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international business presentation

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36 On April 13, 2016, a worker fell to his death on the naberezhnaya tower, presumably from the hundredth floor. 37 On June 18, 2017, roofer Sergey delyashov climbed on Eurasia/Steel peak and was later rescued. 38 see also edit Other commercial districts in Russia: building comparisons: References edit "Official website". Retrieved 25 September 2010. "Construction World: Integrated Body for Urban Design Policy And development Of Moscow". Archived from the original on Retrieved 25 September 2010. a b "Moscow International Business Centre (mibc moscow". height of Moscow Tower height of C block height of Tower 3 height of Vostok tower a b Completed part of complex: The zapad Tower in use, the vostok tower is glazed "Grand Tower - the skyscraper Center".

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There are also plans to install a high-speed rail system between the mibc and Sheremetyevo international review Airport. Transport interchange of Third Ring road and 3rd Magistralnaya street near the moscow City. Gallery edit 20 December 2006 24 September 2007 july 20 may november 2015 Accidents edit April 2, 2012 fire on the 67th federalist floor of Vostok of the federation Towers. On April 2, 2012, a fire occurred on the 67th floor of Federation Tower East/Vostok while it was under construction. 25 fire-fighting units and 4 helicopters of the moscow aviation Center responded and took four hours to extinguish the fire. 32 On January 25, 2013, a fire occurred on the 24th floor of one of the skyscrapers at the oko complex while it was under construction. 33 On January 12, 2014, a fire occurred on the 15th floor of a 17-story building on Testovaya street while it was under construction. The fire was extinguished and nobody was injured. 34 On July 9, 2014, a fire occurred on evolution Tower. 35 On 18:45 on August 31, 2015, a fire occurred on the 33rd floor of Federation Tower East/Vostok due to the ignition of construction materials.

30 31 Transport edit pedestrian edit The bagration Bridge is a pedestrian bridge that goes over the moskva river. It connects Tower 2000 and the rest of the mibc parts complex. Road edit to correspond with the growing mibc, new highways and interchanges were built to connect the mibc with the main transport arteries of the city. These projects include the ten-lane dorogomilovsky bridge of the Third Ring road over the moskva river, the Third Ring road interchange with Kutuzovsky avenue, and the extension of the Presnenskaya embankment. Existing roads were reconstructed and rearranged. Major thoroughfares that connect to the mibc are the Third Ring road, 3rd Magistralnaya street, and the Presnenskaya embankment. Rapid transit edit The mibc is served by several metro stations, two of which are named Delovoy tsentr ( Russian for business district). Stations Vystavochnaya (formerly known as Delovoy tsentr) and mezhdunarodnaya opened on the filyovskaya line in 20 respectively, delovoy tsentr on the kalininsko-solntsevskaya line in 2014, and a second Delovoy tsentr on the bolshaya koltsevaya line in 2017. The mibc in addition is served by moscow Central Circle with the station also named Delovoy tsentr which opened in 2016.

international business presentation

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The complex provides office space, apartments, a hotel, and a parking lot. 1718 neva towers January,232 m2 (3,759,100 sq ft) The neva towers is currently the newest addition to the mibc. Located on plot 17 and 18 of the mibc, the complex includes two skyscrapers: the 63-story tower 1 and the 77-story tower 2, with the latter being the taller one with a height of 337 m (1,106 ft). The apartment complex is currently under construction, with construction planned to finish in 2019. 19 Northern Tower,000 m2 (1,453,128 sq ft) Located on plot 19, the northern Tower is one of the smaller buildings of the mibc, with a height of 105 m (344 ft). The 27-story high-rise have office suites, restaurants, a fitness center, and a parking space. Management edit golf Established in the spring of 1992, the pjsc city company manages the creation and development of the mibc. On December 30, 1994, the government of Moscow authorized pjsc city to act as the managing company for the mibc and to negotiate with third parties to help develop the mibc. As of February 2014, the company is owned by the solvers Group led by Oleg Malis.

Mercury city tower surpassed Moscow Tower of the neighboring City of Capitals complex on the tallest building in Russia and Europe. It was later surpassed by the south Tower of the neighboring oko complex. The building provides apartments, office suites, and shops. Grand Tower,282 m2 (3,393,667 sq ft) The Grand Tower is a 50-story office building located on plot 15 of the mibc. Construction of the skyscraper started on 2013 but was halted later. Construction is currently on hold. There is only a tower crane on the site.,600 m2 (2,686,672 sq ft) oko ( Russian for "eye is a complex of two skyscrapers: North Tower and south Tower, located on plot 16 of the mibc, with the south Tower being the taller one. The 85-story south Tower was once the tallest building in Russia and Europe, surpassing the neighboring Mercury city tower with a height of 352 m (1,155 ft but in a short period of time was surpassed by vostok of the neighboring Federation Towers complex.

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international business presentation

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The building includes office and binge recreational space, a fitness center, restaurants, shops, apartments, and parking space. In addition, on the resume outside of the building, there is a scenic elevator that is designed to allow the visitors to view the city from a great height. Designed by Swanke hayden Connell Architects, the skyscraper's external design was based on a combination of classical and postmodern architecture. 13 Federation Towers,154 m2 (4,727,014 sq ft) The federation Towers is a complex of two skyscrapers: Zapad and Vostok (Russian for west and east respectively located on plot 13 of the mibc, with Vostok being the taller one. The 95-story vostok, with a height of 374 m (1,227 ft surpassed the neighboring south Tower of the oko complex as the tallest building in Russia and Europe.

It was later surpassed by the lakhta center in saint Petersburg, thus making it the second tallest building in Russia and Europe respectively. The design of the complex is each skyscraper is in the shape of a tri-hedral on top of base of ten floors. The complex provides office suites, apartments, restaurants, retails, household services, parking, and a walkway to the central Core. A spire was also planned to be implemented in the design but it was dismantled during construction. 14 Mercury city tower,000 m2 (1,700,698 sq ft) Mercury city tower is a 75-story skyscraper located on plot 14 of the mibc. It is noted in Moscow for its high-tech look and its copper color. The building is claimed by one of its architects Frank williams as the first environmentally friendly building in Russia, since it was designed to collect melting snow water, as well as provide 70 of the workplaces with access to daylight.

The complex features apartments, a hotel, business space, restaurants, a fitness club, conference halls, and a spa, with windows having panoramic views of Moscow. Construction of the skyscraper started in 2006 and was completed in 2011 while the 14-story building started construction in 2013 and is planned to be finished by 2018. Central Core,000 m2 (4,843,760 sq ft) The central Core is a massive complex located on plots 6, 7 and 8 on the central portions of the mibc. The underground section of the central Core features a shopping mall, three metro stations: Vystavochnaya and mezhdunarodnaya on the filyovskaya line and Delovoy tsentr on the kalininsko-solntsevskaya line, parking, and control rooms for maintenance, security, and other operations for the complex. 9 City of Capitals,680 m2 (3,107,326 sq ft) The city of Capitals is a complex of two skyscrapers named after Russia 's two historic capital cities : the 65-story saint Petersburg and the 76-story moscow, with the latter being the first super-tall skyscraper in Europe.

Located on plot 9, the complex includes an entertainment complex, offices, apartments, shops, a fitness center, presentation halls, and restaurants. Construction of the complex started in 2005 and ended on 2009. 25 10 Naberezhnaya tower,000 m2 (2,734,033 sq ft) The naberezhnaya towers is a complex of three skyscrapers located on plot 10 of the mibc. The complex includes a plaza for each tower connected by a central pier, offices, and underground floors reserved for retail and parking space. The complex started construction in 2003, with the 17-story tower A finishing construction at 2005, the 27-story tower B finishing construction at 2004, and the 59-story tower A finishing construction at 2007. 11 iq-quarter,000 m2 (2,734,033 sq ft) The iq-quarter is a complex of three skyscrapers located on plot 11 of the mibc. Along with providing office suites, three hotels, a clinic, and parking space, the complex also serves as a transportation hub between the moscow Metro and the moscow Central Circle, which is planned to extend from the mibc to three of Moscow's international airports. 12 Eurasia (Steel peak),542 m2 (2,233,963 sq ft) Eurasia tower, also known as Steel peak, is a 70-story skyscraper located on plot 12 of the mibc.

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It is owned by the summary company of the same name, which stages international trade shows in Russia, the cis countries, and Central Europe, as well as Russian national pavilions at expos ( World fairs ). 23 evolution Tower,000 m2 (1,819,101 sq ft) The evolution Tower is a 54- story skyscraper, located on thesis plot 2 and. One of the most distinct features of the building is its dna -like shape, with each floor twisted 3 in relation to the preceding one, totalling 135. Architect Tony kettle and University of Edinburgh Professor of Art Karen Forbes developed the design in detail, reflecting on the use of the spiral in earlier Russian architecture and proposing a dynamic composition which dramatically alters from different vantage points in the city. The dna related structure celebrates in a contemporary mode the inter-linking of individuals, generations, and families. The foundation of the evolution Tower was built by bauer technologii, the russian branch of bauer spezialtiefbau gmbH. Construction of the building began in 2011, and was completed in 2014.,723 m2 (3,097,025 sq ft) Empire is a mixed-use complex consisting of a 59-story skyscraper and a 14-story building located on plot. Designed by architects nbbj, the complex consists of elliptical and hi-tech elements.

international business presentation

68 Central Core construction of a cinema-concert Hall 9 City design of Capitals Naberezhnaya tower iq-quarter Eurasia tower Federation Towers The tallest completed building in Europe 11 14 Mercury city tower Grand Tower neva towers Construction 19 Northern Tower Yury dolgoruky tower buildings edit Plot number. 9 City of Capitals : Office building City of Capitals: saint Petersburg City of Capitals: Moscow Naberezhnaya tower a naberezhnaya tower b naberezhnaya tower c iq-quarter : Tower iq-quarter: Tower iq-quarter: Tower Eurasia/Steel peak federation Towers : Zapad Federation Towers: Vostok the tallest completed building. The building was the first completed building of the mibc as it was built in 2001. It is located on the opposite side of the river from the main development. The building is connected to the mibc by the bagration pedestrian bridge, which was the first completed structure of the mibc, being built in 1999. Tower 2000 is 104 meters high, 17 with a total floor area of 61,057 square meters. Construction of the skyscraper began in 1996, and was completed in late 2001. 4 The building features underground parking, restaurants, and other entertainment and attractions in the tower. 1 Expocentre,000 m2 (1,776,045 sq ft) The Expocentre, located on plot 1, is an exhibition venue.

most of the buildings were old factories and industrial complexes that had been closed or abandoned. In order to manage the project, a public company, city, was created in 1992 in order to oversee the initial creation and development of Moscow City as well as its subsequent usage. City is also a general contractor and both landlord and leaser. Overall responsibility for the architectural planning and design of Moscow City belongs to the architectural studio. 6, which is a part of the large moscow practice mosproject-2 named after mikhail Vasilyevich Posokhin. This group, headed by gennadiy lvovich Sirota, who is officially the Chief Architect of Moscow City, is in charge of overseeing the design of the complex as a whole and agreeing the details of individual projects. Each building lot has its own investor and architect. By 2014 the volume of investments in Moscow City was approximately 12 billion. 6 Current status of construction Completed Designed height Under construction On hold Canceled Presumably sites edit Plot number Name Started Completed buildings in complex roof height Max height Floors Total area, m Notes Bagration Bridge Expocentre evolution Tower Construction of Tower.

Russia to combine business activity, living space and entertainment in one single development. 3, the moscow government first conceived the project in 1992. 4, an estimated 250,000 300,000 people will be working in, living in, or visiting the complex at any given time. 3, mibc includes 6 skyscrapers with maximum height of 300 meters or more (. Shanghai has 5, hong Kong has 6, chicago has 6, new York has 8 ). Europe's first (completed) tallest building, the federation revelation Tower, is in the mibc. The complex also includes the second-tallest, third-tallest, fifth-tallest, sixth-tallest, and seventh-tallest buildings in Europe.

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Mibc, one of the largest financial centres in Europe. Moskovskiy mezhdunarodniy delovoy tsentr also known as, moscow City (. "Moskva-citi" 1 2 is a commercial district in central, moscow, russia. Located east of the, business third Ring road in the. Presnensky district of the, central Administrative okrug, the mibc is currently under development. Construction of the mibc took place on the Presnenskaya embankment next to the, moskva river, approximately 4 kilometers (2.5 mi) west. Red Square, and just east of the Third Ring road. The project occupies an area of 60 hectares, 3 with the territory chosen being the only area in central Moscow that can accommodate such a project. The mibc is expected to become the first zone.

International business presentation
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