Short essay on diwali in punjabi language

short essay on diwali in punjabi language

On diwali punjabi essay in language

Over time, the practical and commercial advantages of writing in English or French over local languages have sometimes quietly settled the debate where writers might have a choice of language (that is to say, writers who have a choice tend to choose the language with. However, in India especially, vibrant and serious literature continues to be written in Hindi as well as regional languages, though this writing is often overlooked by "postcolonial" scholars, when it either remains untranslated or is translated badly. What i am calling literary hybridity (hybridity at the level of narrative form) is fundamental to what we now know as postcolonial literature. In part, basic modern literary forms such as the novel and the short story are modes of writing invented in the west, though they were readily adopted by colonial authors in Africa and Asia (the first Indian novels were being published in the 1860s). But almost immediately after it emerged, the foreign genre of the western novel became one of the primary ways by which Africans and Asians began to collectively imagine a sense of national, cultural identity. The fact that the novel may have been a borrowed form did not seem to be a limitation for the first generations of Asian and Africans who used it; in fact, the novel has proven to be an incredibly flexible and open format.

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Caught in that situation he can do one of two things. He can try and contain what he wants to say within the limits of conventional English or he can try to push back those limits to accommodate his ideas. I submit that those who can do the work of extending the frontiers of English so as to accommodate African thought-patterns must do it through their mastery of English and not out of innocence ( Chinua achebe ) Works by people who have incomplete mastery. But Achebes point here is that such works are less likely to be meaningful or interesting than those by people who have demonstrable mastery of English, but who are aware that one might wish to extend persuasive the frontiers of the language beyond Standard Written English. There are many examples of linguistic hybridity that one could mention. James joyces Portrait of the Artist as a young Man has a famous example of anxiety about the status of English. Stephen Dedalus, an English-speaking Irishman in Dublin at the turn of the century, encounters a british priest, and frets that the language we five are speaking is his before it is mine. But for joyce, for whom there was no option but to write in English, and it becomes clear even within joyces novel it becomes clear that Stephen has as much right to English as any native-born Englishman. In Africa, beginning in the 1970s, quite a number of prominent intellectuals rebelled against English. The kenyan novelist Ngugi wa Thiongo, who started his career writing novels in English, decided to give up that practice in favor of writing in his native kikuyu. Arguing against Ngugi, achebe defended his use of English as a language that many Africans might have in common (for that matter, Achebe argued, even within Nigeria, there are so many languages that English might be the only national language of the country.) Other interesting.

Over the course of the long history of British colonialism in India, quite a number of Indian words entered British speech, first amongst the white Anglo-Indians, but over time these words entered the English language more broadly. Today, words like gps pajamas, bungalow, and mulligatawny are often used without an awareness that they derive from Indian languages. Similarly, words like mumbo-jumbo have entered the English language from African languages. As a result of colonialism, the English language has become established in Ireland as well as African, caribbean, and Asian societies formerly colonized by England (just as French has become established in societies in Africa and the caribbean that were formerly colonized by France). This fact was historically quite controversial, and it still produces some measure of anxiety throughout the postcolonial world, though most African and Asian countries now embrace English-language education as the language of international commerce. Aside from the fact that English is seen by some as an imposed language, the lingering problem is that in many cases writers who use English in Asia or Africa are using a language different from the one most likely spoken by their main characters. Achebe addresses this problem as follows: For an African writing in English is not without its serious setbacks. He often finds himself describing situations or modes of thought which have no direct equivalent in the English way of life.

short essay on diwali in punjabi language

Short essay on diwali festival for kids - coffeeholic

(Indeed, using this term this way might be offensive to people of mixed ancestry.) In the Indian context, for example, there is an established community of Eurasians, who were marked as a separate community by the British after interracial marriage was banned, and who. In Latin America, the term mestizo is often used to describe people of mixed European, African, and Native american descent. The idea of racial hybridity today seems awkward, in large part because it clearly relies on the idea, inherited from nineteenth-century race science, that racial difference is an empirically-verifiable reality. In fact, it is unclear that racial markers such as African or Asian have any precise meaning. Today, the norm amongst most scholars, which i agree with, is to deemphasize biological or genetic race in favor of culture. Ironically, though the biological basis for the concept of hybridity seems to invite a discussion of race, it seems inappropriate to actually apply it to biracial or multiracial for the afore-mentioned reasons. Linguistic hybridity can refer to elements from foreign business languages that enter into a given language, whether its the adoption of English words into Asian or African languages, real or the advent of Asian or African words into English. To talk about linguistic hybridity, one benefits from reference to terms from linguistics, including the ideas of slang, patois, pidgin, and dialect.

What might be more helpful is thinking about different hybridities - a set of differentiated sub-categories: 1) racial, 2) linguistic, 3) literary, 4) cultural, and 5) religious. The main sub-categories are really (2 (3 and (4 where (2) and (3) overlap closely. In what follows I will explain why (1) is not really very relevant in most cases. And sub-category (5) might be of secondary importance for some readers, though I would argue that it should be taken quite seriously. The term "hybridity" derives from biology, where hybrids are defined as reflecting the merger of two genetic streams, so it might seem logical to talk about hybridity in terms of race. But in fact applying the term this way does not seem productive. Most formerly colonial societies have their very specific, localized words to describe people of mixed race ancestry, and the term hybrid is generally not used in the context of race.

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short essay on diwali in punjabi language

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For other writers, the possibility of "going native" was seen as a threat or a danger to be confronted; the prospect that Kurtz has "gone native" is certainly one of the animating anxieties in Conrad's. Heart of Darkness, for example. hybridity by contrast to mimicry, which is a relatively fixed and limited idea, postcolonial hybridity can be quite slippery and broad. At a basic level, hybridity refers to any mixing of east and western culture. Within colonial and postcolonial literature, it most commonly refers to colonial subjects from Asia or Africa who have found a balance between eastern and western cultural attributes. However, in Homi Bhabhas initial usage of the term in his essay signs taken For Wonders, he clearly thought of hybridity as a subversive tool whereby colonized people might challenge various forms of oppression (Bhabhas example is of the British missionaries imposition of the bible. However, the term hybridity, which relies on a metaphor from biology, is commonly used in much broader ways, to refer to any kind of cultural mixing or mingling between East and West.

As it is commonly used, this more general sense of hybridity has many limitations. Hybridity defined as cultural mixing in general does not help us explicitly account for the many different paths by which someone can come to embody a mix of eastern and western attributes, nor does it differentiate between people who have consciously striven to achieve. Hybridity defined this way also seems like a rather awkward term to describe people who are server racially mixed, such as Eurasians in the British Raj in India, or biracial or multiracial people all around the postcolonial world. Fourth, though it is more commonly deployed in the context of Indian or African societies that take on influences from the west, one needs to account for how hybridity, like mimicry, can run in reverse, that is to say, it can describe how western cultures. Finally, it seems important to note that there can be very different registers of hybridity, from slight mixing to very aggressive instances of culture-clash. For all those reasons, it may not be that useful to speak of hybridity in general.

Indeed, the example of Amritrao in Forsters novel might lead to a broader political discussion: many anti-colonial nationalist movements in Asia and Africa emerged out of what might be thought of as mimicry of western political ideas. Partha Chatterjee argued that Indian nationalism emerged as a a derivative discourse - a copy of western nationalism adapted to the Indian context. Over time, of course, the derivative ideas of justice, democracy, and equality, as they were used by activists, tended to get adapted to a local culture. Perhaps the person who did this best was Mohandas. Gandhi took symbols of Indian asceticism and simplicity (such as traditional Indian dress and fabric) along with progressive western concepts of socialism, and used that new fusion of ideas to mobilize the masses of ordinary Indians, most of whom had had little direct contact with.

Through Gandhi, indian nationalism, which may have started as a derivative of nationalism in the west, became something distinctively and uniquely Indian. As a final note before moving on to hybridity, it might be worthwhile to say a little about reverse mimicry, which in the colonial context was often referred to as "going native. though mimicry is almost always used in postcolonial studies with reference to colonials and immigrant minorities imitating white cultural and linguistic norms (lets call this passing up mimicry could also be reversed, especially since there are so many examples, in the history of British colonialism. The most famous example of this kind of reverse mimicry (passing down) might. Richard Francis Burton, who often attempted to disguise himself as Arab or Indian during his time as a colonial administrator. In literature, the most influential example of affirmatively passing down might be rudyard Kiplings. Kim, where kipling invents a white child (the son of an Irish solidier in British India who grows up wild, as it were, on the streets of Lahore, outside of the reach of British society. Though Kiplings interest in passing down does not overcome the numerous mean-spirited and racialist statements Kipling made about Indians throughout his career, the thought of being able to break out of his identity as an Anglo-Indian and live like a native does seemingly reflect.

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While that may well be plausible, in fact, in colonial and postcolonial literature this particular dynamic is not seen very often, in large part, one suspects, because it is quite unlikely that a person would consciously employ this method of subversion when there are often. Indeed, it is hard to essay think of even a single example in postcolonial literature where this very particular kind of subversion is in effect. There is another, much more straightforward way in which mimicry can actually be subversive or empowering - when it involves the copying of western concepts of justice, freedom, and the rule of law. One sees an example of this in Forsters. A passage to India, with a relatively minor character named. Amritrao, a lawyer from Calcutta, whom the British Anglo-Indians dread. They dread him not because he is unfair; indeed, what is threatening about him is precisely the fact that he has learned enough of the principles of British law to realize that those principles should, in all fairness apply to Indians as much. As a foreign-educated, English speaking Indian lawyer in colonial India, he might be mocked as a mimic man or a babu, but real it may be that that mockery covers over a defensive fear that the British legal system is not quite as fair.

short essay on diwali in punjabi language

Nervous Conditions is one of the central issues in that novel. Nervous Conditions who have not had the same experience of travel in the west find the desire of those who have returned to impose their English values, language, and religion on everyone else bewildering and offensive. Mimicry, however, is not all bad. In his essay of Mimicry and Man, Bhabha described mimicry as sometimes unintentionally subversive. In Bhabhas way of thinking, which is derived from law Jacques Derridas deconstructive reading. Austins idea of the performative, mimicry is a kind of performance that exposes the artificiality of all symbolic expressions of power. In other words, if an Indian, desiring to mimic the English, becomes obsessed with some particular codes associated with Englishness, such as the British colonial obsession with the sola topee, his performance of those codes might show how hollow the codes really are.

has to intentionally suppress ones own cultural identity, though in some cases immigrants and colonial subjects are left so confused by their cultural encounter with a dominant foreign culture that there may not be a clear preexisting identity. Mimicry is often seen as something shameful, and a black or brown person engaging in mimicry is usually derided by other members of his or her group for doing. (There are quite a number of colloquial insults that refer to mimicry, such as coconut to describe a brown person who behaves like hes white, or oreo, which is the same but usually applied to a black person. Applied in reverse, a term that is sometimes used is wigger. See more on "reverse mimicry" below.) Though mimicry is a very important concept in thinking about the relationship between colonizing and colonized peoples, and many people have historically been derided as mimics or mimic-men, it is interesting that almost no one ever describes themselves. Mimicry is frequently invoked with reference to the been-to, someone who has traveled to the west, and then returned "home seemingly completely transformed. Frantz fanon mocked the affected pretentiousness of Martinician "been-tos". Black skin, White masks, and the cultural confusion of the been-to nyasha (and her family) in Tsitsi dangarembgas.

Post-Colonial Studies: The key concepts, generally come away only more confused. Though his usage of a term like write hybridity is quite original, Bhabhas terminology is closely derived from ideas and terminology from Freud and French thinkers like jacques Derrida, and Jacques Lacan. I do respect the sophistication of Bhabhas thinking - and the following is not meant to be an attack on his work - but I do not think his essays were ever meant to be read as pedagogical reference points. What I propose to do here is define these complex terms, mimicry and hybridity, in plain English, using references from specific cultural contexts, as well as the literature itself. The point is not to tie the ideas up nicely, the way one might for an Encyclopedia entry, for example. Rather, my hope is to provide a starting point for initiating conversations about these concepts that might lead to a more productive discussion than Bhabha's essays have in my own experiences teaching this material. Mimicry, lets start with mimicry, the easier of the two concepts. Mimicry in colonial and postcolonial literature is most commonly seen when members of a colonized society (say, indians or Africans) imitate the language, dress, politics, or cultural attitude of their colonizers (say, the British or the French).

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Catalogue des analyses, intérêt clinique, valeurs usuelles, conditions de prélèvement. Retrouvez la liste des analyses réalisées par notre laboratoire de biologie médicale. This essay is a sequel of sorts to an earlier blog post essay i wrote a few years ago, introducing Edward saids concept of Orientalism for students as well as general readers. I do not know if this post will prove to be as useful, in part because these concepts are considerably more difficult to explain. At any rate, i would appreciate any feedback, further examples, or criticisms. when the terms mimicry and hybridity are invoked in literary criticism, or in classrooms looking at literature from Asia, africa, or the caribbean, as well as their respective diasporas, there is usually a footnote biography somewhere to two essays. Bhabha, of Mimicry and Man, and Signs taken For Wonders: questions of Ambivalence and Authority Under a tree outside delhi, may 1817. But students who look at those essays, or glosses of those essays in books like.

Short essay on diwali in punjabi language
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