a limited existence. However, for the corporation's existence to be limited to a certain duration, a provision making page such limitation must be included in the articles of incorporation. Otherwise, a corporation's existence continues until it is dissolved by proper methods. Corporation Code section 204(a) sets forth all the optional provision that, unless included in the Articles, will not be effective. There are a total of 11 such provisions. The is programmed to include only 2 of these provisions.

part of a report or proposal rather than the entire document, we suggest you first write a general purpose statement for the document itself, then a more specific statement indicating the purpose of your section. You will submit your purpose statement to your tutor as part of your assignment and it forms one of the components of your. You will be completing other components of this planning document as you work through this module, so keep it handy. What is an 'All-Purpose financial Statement'. An all-purpose financial statement is a record of financial activity that is suitable for a variety of users to properly assess a company's financial health. An all-purpose financial statement is a type of financial statement that is intended for review by diverse groups, such as such as shareholders, creditors, employees, outside financial analysts, customers, suppliers and potential investors. Next Up, breaking down 'all-Purpose financial Statement all-purpose financial statements include the balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement and may include the statement of retained earnings. A public company produces all-purpose financial statements on a quarterly and annual basis.

Some delegations noted that the ceb statement of online purpose on climate change primarily addressed the United Nations Climate Change conference in Copenhagen in 2009. The ceb statement of purpose represents a joint response to the issue of how the United Nations system could support Member States in addressing the challenge of climate change. The aim of the review should be to facilitate and promote the implementation of measures to prevent and combat corruption as set out in the statement of purpose (article 1) of the convention. The Statement of Purpose and the Draft Articles of Association were presented at the forum to be finalized subsequently. One of the primary objectives of seci, as established in its Statement of Purpose, is to encourage involvement of the private sector by creating a regional climate that is conducive to private investment. Preparation: Purpose, we have been examining the purpose of documents and expectations of our readers. Now, write the purpose statement for your document.

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These constitute an important statement of purpose book and, if translated into practice, will open the way to practical nuclear disarmament measures. The Advisory committee was not given a clear statement of purpose for such an innovation. The statement of purpose and principles of sentencing affirms that aggravating and mitigating circumstances should be taken into consideration. It adopted a statement of purpose which established its mandate in broad terms. The delegation commended the proposed programme for its clear statement of purpose and strategy and encouraged the use of the logical framework technique. Other delegations supported the inclusion of those principles in the statement of purpose. It has also convened an internal environmental council and published occasional studies on its web site of how the company is living up to its statement of purpose. After a worldwide consultation of the membership, a strategic Plan, including an overall statement of purpose, was adopted by the council in March 2001.

General purpose statement
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  2. Statement of, purpose : General, advice. Excerpts from an article on statement of purpose writing. 14 Thoughts on Sample Statement of Purpose (SOP) for General mba. I am looking for a sop for mba with a bachelors degree in law.

  3. "What do the four Major, general, purpose, financial Statements. However, the formal protocols should include a general joint statement of purpose in relation to combating the smuggling of migrants and upholding the. Most corporations use the general purpose statement that essentially allows a corporation to engage in any lawful act or activity, except for the. It's a simple statement. But in a world of changing food values, it's powerful. Join the conversation with, general, mills.

  4. General, purpose, laboratory ovens offer a range of highly efficient, reliable, cost effective units to suit most drying, warming and. If you are writing part of a report or proposal rather than the entire document, we suggest you first write a general purpose statement for the. An all- purpose financial statement is a record of financial activity that is suitable for a variety of users to properly assess a company's financial. By checking the box bellow, you give consent to m to use the information in the survey to compile your. Statement of, purpose and. The income statement, also commonly called a profit and loss statement, is a summary.

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