Essay on red fort delhi

essay on red fort delhi

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India is independent because of our forefathers; now its our responsibility to guaranteed maintain its freedom in future too. I love my India and respect its culture and tradition. India is a golden bird and independence is its new wings. We are flying into new zone of development only because India is independent. India is independent and we are its independent citizens. Being citizens of an independent country we have right to freedom. Being an Indian is the matter of proud. Happy Independence day to you all, celebrate it happily. Be ready to sacrifice for the freedom of our country.

essay on red fort delhi

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I feel proud for my country and happy to live in this gentry. Independence day is a special day for all Indians. I am very grateful to them who fought for our freedom. Today we are breathing freely just because we live in an independent country. Unite and live together to maintain freedom in the future. Freedom is the oxygen for any country and heart beat for its citizens. Without freedom, life has no meaning. Its your right to enjoy the freedom but never forget the sacrifices of freedom fighters. Freedom is freedom; it is precious and we cannot estimate its cost.

Independence day celebration is the symbol of our freedom. The freedom we live, has taken sacrifice of many lives. I am proud to be an Indian and respect the culture of my country. Our Flag looks so grand on this independent land. Our Flag waves so high which tells the history of how many people died. Independence day tells the history of freedom of India. Unite to stand in all good or bad condition of this land. Whether it is sunny or rainy, lets celebrate Independence day of my country. An independent country is a country full of rights for its citizens.

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essay on red fort delhi

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I love my freedom, i respect my freedom. I salute the real Heroes who gave me freedom. Pay tribute to the real Heroes who sacrificed their life for our freedom. We live in an independent country book because of our real Heroes. India is great; India is grand where we celebrate Independence day. Today is Independence day; say it loud, its my countrys proud.

We can unfurl the Flag as we live in an independent country. We are lucky resumen to live with freedom in 21st century because of our forefathers. We can see the sunrise and we can hear the river water sound peacefully; as we have freedom. See, how beautifully our Flag is waving in the air! The waving Flag in the wind is the symbol of our freedom. We celebrate our freedom on Independence day.

I salute to all the freedom fighters and national leaders who made it possible for us to enjoy and celebrate our independence. Independence day of India is celebrated every year on 15th of August because India got independence from British rule on 15th of August in 1947. Indias Independence day is one of the great national holidays of India commemorated annually. Jawaharlal Nehru become the first Prime minister of independent India and raised the Indian national flag including a speech at the lahori gate, red Fort, delhi. Independence day, independence day speech, independence day essay, paragraph on Independence day.

Facts about Independence day of India. Independence day"s, essay on National Flag of India. It is observed by every Indian all over the India with flag-hoisting ceremony, military parades and various cultural events. Teachers and students specially celebrate this event in the schools, colleges and other educational institutions. We have provided below some unique and meaningful slogans on Indias Independence day which can be used to make this celebration more effective and memorable especially for students. You can choose any Independence day slogan to celebrate 15 August.

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The British ruled upon India biography for more than 400 years, and it was a period of chaos and injustice. Our treasures were looted and we were pushed to poverty and agony from all side. There was no safety for people within their homes as well as in neighborhoods and people thus lived in shadow of fear for each and every moment. But a handful of courageous men made it possible to stand in front of the big army of British and ask for freedom. Who can forget how the freedom movement shaped up in presence of great leaders like mahatma gandhi who followed the path of Ahimsa and inspired many people to walk on the same. No wonder he is been called the father of the nation with all respect. We look upon celebrating Independence day every year and sing patriotic songs to pay respect to the great national leaders without whom it wouldnt have been possible for us to enjoy the spirit of Independence the way we do today.

essay on red fort delhi

Who can forget that midnight of 15th August 1947 when Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru hoisted the Tri-coloured Indian Flag on Red Fort. Since that day we have got a great reason to celebrate this occasion every year with pride and honour. Independence day in India is celebrated every year in each and every school with great spirits. Every school is decorated by keeping the theme Independence day in mind. Flag hoisting is done by our Principal who then speaks about few words on how we have to be thankful for this day and how we should follow the same path and philosophies of these great leaders. No one can ever forget how much it took to get essay independence for India, how much we lost and how much blood we shed? We definitely had lot to lose and we can never forget how much valuable gift Independence day is for us from our ancestors who fought for the freedom and also from those almighty freedom fighters like bhagat Singh, rajguru, sukhdev, chandrashekhar azad, rani laxmibai, lokmanya. When we watch movies inspired by stories of these national and historical figures, we get idea about how it would have been difficult to achieve freedom.

speech. Homage is paid to those who sacrificed their lives for the freedom of our country. After the Prime ministers speech, the functions come to an end with the recital of our national anthem, jan Gina manna and the crowd begins to melt away. The Independence day reminds us of those patriots who fought and suffered to win freedom for. Respected Principal, teachers and all my dear friends. I take it as a honour to stand before you and say a few words on Indian Independence day. It was today on 15th August that India woke up with Freedom way back in 1947 which is one of the biggest achievement for.

The Independence day is celebrated all over India with great joy. Fly the tricolor and sing the national anthem. There are great enthusiasms among them. In Delhi, the capital of India, this day is celebrated with great pomp and show. People gather in large numbers into the parade ground in front the red fort. There is a great hustle and bustle everywhere. They line up the roads all leading to the fort and eagerly wait for the arrival of the Prime minter. The foreign ambassadors and dignitaries also partipcate in the celebrations. The prime minster unfurls the national flag.

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The 15th of August is a very important day literature in the history of our country india. It was on this day in 1947 that India became independent. We won freedom after a hard struggle. On this day our first Prime minister Pundit Jawaharlal Nehruunfurled The national Flag at The red Fort for the first time. All the people irrespective of their caste, look and creed celebrate this day everyyear amidst great rejoicing. It is declared a public holiday. On this day we take a pledge to defend our freedom with all our might.

Essay on red fort delhi
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  2. Red, fort in, delhi cannot be said to have seen. Jawaharlal Nehru the first Prime minister of India hoisted the national Flag of India at Red fort Delhi first time. System essay about personal strengths gmat essay paragraph tolerance essay list red fort delhi essay writing moon under water essay. Red fort, delhi (One of the most popular forts in India) The fort that which has 7 individual doorways one of them which at present. at the red Fort, followed by an address to the nation and the entire country rejoices while they chant jai hind and Vande matram. zoning map essay on red fort delhi conclusion in research paper pdf.

  3. Independence day, essay, independence day speech Slogans on, independence day paragraph on Independence day facts about. literature review length of pregnancy swinholide synthesis essay best argumentative essay xe, short essay on red fort delhi. Essay on red fort delhi, we apa format essay writing evaluate people and groups as responsible or not, depending on how seriously. Essay on quality of education in pakistan. Essay, on, cyber Bullying statement Writing research papers on education in pakistan essay. One who has not seen the qutub Minar and the.

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