Environmental pollution prevention essay

environmental pollution prevention essay

Essay about environmental pollution, christiane

Sky glow, mostly caused by big cities, makes it hard to see dim objects in the sky at night, such as nebulae, stars and galaxies. Sky glow reduces the contrast between the sky and between the stars and galaxies, which makes it even harder to see dim objects. Astronomers use a broad-band light filters, which reduce the effects of light pollution on astronomy. The broad-band light filters do that by filtering out spectral lines and so alter the view of dim objects. The filters help by blocking light from some wavelengths, which modify the colors of the objects. But the broad-band filters can only affect certain object types. They affect nebulae, but have little effect on galaxies and stars.

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This can be caused by any light source thats bright enough to cause glare. Disability glare: The reduction in visibility caused by intense light sources in the field of view. Blinding glare: When there is a light source thats so bright that it can cause a moment of blindness, the amount of time the blindness lasts depends on the brightness of the light source. Light trespass: Light trespass is unwanted assignment and uncontrolled light that shines outside the area that it is designated to illuminate. It causes discomfort, distraction, annoyance, or a reduction in visibility, and wastes energy and money. These are several characteristics of nighttime lighting that can cause light trespass: Spill light: The light that illuminates surfaces beyond the property line. Brightness: The presence of bright sources which are in a persons field of view which can cause discomfort glare, disability glare or blinding glare. Effect on astronomy Astronomy is very sensitive to light pollution. Light pollution interferes with our visibility due to sky glow. Sky glow is unshielded light that is send in all directions.

Clutter light pollution is caused by things like presentation street lights, these can be dangerous to the people driving since the drivers can be distracted by these lights. Las Vegas Strip by BrendelSignature at English wikipedia an example of Clutter Transferred from en. Wikipedia to commons by Common good using CommonsHelper. Commons, glare: Glare is a visual sensation that is cause by excessive and uncontrolled brightness. Glare from street-lights, car-yard and security lights can shine directly into the eyes and cause discomfort. This makes it hard for the eye to adjust effectively to changing levels of illumination, so compromising night vision. There are three forms of glare: Discomfort glare: The sensation of annoyance or pain induced by overly bright sources.

environmental pollution prevention essay

Environment and pollution essay - have your, essay

Skyglow makes it hard for astronomers to biography see anything besides the most luminous stars and planets. Skyglow also caused behavioral disorders in many species of animals. For with example; sea turtles and birds, who rely on the night sky for breeding and to find their way. In heavily polluted areas Urban sky-glow is worse. It will always exist if the air quality is poor. Empire State building Night an example of sky glow. Licensed under cc by-sa.0 via. Commons, clutter: Light clutter is the excessive groupings of light. These groupings of light may cause confusion, distraction from objects, and possibly cause accidents.

Types of light pollution, urban sky-glow: sky glow exists in large cities. It is the glow which you can see over many cities and towns in the evening. Urban sky glow is the brightening of the night sky. It is caused when artificial light escapes from misdirected and badly designed light sources into the atmosphere. It is scattered by particles (pollen, bacteria, dust, spores, mineral particles) or by water droplets while it travels through the atmosphere. The light gets reflected and masks the background stars and cases a hazy glow over the night sky. This type of light pollution is a concern to astronomers, because it creates a hazy glow over the night sky.

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environmental pollution prevention essay

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Besides all the organisms that are affected by light pollution, us humans who invented artificial somerset lighting that causes this light pollution are also affected. Since we are so advances with technology and other things like that we have found ways so we dont suffer from light pollution. But we cant completely solve it with our inventions like curtains. Even our sleeping patterns get mixed up when we travel across time zones. Our natural sleep rhythm gets affected by light pollution too. Us humans have a hormone called melatonin.

This hormone helps us sleep and creates a natural rhythm for sleep. Light pollution and artificial lighting disturbs the natural rhythm and decreases the amount of melatonin in our body. Which leads to broken nights and a bad sleeping patterns. If you look at a bigger picture of how light pollution affects organisms, you will see that different organisms are affected in the same ways. Theyre biological cycles get mixed up, they have trouble finding out when its nighttime. Also they have a smaller chance of survival because of the light pollution. All the consequences to these organisms are bad and disrupt the natural rhythms.

Insects that are attracted to light like flies will fly around street lights during the night and they will stay in one place, this makes them vulnerable to nocturnal predators. Since they fly around the lights the opportunities to mate are reduced which leads to population reduction. Overall the number of insects will be reduced over the years. Amphibians are also affected by light pollution, even if they dont live in an urban city, because light pollution isnt only causing problem in the areas with a large amount of light, areas around it are also affected. Amphibians get really confused by light pollution because they dont know when its nighttime with all the artificial lighting.

Since they eat at night to avoid predators, they become an easier prey because they dont know when they need to get food. Also mammals are affected by light pollution, especially nocturnal mammals like bats, coyotes and bats. They are so affected by light pollution because there is too much light at night to find food. It becomes more difficult to find a breeding site, which leads to less reproduction opportunities, and the population of the species will shrink. Birds that migrate at night rely on the light that is reflected by the moon and stars to find their way through the dark. They get confused and could get stuck in an urban area, because they were caught off their guard by all the lights. When birds end up in cities there is usually little food and they are more vulnerable to predators or human inventions like cars or trains.

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Because of the list artificial lighting, the are more exposed to predators so they have less time to find food. Organisms depend on their genes which tell them when they need to wake up or sleep, but with all our artificial lighting this gets mixed. Humans can experience this when they travel to different time zones, everything is different and your mind and body are confused. A lot of different animals are affected by light pollution. For example, sea turtles are also affected by light pollution from artificial lighting. Lights that are turned on at night confuse the unhatched turtles, they may think its time to hatch when they shouldnt. If they hatch to early, or during the wrong part of the day, the chances of survival will become a lot smaller. With the artificial lighting by the beaches or on the roads, instead of crawling to the sea they might crawl to the roads. Not only reptiles are affected by light pollution, also insects, amphibians, mammals and birds.

environmental pollution prevention essay

This leads to sky glow. The particles in the atmosphere, which cause anesthesia air pollution, accentuate light pollution by increasing the amount of light scatter. It has been proven that around one-third of the energy used for the outdoor lighting is reflected into the outer space, where it is wasted, because it doesnt serve any useful purpose. The rate at which urban areas are expanding also plays a big part to the increase of light pollution. Effects of light pollution on individual organisms. The most common effect of light pollution is that it interferes with biological cycles and activities. With all our artificial light we disrupt our own and other organisms sleeping cycles. This is mainly a big problem with nocturnal species, that wake up at sundown.

pollution) occurs at night and is obtrusive (bothering misdirected, inappropriate, or excessive artificial light. Components of light pollution are: Urban sky glow, which is the brightening of the night sky over inhabited areas; Light Trespass, when light falls where it is not intended or needed to fall; Glare, visual discomfort caused by excessive brightness and high levels can decrease. These light sources can be found in over-lit urban areas. It is the brightening of the night sky and it diminishes the view of stars and planets. Causes light pollution, light pollution is pollution caused by misplaced artificial light and reflections such as outdoor light which scatters in the atmosphere and reflects back to the ground. The light allows a fraction of light to go up in the sky.

We have spent a lot of time working on our project. We think that we did a good job at doing the project. We do believe that there is a solution to the problem, as long as we all try. Everything can help, even thesis the smaller things. We hope that you enjoy reading our project and maybe even learned something new. What is light pollution? A basic evolutionary fact is that we humans are diurnal (active mainly during the day) species. Humans have eyes that are adapted to living in the suns light.

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In this project we are going to discuss the subject light pollution. We will discuss the following topics: What is light pollution, causes light pollution, effects of light pollution on individual organisms. Types of light pollution, effect on astronomy, what will happen if all dark places would be gone. Solutions, we werent familiar with the topic, which made it exciting for us. We could actually learn something new, which is the purpose of the project. We spent a lot of time in the mediatheek looking for information. When book we knew something about light pollution, we could start writing.

Environmental pollution prevention essay
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