Pds administrator resume

pds administrator resume

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Acse association control service element. An osi convention used to establish, maintain or terminate a connection between two applications. Active hub Multiported device that amplifies lan transmission signals. Active monitor device responsible for managing a token Ring. A network node is selected to be the active monitor if it has the highest mac address on the ring. The active monitor is responsible for management tasks such as ensuring that tokens are not lost or that frames do not circulate indefinitely. Adapter Hardware that allows a computing device physical access to a network.

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See also configuration management, fault management, performance management, and security management. Accuracy referring to resume how closely a test instruments measurements compare to a standard value, usually expressed as a percentage of the value measured. Acf advanced Communications Function. A group of sna products that provides distributed processing and resource sharing. Acf/ncp advanced Communications Function/Network control Program. The primary sna ncp. Acf/ncp resides in the communications controller and interfaces with the sna access method in the host processor to control network communications. Acknowledgment Notification sent from one network device to another to acknowledge that some event (for example, receipt of a message) has occurred. Acr allows cell rate. Parameter defined by the atm forum for atm traffic management. Acr varies between the mcr and the pcr, and is dynamically controlled using congestion control mechanisms.

Accelerator A hardware addition to an existing computing device that increases the computers processing speed and capabilities. Access Referring to the ability of a computing device to use data or thesis resources beyond its native capabilities. Access List List kept by routers to control access to or from the router for a number of services. For example, the list can prevent packets with a certain ip address from leaving a particular interface on the router. Access Method The type of Media access Control method that a node uses to gain control of a network. Accounting One of five categories of network management defined by iso for Management management of osi networks. Accounting management subsystems are responsible for collecting network data relating to resource usage.

pds administrator resume

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Abr is used for connections that do not require timing relationships best between source and destination. Abr provides no guarantees in terms of cell loss or delays, providing only best-effort service. Traffic sources adjust their transmission rate in response to information they receive describing the statue of the network and its capability to successfully deliver data. Compare with write cbr, ubr, and vbr. Router located on the border of one or more ospf areas that connects those areas to the backbone network. Abrs are considered members of both the ospf backbone and the attached areas. They therefore maintain routing tables describing both the backbone topology and the topology of the other areas. An electrical power transmission system in which the direction of current flow alternates on a periodic basis.

Protocol in the AppleTalk protocol stack that maps a data-link address to a network address. Aarp probe packets Packets transmitted by aarp that determine whether a randomly selected node id is being used by another node in a nonextended AppleTalk network. If the node id is not being used, the sending node uses that node. If the node id is being used, the sending node chooses a different id and sends more aarp probe packets. Abm asynchronous Balanced Mode. An hdlc (and derivative protocol) communication mode supporting peer-oriented, point-to- point communications between two stations, where either station can initiate transmission. Qos class defined by the atm forum for atm networks.

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pds administrator resume

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Aal2 atm adaptation layer. Aal2 is used for connection-oriented services that support a variable bit rate, such as some isochronous video and voice traffic. Aal3/4 atm adaptation layer 3/4. One of four aals (merger from two initially distinct adaptation layers) recommended by the itu-t. Aal 3/4 supports both connectionless and connection oriented links, but is primarily used for the transmission of smds packets over atm networks.

Aal5 atm adaptation layer. Aal5 supports connection-oriented, vbr services, and is used predominantly for the transfer of classic ip over atm and lane traffic. Aal5 uses seal and is the least complex of the current aal recommendations. It offers low bandwidth over head and simpler processing requirements employee in exchange for reduced bandwidth capacity and error-recovery capability. Aarp appleTalk Address Resolution Protocol.

See also taxi 4B/5B. 08/10B local fiber 8-byte/10-byte local fiber. Fiber channel physical media that supports speeds up to 149.76 Mbps over multimode fiber. A b bit signaling Procedure used in T1 transmission facilities in which each of the 24 T1 subchannels devotes one bit of every sixth frame to the carrying of supervisory signaling information. Also called 24th channel signaling. Aal atm adaptation layer.

Service-dependent sublayer of the data link layer. The aal accepts data from different applications and presents it to the atm layer in the form of 48-byte atm payload segments. Aals consist of two sublayers, cs and sar, aals differ on the basis of the source-destination timing used, whether they use dbr or vbr, and whether they are used for connection-oriented or connectionless mode data transfer. At present, the four types of aal recommended by the itu-t are aal1, aal2, aal3/4, and aal5. Aal1 atm adaptation layer. One of four aals recommended by the itu-t. Aal1 is used for connection-oriented, delay-sensitive services requiring constant bit rates, such as uncompressed video and other isochronous traffic.

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The first pair of wires is used to receive data, the second is used to transmit. To guarantee proper signal timing a 100Basetx segment cannot exceed 100 meters in length. 100 BaseX 100-Mbps thesis baseband Fast Ethernet specification that refers to the 100Basefx and 100Basetx standards for Fast Ethernet over fiber-optic cabling. 100vg-anylan 100-Mbps Fast Ethernet and token Ring media technology roles using four pairs of Category 3, 4, or 5 utp cabling. This high-speed transport technology, developed by hewlett-Packard, can be made to operate on existing 10Baset ethernet networks. Based on the ieee 802.12 standard. 4B/5B local fiber 4-byte/5-byte loc 100 Mbps over multimode fiber.

pds administrator resume

100 Basefx 100-Mbps baseband Fast Ethernet specification using two strands of multimode fiber-optic cable per link. To guarantee proper signal timing, a 100Basefx link exceed 400 meters in length. Based on the ieee 802.3 standard. 100 Baset a 100mb ethernet poe specification using level 5 utp. 100 BaseT4 100-Mbps baseband Fast Ethernet specification using four pairs of Category 3, 4, or 5utp wiring. To guarantee proper signal timing, a 100BaseT4 segment cannot exceed 100 meters in length. 100 Basetx 100-Mbps baseband Fast Ethernet specification using two pairs of either utp or stp wiring.

10Basefl is used exclusively. 10 Basefp 10-Mbps fiber-passive baseband Ethernet specification using fiber-optic cabling. 10Basefp ispart of the ieee 10BaseF specification. It organizes a number of computers into a star topology without the use of repeaters. 10Base fp segments can be up to 500 meters long. 10 Baset a specification of the ieee 802.3 committee for the implementation of 10 Mbit Ethernet on unshielded twisted pair wiring. 10 Broad36 10-Mbps broadband Ethernet specification using broadband coaxial cable. 10Broad36, which is part of the ieee 802.3 specification, has a distance limit of 3,600 meters per segment.

10Base2, which is part of the ieee 802.3 specification, has a distance limit of 185 meters per segment. 10 Base5 10-Mbps baseband Ethernet specification using standard (thick) 50-ohm baseband coaxial cable. 10Base5, which is part of the ieee 802.3 baseband physical layer specification, has a distance limit of 500 meters per segment. 10 BaseF 10-Mbps baseband Ethernet specification that refers to the 10Basefb, 10Basefl, and 10Basefp standards for Ethernet over fiber-optic cabling. 10 Basefb 10-Mbps baseband Ethernet specification using fiber-optic cabling. 10Basefb is part of the ieee 10BaseF specification. It is not used to connect user stations, but instead provides a synchronous signaling backbone that allows additional segments the and repeaters to be connected to the network. 10Basefb segments can be up to 2,000 meters long. 10Basefl 10-Mbps baseband Ethernet specification using fiber-optic cabling.

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Pds administrator resume
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