Write my senator

write my senator

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In november 2007, following the general Election in which she was elected to the house of Representatives,. Kangaloo was appointed Minister of Science, technology and Tertiary Education.

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2661 or vote in favor of essay it in its present form. As your very concerned constituent, i am asking that you oppose this legislation until its redundant, unbalanced, and unnecessary trademark-like provisions have been removed. Please advise me of your position on this legislation. Thank you for considering my views on this very important matter. Sincerely, (your name; your address in the state) 1 As of March 7, 2008 the only senators to sponsor the bill are senators Snowe (me stevens (ak and Nelson (FL). It is perfectly appropriate to respectfully ask a bills sponsors to reconsider their support or to commit to addressing the problems you have raised. Christine kangaloo was elected to the office of President of the senate paragraph on September 23, 2015, at the start of the 11th Republican Parliament. Kangaloo is an alumna of the University of the west Indies and the hugh wooding Law School. She is an Attorney-at-law by profession, having been admitted into practice in the year 1985, and was attached to the southern legal team of Hobsons. Kangaloo was appointed an Opposition Senator in 2001 (6th Parliament) and Vice-President of the senate in 2002 (7th Parliament). In the 8th Parliament, she was appointed Minister in the Office of the Prime minister with responsibility for Social Delivery in October 2002 and from may 2005 to november 2007, held the portfolio of Minister of Legal Affairs.

2661 contains no such requirement. And while the acpa provides for statutory damages of up to 100,000 per infringement,. 2661 would provide damages of up to 6 million for the same offense. Notwithstanding the bills labeling as an anti-phishing measure, these lawsuits could be brought without any requirement that they allege, and provide some supporting evidence, that the targeted domain name was in any way biography associated with criminal phishing activity. 2661 is a direct threat to my livelihood and to the substantial investment I have made in domain names, which constitute the virtual real estate of cyberspace. It is a recipe for large corporations and other parties to engage in legally sanctioned reverse domain name hijacking. Other parts of the bill would violate the legitimate privacy expectations of domain name registrants and could be used to suppress all types of free speech conducted through websites. Please do not cosponsor.

write my senator

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E-mail, not domain presentation names, is the primary tool used by criminal phishers, and to the extent that domains are used they are often surreptitiously established on unsuspecting servers and computers, and not registered with factual identifying information through legitimate processes. While it is labeled an anti-phishing bill, a principal thrust. 2661 is to provide trademark owners and others with a new federal cause of action against domain names registrants such. I am careful to assure that my domain names do not violate established law and policy, but this bill would expose me, and every small business running even a single e-commerce site, to potential litigation attacks by deep-pocketed corporations and others under a new and. Domain names that are all lawful under current trademark law including generic names such as m, geographic names such as m, and fair use criticism site such as m, could all face lawsuits brought by deep-pocketed plaintiffs if this proposal was enacted in its introduced. Trademark owners already have strong and highly effective remedies for infringement of their marks by domain names, as they can elect to pursue an arbitration action through the Uniform Dispute resolution Process (udrp) administered by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (icann). 2661 would give them salon a third option that is broader in scope, less balanced, and far more punitive than the acpa. For example, both the udrp and the acpa require that the trademark owner establish that a domain registration was made in bad faith, but.

2661 never gets a hearing or markup in Subcommittee it cannot advance further and will die at the end of the 110th Congress this fall (it can, of course, be reintroduced in 2009, when the 111th Congress convenes and the entire legislative process starts over. Suggested Text we are providing this sample letter to make it easier for you to send a letter to your Senators quickly. However, individualized letters count for more than form letters on Capitol Hill, so to the extent that you personalize this basic letter by adding details about your domain name activities and your personal thoughts on the Snowe bill your letter will have more impact. Whatever you write should be clear, well reasoned, and polite never use profanity or other incendiary or argumentative language, even if one of your Senators is a sponsor of the bill. we are out to change minds, not start verbal fistfights. The honorable (name of Senator) (office address) Washington, dc 20510 dear Senator i am writing as a professional domain name investor and developer to express my strong concern about and opposition. 2661, the Anti-Phishing Consumer Protection Act, introduced by senator Snowe on February 25, 2008 and referred to the commerce committee. While i support strong law enforcement efforts against criminal Internet phishing scams and other online financial frauds,. 2661 will add little to those efforts.

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write my senator

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Kerry (ma byron. Dorgan (nd subcommittee chairman barbara boxer (CA. Bill Nelson (fl maria cantwell (wa frank. Lautenberg (nj mark Pryor (ar thomas Carper (de claire McCaskill (mo amy Klobuchar (MN). Republicans, vice Chairman Ted Stevens (ak ex-Officio john McCain (az kay bailey hutchison (tx olympia.

Snowe (me gordon. John Ensign (nv john. Sununu (nh jim demint (sc ranking Member) david Vitter (LA) John Thune (SD) Roger issues Wicker (MS) *Interstate commerce subcommittee member The bill has been referred to the subcommittee on Interstate commerce; it is Chaired by sen. Byron Dorgan and ask the ranking minority member is Sen. Normally a bill will be considered by the full Committee for possible reporting for full Senate consideration only if it has been the subject of a hearing and subsequent markup (amendment process) in Subcommittee so it is particularly important to communicate your views if one.

You can find this out, if you dont already know, by going. Gov and clicking on Choose a state. In some cases you may have contacts with more than one state for example, you might live in Connecticut or New Jersey but have your business located in New York city and in that situation you should write to all the senators you have. Likewise, if you have a business that employs others then share this information with them and encourage your employees and colleagues to write as well, as their livelihoods are also at stake. Senators now have a web form or e-mail link available through the above webpage, and you should by all means use that to send your initial message asap.

However, physical mail still counts for more than e-mail on Capitol Hill as an indication of a writers concern about an issue, so please also consider conveying your message by snail mail as well. Again, the webpage provides the physical address of each Senators office in Washington. If you get a response from your any of your Senators please share that with ica counsel Philip Corwin by forwarding it or advising him. Because the bill has been referred to the senate commerce committee, senators who serve on that Committee will have the first cut. Our goal is to make sure that the bill never gets out of the committee in any form that contains language harmful to domainers, so it is particularly important to make a strong case if one of your Senators serves on that Committee. The current members of the commerce committee are: Democrats, chairman Daniel. Inouye (hi ex-Officio john. Rockefeller, iv (wv john.

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Doctor fuku, healthcare reform Dr. Palimpsest, people's Professor npr at Large Idi Amin's cookbook Angie comics. 0, shares, it is very important that every. S.-resident night ica member as well as other domainers write to their. Senators and advise them of the serious concerns raised by sen. Because it has been labeled consumer-friendly legislation aimed at stopping a serious consumer scam, your Senators may be inclined to support it unless they learn that it is not as advertised and that their constituents have major concerns about. Constituents are voters, and elected officials care about what they think. The first step is to determine who your two senators are.

write my senator

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x 2,500/1,500 d 2 500 Judge, county Probate. x 2,500/1,500 d 2 500 District Clerk - x 1,250/750 b 2 500 District county Clerk - x county Clerk - x 1,250/750 b 2 500 county Treasurer - x 1,250/750 b 2 500 county surveyor general - x county commissioner - x 1,250/750. If number is less than 50, a larger percentage may be required. Consult Secretary of State for further information. Pay higher fee if county has at least 200,000 inhabitants according to 2000 Census. Pay higher fee in courts of Appeals Districts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and. Pay higher fee in Bexar, dallas, harris and Tarrant counties).

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In order to become a write-in candidate in the general election, file a declaration of Write-in Candidacy with the secretary of State or your county judge, as appropriate (see chart no earlier than July 25, 2010, and no later than 5:00. On August 24, 2010. Your declaration must be accompanied by either a filing fee or a nominating petition signed by a certain number of qualified voters. Write-in candidates are not permitted in primary elections, except for the party office of county chair or precinct chair. For the party office of county or precinct chair, you must file a declaration of Write-in Candidacy no earlier than november 30, 2009 and no later than 5:00. On December 30, 2009. Write-In-Candidates, public Office sought in 2010, file declaration of Write-in Candidacy with Filing fee nominating Petition in lieu of Filing fee. Sec of state county judge signatures a, maximum Number of Signatures, united States Representative x - 3,125 2 500, governor x - 3,750 - 5,000. Lieutenant governor x - 3,750 - 5,000, attorney general x - 3,750 - 5,000, comptroller of Public Accounts x - 3,750 - 5,000, commissioner of General Land Office x - 3,750 - 5,000, commissioner of Agriculture x - 3,750 - 5,000, railroad Commissioner.

Write my senator
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Again, the webpage provides the physical address of each. Senator s office in Washington.

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  1. Chief Justice and Justice, court of Appeals. Decline my, senator s seat? Of course you will be declared. Senator of New York in 06! Virginia county to close schools after teacher asks students to write death to America in Arabic.project report david haskell godspell biography examples of nurses report sheets i want to write a letter to my senator thesis statement for social problem eastern railway training report write.

  2. however, one very important and timely question in my letter was not answered. Write, senator, cohen by e-mail! T hank you for visiting my home page on the Internet. Write -in Candidates Public Office 2010. Member, State board of Education.

  3. Who is, my, mP? You are here: home » president of the senate » senator the honourable christine kangaloo. Google asks, do you really want to drunk e-mail? I ended up getting my photo taken with mayor gavin newsom. Laurence fishburne and diane lane return to their roles, although somewhat abbreviated, and Holly hunter is added as a senator who is dogging Superman. I write today regarding the current humanitarian crisis facing our nation.

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