Lata mangeshkar essay in english

lata mangeshkar essay in english

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Soon as I get a dvd player, i will purchase the dvd. Eros/dei's latest offering is out and as of now it is the dvd all future dvds must be compared. "Soldier" is a well done action thriller that stars Bobby deol and Preity zinta. The picture quality on this dvd is flawless. It has been masterfully transferred from the original film negative resulting in a picture that is perfect in every way. The dolby digital.1 sound is used to great effect in the film and is especially dynamic in the action scenes and songs (especially "Soldier Soldier where sounds bounce from speaker to speaker in perfect distortion free audio. "Soldier" also includes a cool main menu where an image of Bobby deol with gun shatters like glass being struck by a bullet every time you select an option.

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Karan Johar also said that he can only think of making movies with srk -reportedly now in the Rs 5 crore -1m- bracket, a big sum for Bollywood but he is worth every penny as he is keeping much of Bollywood employed. Dvds like kkhh are going to expand the market for dvd so much -and a friend just back from Bombay tells me that they are becoming more popular there - that they can only benefit the industry as a whole. What one would like to see are dvds of folk dances from different parts of the subcontinent, plays, learning how to play musical instruments etc. Mr and Mrs Khiladi -weg - 1997 -no subtitles Picture quality -good only in parts sound - okay grammar i think this has been mastered on single layer, hence the not so good resolution except maybe is some songs. Highlights are the song - ' i will love you essay as long as there is potato in samosas ' and Akshay wrestling with the real life world Sumo chamipon. Jai santoshi ma-1970s- no subtitles -weg picture quality -awful sound - not good This is one of the top hits of all time. Story of a woman who becomes a devotee of Santoshi maa - a new Goddess invented in the last 50 years -much to the displeasure of the three other Goddesses - parvati, laxmi and Brahmani who then try to make her life a misery. This is the kind of movie that could be a smash hit on dvd and make the format truly popular amongst the millions of devout Hindus, if they got the same picture and sound quality as the even older Khandan by Tseries, but weg have. Even taping from tv and then putting it on dvd would have been better than this junk. Dont even rent. it was still a joy to watch.

Once people see this movie they are not going to accept vhs pirate copies again. I believe that stamping out dvds after the first 500 copies to recover mastering costs, is now cheaper than turning out vhs copies. So expect most pirate copies to move to dvd. The legit ones can counter by offering dvd releases early and putting on subtites in four languages -English, hindi, urdu and Arabic and maybe Spanish and do a literal translation of the poetic language used in these movies. The movie is just going off screen, having earnt a faboulous sum for father's the distributors -according to karan Johar on ikke pe ikka - it is a a 1 smash hit ie earnt 10 times the price the distributors paid for it and is just. Just one cinema i know had four screening a day and earnt more than 500k. It must be the first time that people are watching s crystal clear movie in places where Indian movies on the screen are not readily available.

lata mangeshkar essay in english

Essay on, lata mangeshkar

The sound is a shredder true delight. Story of a man loved by two women, one dies and his daughter helps him search for the other one. The top hit of last year. I thought the interaction shown between Salman Khan and the girl saeeda was just great. I wonder where this dvd has been mastered, probably a chinese factory. To get a 4 layer disc out for less than 20 is truly impressive and such quality too! It just shows the cost effectiveness of mastering on dvd.

Scratchy prints are not a good idea. Probably better off to rent these two movies for those who are zeenat fans. Aflatoon wwe -no subtitles Akshay, urmilla picture quality -awful sound -okay no excuse to bring out a dvd with such bad picture quality, its probably a single layer. Story of a poor ruffian determined to trap and marry a rich girl. Kuch kuch hota hai no subtitles srk, kajol, rani side a -dual layer, full screen Side b -dual layer, wide screen Picture quality - very good for a pirate dvd sound quality - wow! A pirate dvd coming with all the fbi warnings and with a price tag of 1800 rupees inclidung taxes - about 30, but can be purchased for less. I thought the picture quality was maybe a tiny bit better on the widescreen side and the sound quality on the full screen part.

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lata mangeshkar essay in english

lata mangeshkar, in Hindi

For those who dont understan Urdu and want to get a feel of the emotional impact these words can have on viewers just watch the scene at the gravesite after the boy has just buried his mother and Kader Khan as the holy man gives. Whoever has done this translation for Eros dei is a genius -dont let him or her go and make him or do the songs as well. Songs are a cinch after the difficult Urdu shairi and add greatly to the enjoyment of the movies. I wish Rmim readers instead of indulging in pointless backbiting and chit chat would do some work and translate at least one song a month - ie those who can understand both Urdu and English. For anyone who doesnt understand Urdu, this dvd is a must have just to see what masters the Urdu writers are, and why India must make an effort to set up institutions where the language can be preserved and developed further.

Having over 100 words for love it is a unique language to convey emotions and feelings. After having minimal business seen the movie write to dei to congratulate them on this superb subtitling. These movies will be rented in millions from American video stores once the songs are done as well and in four or five languages. Would appreciate a comment from Irwin about what he thought of the translation. If T series can bring out such an excellent picture from a 1950s movie with Khandan there is no reason why dei cant do the same.

Of course one must always connect the dvd to the stereo. Then one can turn off the tv, and listen to the songs on the stereo. Press the rpt function to listen to the gems on movies like aan again and again. Ghulam -1998 -English subtitles- Erosdei. Amir, rani picture quality -very good sound -superb -listen to the train thundering as the teens play chicken running towards. Rani is a lonely rich girl and falls in love with Amir.

He actually sang the song ' will you come to Khandla?' not sure how it escaped a ban as that is the place apparently bombay boys and girls go to make whoope. Ram Balram -1980 -English subtitles -Eros dei amitabh, zeenat, rakhee, vinod Picture quality - okay sound-good Cops and robbers, havent seen it yet. With zeenat it should be good Muqudar ka sikander -1978 -Eros dei -english subtitles Picture -good sound- very good rekha, zeenat, amitabh,Amjad, Dharmendra muqqadar ka skindar ( Alexander of Destiny) m I couldnt resist putting a comment having seen the first half. The picture quality improves tremendously after the first twenty minutes. What is fantastic about this dvd is however the amazing accuracy of the English translation. It really is literal and perfect, even the Urdu shairi (poetry) has been done correctly!

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Eros/dei is the only dvd company that subtitles all of its movies. Superdigital has steadfastly refused to add subs to their dvds. I would recommend that everyone e-mail them at and let them know how you dates feel about subtitles. Weg unfortunately, has no working e-mail address. I found a friend I had leant the machine to, trying to scan to the part he had stopped the movie and it takes a fair time -even though I think its 9x speed. There is no need to do that, pressing chapter forward a few times will diary take you through the whole disc quite quickly. Another way is to press 'last memo' button just before stopping the disc and when you press play again it will go to the place you stopped.

lata mangeshkar essay in english

deol and Neha and the very entertaining golden oldie "Aan" -1952 (167 minutes) which was previously reviewed on this. Did some research on "Aan" and found out that it was released in the usa in 1956 as "The savage Princess" and in France as well. The playback singers are lata mangeshkar and Mohammad Rafi. It was also released in a longer version of 195 minutes. "Kareeb" is another.1 dolby digital release from eros/dei with great audio especially on the bass heavy "Dulban Bani." I hope they make home theater more affordable in the future so everyone can enjoy.1 audio, because as "Star Wars" creator george lucas has said. Although very good, video picture has some noise and is a bit disappointing, especially when compared with eros/dei's previous release "Soldier." btw mo, the gorgeous wife of Sunil Shetty in "Mohra" I believe is poonam Jhawer. There are 3 main companies that make dvds: eros/dei, superdigital, and Worlwide Entertainment Group(WEG).

Set in Mumbai, this is the story of Satya (Chakravorty) who comes to the big city to earn a living but is soon drawn into the mumbai underworld. He eventually meets business and falls in love with Vidya (Urmilla matondkar, excellent in a small role) which complicates the life he has been living and what he hopes for their future. "Satya" is a violent and realistic crime drama with excellent perfomances by all. Expertly directed by verma, one of bollywood's most inventive directors. The video picture is excellent, on par with dei/eros superbly done "Soldier." The.1 audio is in a word- sensational. During a violent gun battle with police, bullets fly from speaker to speaker, from front to back and side to side. It was so realistic i almost felt like ducking for cover, myself. The backgrond music by vishal is stirring, and the songs are melodious and memorable.

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Page 1-more dvd reviews, dvd sales. M, dvd rentals m/dvd, satya- dei/eros-1998,.1 dolby digital, english subtitles,175 minutes. The latest dvd release from dei/eros is Ram Gopal Verma's critically acclaimed crime drama "Satya" and it is given a first-class treatment which is, of late, becoming commonplace from dei/eros. Giving the dvd consumer more than a no-frills product, which companies like superdigital and weg have been dumping on the consumer, is one sure way to attract and keep new customers. For instance, where else can you get such cool main menu graphics like they give you in the "Satya" dvd. Press dvd menu and you get an image of "Satya" star akravarthy pointing a gun straight at you. Select an option and you hear the sound of 3 gunshots followed by smoke oozing out the gun barrel and a jigsaw puzzle dismantling of the image as you head to your destination. Subtitles, song menu, chapter index, play movie, upcoming dvd releases, and details of currently available dvd releases presentation are available at your fingertips.

Lata mangeshkar essay in english
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  3. Lata, mangeshkar, cliff Richard and Little richard. English, español deutsch Português Français Magyar Italiano. Dinner (Voena, stern, ruhm, Eggleston, Alford) Back to Steven Stern s home page maintained by Steven Stern.

  4. Lata, mangeshkar, kareena kapoor Careless Verdict Morning Walk for Fitness. English, subtitles Singers: Kumar Sanu, alka yagnik music: Nadeem-Shravan more ». Pukar Anil Kapoor, madhuri dixit, namrata Shirodkar, Om Puri, danny denzongpa, kulbhushan Kharbanda, shivaji satam, farida jalal, rohini hattangadi, girish Karnad, govind Namdeo, anjan Srivastava, mukesh Rishi, prabhu Dheva, lata, mangeshkar. Old albums of the likes of Kishore kumar and. Lata, mangeshkar have been recomposed and millions of copies have been sold and downloaded, thanks to the remixes. His main influence when he was growing up was Bollywood singer.

  5. Bhor Bhaye panghat pe - satyam Shivam Sundaram - zeenat Aman. Haï, an essay. Singing legend, lata, mangeshkar, 84, releases new album of Sufi songs for the first time. She speaks to subhash k jha about music, Amitabh Bachchan, ranbir Kapoor. Your new album coincides with your.

  6. My favourite songs: Ore maanjhi rendered. D kabhi kabhi mere dil mein by mukesh. Especially gholi mar, sapne mein, and baadlon. lata, mangeshkar and the other singers excel. What is fantastic about this dvd is however the amazing accuracy of the.

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