I want to write a review

i want to write a review

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Evaluate the article's main theme, supporting arguments and implications for further research. Read on for another quiz question. Part 2 Writing the Article review 1 Come up with a title. This title should reflect the focus of your review. Decide between a declarative title, descriptive title, or interrogative title. 8 2 Cite the article.

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A critique of the history article's contributions to the field. You should definitely evaluate the article's contributions to the specific field. Respond only to the author's research; do not provide any new research. But keep in mind there is much more to an thesis article review. Theres a better option out there! A summary of the main ideas. You will summarize the main ideas, arguments, positions and findings in the article. However, there are other aspects of an article review. All of the above! An article review contains many different parts and is written for an audience that is knowledgeable of the subject matter. Remember to present more than just an opinion.

Score 0 / 0 Research from your own studies. It is true that you will use your own ideas, theories and fuller research. But remember your review should be more than just an opinion: your comments should respond to the writer. Still, there are more items you need to include in an article review. A response to the writer's ideas. Your article review should definitely respond to the author's ideas with your own thoughtful reasoning. Use ideas, theories and research from your own studies. However, there are other things you need to put in an article review.

i want to write a review

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What is the theoretical framework or assumptions? Are the central concepts clearly defined? How adequate is the evidence? How does the article fit into the literature resumes and field? Does it advance the knowledge of the subject? How clear is the author's writing? 7 Don't: include superficial opinions or your personal reaction. Do: pay dates attention to your own biases, so you can overcome them.

Create a list of strengths and weaknesses. The strength of the article may be that it presents a clear summation of a particular issue. Its weakness may be that it does not offer any new information or solutions. Use specific examples and references. For example, the article might have incorrectly reported the facts of a popular study. Jot down this observation in your outline and look up the facts of the study to confirm your observation. Think about the following questions to help you critique and engage with the article: What does the article set out to do?

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i want to write a review

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With either method, make an outline of the main points made in the article and the supporting research or arguments. It is strictly a restatement of the main points of the article and does not include your opinions. After putting the article in your own words, decide which parts of the article you want to discuss in your review. You can focus on the theoretical approach, the content, the presentation or interpretation of evidence, or the style. You will always discuss the main issues of the article, but you can sometimes also focus on certain aspects.

This comes in handy if you want to focus the review towards the content of a course. 6 review the summary outline to eliminate mobile unnecessary items. Erase or cross out the less important arguments or supplemental information. 6 Write an outline of your evaluation. Review each item in the article summary to determine whether the author was accurate and clear. Write down all instances of effective writing, new contributions to the field, as well as areas of the article that need improvement.

Does it build on other knowledge from the field? Determine how the article you are reviewing is similar and different from other texts you've read on the subject. Pay careful attention to the meaning of the article. Make sure you fully understand the article. The only way to write a good article review is to understand the article.

5, put the article into your own words. You can do this as a freewritten paragraph or as an outline. Start by putting the article in your own words. Focus on the argument, research, and claims the article makes. Make sure to include all the important points. It is pivotal that you are accurate. Don't: spend time on editing or phrasing. This is just for your own benefit. Do: write in a clear, logical structure to test your understanding.

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Use a highlighter or pen to make notes or highlight important sections. Highlight legs the main points and the supporting facts. 5, don't: highlight every paragraph — just the central points. Do: supplement the most important points with notes or cross-references. Connect what you read in the article to your existing knowledge of the topic. Think about things you have discussed in class or other articles you have read. Does the article agree or disagree with your previous knowledge?

i want to write a review

4, these steps should help you start to identify the author's arguments and main points. Then read the article in its entirety. When you read the first time, just read for the big picture that is, look for the overall argument and point the article is making. Make note of words or issues you don't understand and questions you have. Look up terms or concepts you are unfamiliar with so you can fully understand the article. 4, sinharaja read the article closely. Read the article a second and third time.

there is enough data or research included to support the author's claims. Find any unanswered questions left in the article. 3, preview the article. Begin by looking at the title, abstract, introduction, headings, opening sentences of each paragraph, and the conclusion. Then read the first few paragraphs, followed by the conclusion.

An article review only responds to the author's research. It does not provide any new research. 2, an article review both summarizes and evaluates the article. Think about the organization of the review article. Before you even begin reading the article you will review, you need to understand how your article review will be set. This will help you understand how to read the article so that thesis you can write an effective review. Your review will be set up in the following parts: Summarize the article.

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We use cookies to make wikihow great. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Okay, part 1, preparing to Write your review 1, understand what an article review. An article review is written for an audience who is knowledgeable in the night subject matter instead of a general audience. 1, when writing an article review, you will summarize the main ideas, arguments, positions, and findings, and then critique the article's contributions to the field and overall effectiveness. Article reviews present more than just an opinion. You will engage with the text to create a response to the scholarly writer's ideas. You will respond to and use ideas, theories, and research from your own studies. Your critique of the article will be based on proof and your own thoughtful reasoning.

I want to write a review
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