My goal in life essay

my goal in life essay

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I need to be putting 100 into my work. Another professional goal of mine is for me to be making good money in my work. I am not saying that I need to be making millions but I want enough so i can help support my family. I cannot expect to have a family i can't afford. My job will help me buy a home, pay health insurance, and other things I need for my family. My main goal in the money is to keep, my family happy.

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It is very important for me to receive a good education. Most job fields require a descent education. If I don't have an education I would japanese not be able to function properly at the work place and I would not understand what. To maintain a good job that will make good money will require me to go thorough schooling or training and maybe even both. Education is the first and foremost way to become successful, because the job I will choose will need me go to school and maybe even beyond college. My happiness in what I do is also a goal for me i my life. There is no way someone can become successful if they are not happy with what they are doing. If their job is going to make them miserable, they will never show 100 in their work and they will slake off. If someone did this they would probably get fired or their pay would not be very high. The job I want will be interesting. I will need that I love my job and I love what i am doing.

Once you have those large pillars standing to support your essay, you can begin to recall finer points to fill in the space between those pillars; just like you are building a house. I appreciate your dedication to your studies and your life goals. I can't wait to see what you come up with next! Regards, Gloria, moderator, m). Free my future goals Essay, a person needs to achieve certain goals in one's life before you can call them successful. Success is to achieve goals, you have set. I have set certain goals I would like to achieve in my lifetime. Some of these goals are personal while others are professional. My professional goals in life are to find a good job that makes presentation me happy, get a good education, find a job that makes enough money for me to support my family, and help people.

my goal in life essay

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Show me (your reader that you have the confidence it takes to be a good healthcare provider. It doesn't matter that you didn't contribute largely to these experience; instead, you were a sponge and let them soak into you, influencing you. That is a vital focal point of your story. This is something that you are passionate about, share that vibrancy and force in this essay. Firstly, try and get organized. Outlines help me immensely when i am setting out on a project such as this. Start out with your thesis statement, and think of three more life events. How your mom influenced your decision, and perhaps two incredible memories you had during your healthcare experiences. Allow the last paragraph for your conclusion.

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my goal in life essay

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m, ml (accessed July 20, 2018). Life goals are a very personal topic; it takes a great deal of bravery to put out your dreams to the world! I would suggest changing your introduction; starting it with a question is oxley kind of cheesy. How about rewording to read something like, "Selfishness is a large motivator when it comes to personal goals. Instead of wondering what an individual can get out of a situation, they should be wondering how they can help others. I help others by being a hospital volunteer" This makes your introduction bold and clearly states your viewpoint; it is aggressive rather than passive.

If this thesis is to be on your life goals, you should be in the forefront. Instead of meandering through social backgrounds, come at me immediately with your personal story about your mom. That creates impact; this shows me background on why you made your first statement. Think of a single story or memory that made the turning point for you. I can tell that your mother plays a large role in your life, and her career choice has made an impact on your life. Goals require confidence; make sure you infuse that into your writing.

To meet those challenges, time management is very important. I had organized each event into different time schedule. Therefore time is not a concern and every activity and event could be done on time. Effort, achievement, and progress I had done in the medical office had cause a great impact on me and my school. Working in the medical office helped me to notice how much people there is that needed our help. To help bring our society to the outshine, we need to work together and do our best to stabilize our society.

My progress and success in my achievement could help trigger other student to volunteer in the hospital; therefore, more help could be provided to the society. I will use the same attitude and experiment I have now to further ameliorate it in the future. Hopefully, in the future i could provide more helps to our society and reduce the suffrage and problem that some people face with the achievement I had accomplished now. Apa, mla, chicago, my goals hopes in Life. Retrieved 03:19, july 20, 2018, from. "my goals hopes in Life.". M, (December 31, 1969). MegaEssays, "my goals hopes in Life.

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Furthermore, doctors and nurses in the medical office were very busy showing the sign of anxiety and consternation. While i was in the medical office, i think to myself, I could finally joined a group where i could provide help to the society. This type of pressure and anxiety had causes me to do business further improvement on my job. For example, learn how to communicate with patient and work with people. Pressure had become my other half of my road to my outstanding achievement and goal. I had determined to work four times a week after school and every saturday. I also had other school activities to attend. Furthermore, school works is the biggest concern, because i had two ap classes to take in school and three other ap class in college.

my goal in life essay

Or sometimes I might also do some private research upon the statement subject. Curiosity had provided me the first step on the road to my outstanding achievement and goal. Another emotional feeling that helped me to achieve my goal was pressure. People might think that pressure was a kind of force or stress that enters someone into distress. Pressure, however, could also mean a responsibility that had led someone into betterment. When I took my first step into the medical office, responsibility was the first thing that came to mind. Hundred of patients were sitting in the office and most of them were in the state of grimace and pain.

and challenging but I believe that in the end it will all be worth. Really when it comes down to your duties for engineering it really just depends on what type of engineer you are and how high up you are in your company. From the information I have found I would only have to work the average nine to five workdays and I would get off weekends if I became and aerospace engineer. The lowest 10 percent for an aerospace engineer is 59,610 a year. Which I feel is great because half the people in America dont make that much money. Also you have to think that 59,610 is the lowest 10 percent so you could make much more. Unclear data that I cant conceive, i would simply ask someone.

So i guess that. Smith has influenced me into being an engineer. My plan b is to be an engineer too. But this type of engineering would just be easier to show more content, to be honest I really dont read any particular publications about engineering but I never really have a chance. Also i really dont know where i could get a publications or articles about engineering. The extracurricular activities that I participate in are salon golf. To be honest I do not do any volunteer work but I do plan to get some hours before i graduate. I think volunteering is good for engineers because that will help them develop good people skills. So in the end I think that volunteering will help future engineers with there people skills.

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1249 Words 5 Pages, my whole life i have always wanted to become a successful engineer, and graduate from the University of Cincinnati. Some of my goals in resume life are to go to the University of Cincinnati. Another one of my goals is to become some type of engineer. But as of right now I would like to be a aerospace engineer. To be honest I really dont know what influenced me to want to become and engineer. But something about engineering always appealed to me for some reason. But lately my engineering teacher has had a positive impact on me and is really making me like engineering and the overall field.

My goal in life essay
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  1. In many people lives, there are many different interests. My goal in life is to become a better person in everything. In order for me to do so, i must create steps to accomplish this. My goal Essay research Paper my goal. Disputing Affairs In The public eye essay.

  2. My second goal in life is to attain a masters degree in management; this can only take place after I have successfully completed my undergraduate studies, i consider this goal as a long term goal. Let us find you another Essay on topic my goals in Life for free! My aspiration in Life Essay. Desired to do, or aimed to do, or to be but since Im just a human not a superhuman to be able to do what I desired. My goal of Becoming an Army first Sergeant Essay. Goals In Life Essay, research Paper.

  3. A person must be intent on achieving to have his/her deeds classified as achievements. Therefore i had an intention to achieve my goal, which was my first. We can write a custom essay. My goal in Life Essay sample. According to your Specific Requirements.

  4. I'm having trouble with writing a thesis and basically the entire essay. I need 5 paragraphs and so far i only got. Some of my goals in life are to go to the University of Cincinnati. Life goals essay there are many goals in my life that I would love to achieve. I am only 15 years old so i cant write as much as someone twice my age so to say, but I strictly know my high school goals, college goals, career.

  5. My goal in life is to become a writer. I have always been fond of books. As i am an only child I was very lonely. Both my parents worked, leaving me in the care of servants. I have to write an essay on my life goals.

  6. A person needs to achieve certain goals in one's life before you can call them successful. My goal In Life (Essay sample). July 25, 2017 by admin Essay samples, Free essay samples. Walking at the beach side, waiting for the sun to set with the person I love the most. Our grandkids are making sand castles and collecting seashells. Home free essays my goal in life.

  7. More Essays : apa mla chicago. My goals hopes in Life. "my goals In Life " Essays and Research Papers. Letz English 101 25 September 2012 my life goals Im eighteen years old and my birthday is on February 23, 1994. Advanced pro-editing service - have your paper proofed and edited. The tools you need to write a quality essay or term paper.

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