Linux sysadmin resume

linux sysadmin resume

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Sample resume for a midlevel Systems Administrator

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I also may be able to run a long fiber cable, but my work on terminating fiber amounts to one experiment I did back in high school, which was over list 15 years ago now. (The cat6 run is about 20 feet worth of cable from switch to switch). The "cheapest" option I could think of would be to switch out the mellanox in the R510 with one that has dual 10G connectors, and then keep the existing Twinax on one going to the R610, and then get a pair of sfp to fiber. I'd put the extra single-port Mellanox in my editing desktop. Then I'd see if I can get 20ft of fiber and run it directly from the second port on the R510 to the mellanox in my editing station. I imagine the 20 feet of fiber wouldn't be too expensive, but the sfp adapters and second Mellanox card might be what costs a bundle. Of course, ideally i'd have 10g over copper on at least my core network, but for some reason that seems to be even more expensive than fiber right now.

linux sysadmin resume

Sample resume for an Experienced Systems Administrator

In DNxHD format this footage is about.7Gbit/sec. Obviously, my network can't keep up with that. So now it's time to start thinking about 10G. The problem is that my servers and nas are all in the basement in a legs closet, and it's not thesis a welcoming environment for setting up a video editing workstation. My r510 nas does have a mellanox single-port 10G card with sfp connector, going to an identical card in my r610 esxi server connected via a 3 foot Twinax. I do have a cat6 run from the servers up to my workstation, which currently connects to a 1Gbit switch. I could probably run a second Cat6 link if I needed.

For those who want to not only provision Eucalyptus, but handle ongoing configuration management, puppet and Silvereye can help to take things to the next level. Part of my work at my university is doing video editing. Traditionally i've worked on 720p or 1080p footage at 24fps or 30fps max. My 1Gbit network has been able to handle this just fine. I store all my raw footage in either ProRes or DNxHD format on a zfs array in my nas. Natively the array can easily push about 400MB/sec from all the disks, so the bottleneck is the 1Gbit network. Now I'm starting to get footage that is 4K and up to 60fps.

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linux sysadmin resume

System Administrator Resume(OS:Linux) linux Operating System

Note: This class is part of the scale university Program and leaning requires an additional fee. Using Smartos as a hypervisor Audience: Intermediate categories: Kernel Speaker: Robert Mustacchi Smartos is an open source distribution of illumos, currently in production for joyent's public cloud, where it provides a hypervisor that is secure, flexible and observable. It leverages technologies such as zfs snapshots and clones for rapid provisioning, kvm and Zones for hardware and os virtualization, and DTrace to safely understand what's going on inside of guests and the hypervisor. This talk will describe these technologies and their use, including engineering challenges encountered, and discuss opportunities for observing guests such as Linux and Windows. Performance Analysis: New tools and Concepts from The Cloud Audience: Intermediate categories: Kernel Speaker: Brendan Gregg Cloud Computing introduces new challenges for performance analysis, for both customers and operators of the cloud.

Apart from monitoring a scaling environment, issues within a system can be complicated when tenants are competing for the same resources, and are invisible to each other. Other factors include rapidly changing production code and wildly unpredictable traffic surges. For performance analysis in the joyent public cloud, we use a variety of tools including Dynamic Tracing, which allows us to create custom tools and metrics and to explore new concepts. Installing Eucalyptus: Past, Present, and Future audience: everyone categories: Cloud and Virtualization Speaker: david kavanagh From the start, eucalyptus has been installed using a set of instructions that walked the user through various options, from distro to hypervisor to network mode. While anna there is still value in that for the ultimate flexibility, there are other ways to get Eucalyptus installed. FastStart is one such technology. It uses a set of simplifying assumptions to create a poc installer.

They also give the sysadmin practitioner greater peace of mind and more power and control. Technical Resume Writing, audience: everyone, categories: Scaleu, speaker:. Nadine miller, technical Resume Writing covers the high points of overhauling your resume to receive better responses from the hr "gatekeepers" as well as potential it managers and colleagues.; Note: This class is part of the scale university Program and requires an additional fee. Cancelled - deep Packet Inspection Using Wireshark audience: Intermediate categories: Scaleu speaker: paul bokor Sometimes tools like ping and Traceroute arent enough to isolate the cause of network problems. This class will take a hands-on approach to learning how to use the wireshark protocol analyzer to analyze network traffic.

Numerous examples will be used throughout the day to walk the attendees though the process of filtering out those packets that are working well and drilling down to those that are at the root of the problem. Nases for the masses Audience: Intermediate categories: Scaleu speaker: lee damon we will start with a review of the pros and cons of different base operating systems as well as off-the-shelf nas servers (both hardware and software). We will look at the more popular raid levels and the impacts of software. Hardware raid implementations, data reliability, and rebuild time. We'll spend some time exploring zfs. Attention will be paid to backups and some of the more common protocols used for accessing data from a nas server.

Linux System Administrator Resume sample - scribd

This course will be a compressed version of Puppet Labs 3 day course. Note: This class is part of the scale university Program and includes an additional fee. Please remember to select the "scale university" addon at registration. Olpc for Middle School After-School Programs. Audience: everyone, categories: Open source software In Education, speaker: Abe kazemzadeh. This talk presents experiences from an after-school program's activities with the olpc project's xo computers at the foundation for Arts, mentoring, leadership, and Innovation (famli. we'll cover how kids and adults learned to use the xos, usage of xo software, introduction to hardware, projects using the xo, and the usage of XOs in comparison with other computers. ( slides time management for System Administrators, audience: everyone, categories: Scaleu, speaker: Aleksey tsalolikhin, based on Tom Limoncelli's life-saving book, this course will cover Tom's Cycle system. These time management tips and practices can greatly increase the efficiency of any single sysadmin, and when applied in a group their effects can be a quantum shift in productivity.

linux sysadmin resume

North, "Bridging the host-network divide: survey, taxonomy, and solution in Proceedings of the 20th Conference on Large Installation System Administration Conference, 2006,. Varadarajan, "ONE: a distributed Emulator in Virtual Time in acm transactions on Modeling and Simulation (In submission) mentorship mentored two master students in their research professional membership student member of acm, ieee, and ieee computer Society. Juju Charm School, audience: Intermediate, categories: Sponsored, speaker: Jorge castro juju Charm School is an event where a juju expert is available to answer questions about writing your own juju charms. The intended audience are people apple who deploy software and want to contribute charms to the wider devops community to make deploying in the public and private cloud easy. Though not required, we recommend that you have juju installed and configured if you want to get. Puppet Master Training, audience: everyone, categories: Scaleu, speaker: Carl caum, this training is ideal for those who want a puppet jumpstart. Newer members at an organization already using Puppet, or experienced sysadmins wanting to bring Puppet into their team will get everything they need to deploy solutions.

computing Systems Research Lab Fall 2004 — current developed weaves, a tool to convert existing network applications for use in network simulation using the llvm compiler framework. Extracted Linux Network (2.6.18) stack as user level library. Developed a parallel network simulator called Open Network Emulator Created a kernel netfilter module to correlate network traffic with end processes for security audit Research Assistant, Unitized Structures Group, fall 2010 — summer 2011 Optimized python acoustic simulation code developed by aerospace researchers developed. Research Assistant, virginia bioinformatics Institute fall 2011 — current Installation of user applications including compiler, mpi math libraries on shadowfax (a heterogeneous 2000 core cluster) Debug performance, torque and moab issues Train users in job submission Programmer, multimedia lab, virginia tech 2002— 2004 Responsibilities include. Developed java applet for visualizing liquid crystallization model developed by geology department developed 3D tool to visualize process manufacturing data using java3d publications. Varadarajan, "Distributed Open Network Emulator: a parallel Network simulator in Proceedings of the icst international Conference on Simulation tools and Techniques, 2013. Varadarajan, "Open Network Emulator: a parallel Direct Code Execution Network simulator in Proceedings of the acm/ieee/scs 26th Workshop on Principles of Advanced and Distributed Simulation, 2012. Kapania, "Curvilinearly t-stiffened Panel Optimization Framework under Multiple load Cases using Parallel Processing",journal of Aircraft, 2012.

Languages : Expert in c, proficient in c java. Compilers: llvm/Clang, parallel programming: Pthreads, Openmp, mpi, scripting Languages: Python, bash, php, gui programming: java swing, awt and java 3d api. Network simulation tools: opnet, ns-3, hpc cluster Management tools: Torque moab, sysadmin and webmaster: Experience managing multiple linux servers, postfix, mailman, Apache, mediawiki, content Management Systems and Xen VMs. Content Management Systems: Drupal, joomla, graphics: Adobe Illustrator and InDesign, research. Open Network Emulator (one scalable parallel Network Emulation. One is a parallel discrete event simulator (pdes which improves both the fidelity and scalability of network simulations by using real-world implementations of network stack and applications instead of simplified models. The emulator utilizes a complete implementation of Linux network stack. One scales by an order of magnitude (three thousand virtual hosts vs shredder couple of hundred container based VMs) over any virtualization based network simulators in existence.

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PHP/zf, doctrine 2, javascript/jQuery, mysql/Mongodb, git, mac os x, varnish, memcache, redis, Scaling, seo, cms for newspapers/publishers, aws ec2, webfaction hosting, anything with Python. Summary, designing and presentation development of highly scalable and complex systems. Knowledge of Linux kernel (esp network stack linker internals and compiler optimizations. Experience developing, managing and administering hpc systems and applications, education,. D, computer Science, june 2013, virginia tech, blacksburg,. In Computer Science, may 2003, virginia tech, blacksburg, va,. In Computer Science and Engineering. June 2001, jawaharlal Nehru technological University, kakinada (A.P) India, skills.

Linux sysadmin resume
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  3. Todo se resume en que el OpenSource es lo que. Linux, aprende docker, CloudComputing, servidores Web, OpenStack. Perhaps my article will not interest hardened sysadmin and copy-paste seems. H ow do i resume partially transferred files using rsync command line under Unix like operating systems?

  4. C, wiring/Arduino, c version control: Mercurial, svn. Linux, sysAdmin data: rsync, samba/nfs file servers, mdadm ( linux software raid. Sysadmin and webmaster: Experience managing multiple, linux servers, postfix, mailman, Apache, mediawiki, content Management Systems and Xen VMs. R/sysadminresumes - post your. Sysadmin, resume here for review! R/ linux - all flavors of, linux discussion news - not for the faint of heart!

  5. Some include, but are not limited to, site5 evangelist, customer service guru and master. Best oracle apps resume samples and examples - you can download easily - objective: seeking a position as an oracle developer which offers key participation.manager administration, cloning and Oracle Apps. They also give the sysadmin practitioner greater peace of mind and more power and control. Resume, challenges encountered, and discuss opportunities for observing guests such. Next message: linux, fW: Apache week issue 299 Messages sorted by: date thread subject author Previous message: linux, nSS.

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