Essay on world after 50 years

essay on world after 50 years

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Same with all the other chemicals you carry. We learned to accept cancer and I guess you will, too. Im sure there will be better treatments for that in your lifetime than we have today. If you can afford them, that. Turning healthcare over to predatory corporations was another bad move. All in all, our chemical obsession was pretty reckless and we got into that same old pattern: just couldnt give up all the neat stuff. We took the lead out of gasoline and banned ddt, but mostly we did too little, too late. I hope youve done better.

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It just got outta hand and we couldnt stop it, even when we realized we hated it and that it was taking us over. We turned away from one another, tuned in, and got lost. Im betting you can still download this note, copy it, share it, bust it up and remake it, and that you do so while plugged into some sort of electrical device you cant live without—so maybe you dont think that an apology for technology. The tools we gave you are fine, but the apps are mostly bogus. We made an industry of silly mother distraction. When our spirits hungered, we fed them clay that filled but did not nourish them. If you still dont know the difference, blame us because we started. And sorry about the chemicals. I mean the ones you were born with in your blood and bones that stay there—even though we dont know what theyll do to you). Who thought that the fire retardant that kept smokers from igniting their pillows and childrens clothes from bursting into flames would end up in umbilical cords and infants? It just seemed like better living through chemistry at akbar the time.

That was crazy and wasteful. I cant explain. I guess weve been confused for a long time now. Oh, and sorry about the confusion. We called it advertising and it seemed like it would be easy enough to control. When I was a kid, commercials merely interrupted entertainment. Dont know when the lines all blurred first and the buy, buy, buy message became so ubiquitous and all-consuming.

essay on world after 50 years

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Youll be too busy coping in the diminished world we bequeath you. One set of problems we pass on to you is not altogether our fault. It was handed down to us by our parents generation remote so hammered by cataclysmic world wars and economic hardship that they armed book themselves to the teeth and saw enemies everywhere. Their paranoia was understandable, but they passed their fears on to us and we should have seen through them. I have lived through four major American wars in my 62 years, and by now defense and homeland security are powerful industries with a stranglehold on Congress and the economy. We knew that was a lousy deal, but trauma and terror darkened our imaginations and distorted our priorities. And, like you, we needed jobs. Sorry we spent your inheritance on all that cheap bling and, especially, all those weapons of mass destruction.

Our technology is indeed amazing. I was raised without computers, smart phones, and the world Wide web, so i appreciate how our engineering prowess has enhanced our lives, but i also know it has a downside. When I was a kid we worried that the cold War would go nuclear. And it wasnt until a river caught fire near Cleveland that we realized fouling your own nest isnt so smart after all. Well, you know about the rest—the coal-fired power plants, acid rain, the hole in the ozone. There were plenty of signs we took a wrong turn but we kept on going. Dumb, stubborn, blind: Who knows why we couldnt stop? Greed maybe—powerful corporations we couldnt overcome. It wont matter much to you who is to blame.

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essay on world after 50 years

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We just didnt realize our addiction to carbon would come with monster storms, epic droughts, biblical floods, wildfire infernos, rising seas, migration, starvation, pestilence, civil war, failed states, police states, and resource wars. Im sure henry ford didnt see that coming when he figured out how to mass-produce automobiles and sell them to everyman. I know my parents didnt see the downside of using so much gas and coal. The all-electric house and a essay car in the driveway was their American Dream. For my generation, owning a car became a birthright. Today, it would be hard for most of us to live without a car.

I have no idea what youll do to get around or how you will heat your home. We also pigged out on most of the fertile soil, the forests and their timber, and the oceans that teemed with fish before we scraped the seabed raw, dumped our poisonous wastes in the water, and turned it acid and barren. Hey, that ocean was an awesome place and its too bad you cant know it like we did. There were bright coral reefs, vibrant runs of red salmon, ribbons of birds embroidering the shores, graceful shells, the solace and majesty of the wild sea. But then I never saw the vast herds of bison that roamed the American heartland, so i know it is hard to miss something you only saw in pictures. We took lots of photos. We thought we were pretty smart because we walked a man on the moon.

Theres no excuse, really. We are gas-hogs, plain and simple. We got hooked on faster-bigger-more and charged right over the carrying capacity of the planet. Oil made it possible. Machines are our slaves and coal, oil, and gas are their food.

They helped us grow so much of our own food that we could overpopulate the earth. We could ship stuff and travel all over the globe, and still have enough fuel left to drive home alone in trucks in time to watch. Rocket fuel, fertilizer, baby bottles, lawn chairs: we made everything and anything out of oil and could never get enough. We could have conserved more for you to use in your lifetime. Instead, we demonstrated the self-restraint of crack addicts. Its been great having all that oil to play with and we built our entire world around that. Living without it will be tough. I hope we develop clean, renewable energy sources soon, or that you and your generation figure out how to do that quickly. In the meantime, sorry about the climate.

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Also, with your children and theirs. My unconditional love for my children and grandchildren convinces me that, if I could live long enough type to embrace my great-grandchildren, i would love them as deeply as I love you. On behalf of my generation of grandparents to all of you, i want to apologize. I am sorry we used up all the oil. It took a million years for those layers of carbon goo to form under the earths crust and we used up most of it in a geological instant. No doubt there will be some left and perhaps you can get around the fact that what remains is already distant, dirty, and dangerous, but the low-hanging fruit will be long-gone by the time you are my age. We took it all.

essay on world after 50 years

Politics for me was never motivated by ideology. It was always about parenting. Today my three kids are, thankfully, healthy adults. But now that grandchildren are being added to our family, my blood runs cold whenever I project out 50 years and imagine what their world will be like at middle age—assuming they get that far and that there is still a recognizable world. I wrote the following letter to my granddaughter, madeline, who is almost four years old. Although she cannot read it today, i hope sales she will read it in a future that proves so much better than the one that is probable, and so terribly unfair. Im sharing this letter with other parents and grandparents in the hope that it may move them to embrace their roles as citizens and commit to the hard work of making the planet viable, the economy equitable, and our culture democratic for the many madelines. dear Maddie, i address this letter to you, but please share it with Jack, tasiah, and other grandchildren who are yet unborn.

get their assignments through e- mail and kids will go to school 7 days a week—expect for holidays that the government allows. A href"m/photos/9994912@N06/ this story first appeared on the, tomDispatch website. note: I became politically active and committed on the day 20 years ago when I realized I could stand on the front porch of my house and point to three homes where children were in wheelchairs, to a home where a child had just died. All my parental alarms went off at once and i asked the obvious question: Whats going on here? Did i inadvertently move my three children into harms way when we settled in this high desert valley in Utah? A quest to find answers in Utahs nuclear history and then seek solutions followed.

Our leader of this type of government will be a female president, who represents control and power. You see dates these type of example in today society when the majority of women run an organization. With a rise in population the environment was in need of a solution for housing. Everyone begins to leaves the cities and moves to the forests or other spots in nature. The homes will consist of constructed tree houses. They will be solid glass on the outside—you can see out, but others cannot see in—and they will be very high tech. There will be no reason to cut down trees or corrupt animal habitats. Children will start school around the ages of 2 to 3 years old.

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Life in fifty years will be a lot different then it is now. In most peoples eyes they see the world having flying cars and floating houses but I believe the world will be more eco-friendly and organic. Lives will be saved, let it be humans or even animals. With new living styles, resolving health issues, and coming to world peace it can lead to happier and longer life spans for most individuals. By 2061 technology will have greatly improved such as holograms and robots. Government will be apart of every moment of our lives from the time we are born until the time we pass. Freedom will be scarce because the government will have control over every move we make. Everyone will work for the government and no job will benefit one-self. Our government will be ran as if we had a mother watching over.

Essay on world after 50 years
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Young people still want to make their mark in the world; look forward. Have replaced outdoor games and exercise after work and weekends.

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  1. How will we travel? What will we eat? How will our economy. Note: I became politically active and committed on the day 20 yea rs ago when. Cold whenever I project out 50 years and imagine what their world will be like.

  2. Read this full essay on What the world Will be like 50 years from Now. To coll ege, what are you doing after high school, that question would be where do you. So an alternative answer to what the world will look like in fifty years assuming technology continues. Robots, probably, will be looking in and after our brains. It s fun to dream up what the future will look like in the nex t 5, 10, even 50 years.

  3. Here s what some l eading minds think. The world population will be over 9 billion. The Environment Will Change Dramatically in the next 50 years - download as Word d oc (.doc /.docx pdf file (.pdf text File (.txt) or read online. I do not know what the next 50 years will be like for the world, but I have hope. Now, after 50 years of hardwork and determination, malaysian even has its own.

  4. Life in fifty years will be a lot different then it is now. In most peoples eyes t hey see the world having flying cars and floating houses but I believe the world will. World after 50 years Essay. Life in fifty years will be a lot dif ferent then it is now. In most peoples eyes they see the world having flying cars and. What might the world look like in 50 years?

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