Most valuable possession essay

most valuable possession essay

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Many have turned their poverty into an installment of achieving happiness and bliss through their great will-power, determination and feeling for others. Sometimes poverty, adversity and sufferings may help you to bring out the best in you. Adjustment to the realities of life, facing things, and odds as they are and righteous resignation to the will of God can surely lead one to happiness. Let there be an ideal, a purpose, a meaning and mission in life, and devotion to that mission. A life, however long, cannot be happy if devoid of purpose. Be always useful to the family, the society and the nation to be happy. Never lose your utility and sense of service to others.

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Of what use is the enormous wealth in your treasury or the huge bank-balance if you do not enjoy it, or use it in the welfare presentation of others. Compassion, charity, fellow-feeling, sacrifice and unselfishness are the prerequisites of happiness. A self-centered, egoist, unkind and haughty person cannot achieve happiness. He was a handsome prince, had an exceedingly beautiful wife and a lovely new born son. There was no limit to the comfort and luxuries he enjoyed and yet he was unhappy. Therefore, he left his kingdom and all in search of happiness, bliss and salvation. Finally he got it and wanted to share it with all without any discrimination. He preached that the path of non-violence, compassion, love, service and charity is the path of happiness and bliss. Happiness does not lie in receiving but in giving, he told. Poverty may cause inconvenience, but it is not always a curse.

Happiness lies in contentment essay and satisfaction. It does not mean that one should not strive for more, but one should strike a balance between contentment and ambition. An over-ambitious person can never be happy. Moreover, one should use ones wealth, talent, etc., which he possesses, as a trustee and not as an owner and master. Moderation is the need of our life. If we go on craving for more and more, there is no end. What is important is that how you enjoy and use the money you already possess.

most valuable possession essay

Tragedy of the commons, by garrett Hardin (1968)

They have neither peace, nor rest, nor health to enjoy life. They are most careworn people for they are always afraid to lose their wealth. Besides, wealth cannot be amassed by fair means. A man full of fear and using unfair means can never be happy. There is no end to desires. Man desires more and more wealth, more and more power. A multimillionaire may not consider his wealth to be enough. The more we possess, the more unhappy we are. The same idea has been expressed by Shakespeare in measure for measure: Happy thou are not, for what thou hast not, still, thou, strivst book to get, And what thou hast, forgets.

But they are mistaken. Pleasures are shallow and short lived, while happiness is a state of mind, a state of bliss which lasts long. Means of pleasure, convenience, comforts and luxury cannot make us really happy. In that case the kings, princes and the rich of the world would have been the happiest persons, because they possess wealth and comforts in abundance. Then why this saying, Unhappy lies the head that wears a crown. It is a mistaken idea that wealth is the passport to the realm of happiness. Ignorant people think that only wealthy and prosperous people are happy. But on the contrary the rich are miserable people.

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most valuable possession essay

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To be guided by love in all the actions is the key to happiness. We should love and fear God. . we should have faith in him and should pray to him. Thus we should live and do our duty not for reward but because it is our duty. Thus we see that a happy man is he who has just enough to eat and to feed others, who enjoys a sound health and is contented, who lives an honest and truthful life and who does his duty with faith in God and love. 03, my Idea of a happy life.

Each and every-body wants to be happy. All aim at happiness, but most of us employ wrong digital means. Our end is happiness, but our means are not such as may take us to our goal of happiness. Then how to achieve happiness? Some people mistake pleasures for happiness and run after them.

He cannot work to earn his bread and will have worries for future. A man with a sound health is happy even if he is poor. He works hard and sleeps soundly. He gets good appetite and takes delight in simple food. His work gives him joy. I want to  possess few things in this world.

I know that any number of things cannot make a man happy. Midas was not happy with all his gold  because he was not contented. Blacksmith is happy because he is contented with his poor earning. Hence a happy man should be contented. To be really happy, man should have a truthful and honest life. He should help his fellowmen in trouble and love them. Such a man should be loved and respected by  others and  he will be happy. A  man who hates others and envies his neighbours, can never be happy.

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This freedom from care cannot be got by plenty of money. That we can have by a habit of mind. Many people are found worrying for small things. Many of us worry about the troubles of the future that have not come and may never come. Money is a necessary thing but it is not the thing to make us happy. We salon see millionaires passing sleepless nights without any physical trouble. I want money so that I may run my life smoothly. More money i do not like to have. His life is miserable and he wishes to die rather than with live.

most valuable possession essay

A man loved and respected by other is always happy. To be guide by love in all the action is the key to happiness. We should love and fear God. We should love faith in him and pray to him. Thus we see that a happy man is he who has enough to eat, who enjoys sound health, is contended leads a truthful and honest life and has faith in God. Such is my idea of a happy life. 2, book my Idea of a happy life. We all wish to live a happy life. In my opinion, a happy life means that life which is free from cares and worries.

a man has, the more he wishes to have. He is never satisfied. A content man only can be happy. Midas, with all his gold was a sad man while a goldsmith is happy with his small earnings. To be really happy, a man should lead a truthful and honest life. He should help his fellowmen and love them.

However mostly these troubles never come. Money is a necessary thing but it is not the only thing that will keep us happy. So many millionaires spend sleepless nights. I want paper enough money for my normal expenses but not excessive money. Health is wealth is a famous"tion and I full subscribe. A healthy body and a healthy mind is essential to keep one happy. A sick man can never be happy. He will want to die rather than to live in misery. A healthy person can work hard and sleep well.

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My idea of a happy life. 01, we all wish to live a happy life. But few can tell how to get happiness in this world. Experience teaches us that unmixed happiness is not a thing of this world. In my opinion a happy life means that life which is free from cares and worries. This freedom from worries cannot be obtained with a lot of money. It can be obtained by habit of mind. Many people worry about small things. Many of us worry about the future and the trouble that will come.

Most valuable possession essay
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