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27 to add a new Group: to add a new Tab: Click the tab you want to customize. Click the new Group button and Word adds the group. Click the rename button. On the rename dialog box, type the name of the group. Click ok and Word adds the new group to the tab. Click the new Tab button.

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Click it to display the shirt dialog box. A dialog box is an on-screen form that you fill up to tell ms word how to complete a command. 25 Working with Mini toolbar context Menus When you move your mouse over the selected text a mini toolbar will hatya appear. When you right click on the text, a context menu will appear. You can use the mini toolbar and context menu to format without going to the home tab. 26 Customizing the ribbon Right click on any part of the ribbon. On the pop up menu, click customize the ribbon. On the dialog box, click customize ribbon Tab. On the list of commands, select the one you would like to add. You can customize the ribbon to add tabs, groups or commands that you will use often. To display the customize ribbon Tab following the following steps.

To customize this toolbar, click the customize quick Access toolbar arrow, and a drop-down menu will appear. Check or uncheck the commands that you need or do not need. You can also move the quick Access below or above the ribbon. 24 Using Command Icons and dialog Boxes to apply a command, just click the icon. An arrow next to an icon means that there are other options available. Click the arrow to display the options. Dimmed menu items are not available for selection at this time. Selected command is the highlighted command. The arrow next to the Group name is the dialog Box launcher.

presentation word

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17, insert Tab This Insert tab displays the related commands which are grouped as Pages, tables, Illustrations, links, header and footer, text, symbols 18, page layout Tab This Page layout tab displays the related command which are grouped as Themes, page setup, page background, paragraph. 19, reference tab This Reference tab displays the related commands which are grouped as Table of Contents, footnotes, citations bibliography, caption, Index, table of Authorities. 20, mailings Tab This mailings tab displays the related commands which are grouped as Create, start mail Merge, write and Insert fields, Preview Results, finish. 21, review Tab This review tab displays the related commands which are grouped as Proofing, comments, Tracking, Changes, compare, protect. View Tab This view tab displays the related commands which are grouped as Document views, Show/Hide, zoom, windows, macros. 23, customizing quick Access toolbar, quick Access toolbar contains frequently used commands. You can display or hide the icons.

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presentation word

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13, control Buttons They essay minimize, maximize, restore and close the australia window. 14, starting the word Processing Program, click the start button. Point to All Programs. Point to microsoft Office. Click on Microsoft Office 2007. The ribbon The ribbon is the panel at the top portion of the document.

It has seven tabs which are home, insert, design, Animations, Slide Show, review and view. These tabs contain commands and tools which are grouped according to their function. Additional tabs such as Format and Design will show when you are working on Pictures, ClipArt, wordArt, text boxes and shapes. When you move the mouse pointer over each command or tool, it will display the pop-up name and function of the command. 16, home tab This Home tab displays the related commands which are grouped as Clipboard, font, paragraph, Styles, Editing.

3, office button quick Access toolbar Title bar Ribbon Tabs Groups Commands dialog Box launcher Scroll Bar view Buttons Control Buttons zoom level or zoom Slider 4, the microsoft Office button, it provides access to the only menu in Office When you click this button. Quick Access toolbar It provides access to the most common Word commands including save, undo, repeat and Copy. You can customize, add or delete buttons on this toolbar. 6, title bar It shows the open program and the name of the open file. 7, ribbon It contains the commands organized in three components: Tabs represents the activities you perform and contain related groups.

Groups organize related commands. Group name appears below the group ribbon. Commands appear within ach group 8, dialog Box launcher It opens a dialog box or task pane that provides more options. 9, scroll Bar It moves the document vertically. 10, document Area this is where you type your text. The insertion point represents the location where your text will appear. 11, status Bar It displays the document information such as the number of the page on which the insertion point appears, the total number of pages, the proofing errors indicator and the view buttons. View Buttons They display the buttons such as Print layout, full Screen, reading, web layout, outline, draft.

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SadMan Software 3 Freeware ordPlay consists of two word games. Word Jumble scrambles the listing letters of a word; the object is. 1 Aspose Shareware, aspose. Net Word document reporting component which enables you to read and write word doc. Jaygee software Shareware. Word search allows the creation salon of word searches, sometimes called word squares. 1, introduction to ms word 2, what is ms word? Ms word is a word processing program used to create, format, save and print letters, reports, newsletters, manuscripts, signs, certificates other documents.

presentation word

Select Slides from Outline. Find and select the word document writers in the Insert Outline dialog box, and click Insert. A new slide will be created for each heading 1 in you document. Note: If your Word document contains no heading 1 or heading 2 styles, powerPoint will create a slide for each paragraph in your content. Top of Page see also Understand the differences between linked objects and embedded objects Change linked or embedded objects Discover more courses like this at LinkedIn learning. Belly is not filled with fair words (The). 444 Shareware, is an All-in-One word Creator, word Editor, word Converter and Word reader tool.

as the slide text, and select. Heading 2 in Styles. In the word document, click file save, and then click file close. Note: your Word document must be closed to insert it into a powerPoint presentation. Open PowerPoint, and click home new Slide.

Click, ok to insert the contents of your Word document as an object. Note: If you prefer dates to have your Word document open in Word instead of in PowerPoint, select the. Display as icon check box to insert an icon into the presentation. Clicking the icon will open the document in Word. Tip: you can also insert a linked object. Select the, link check box to make your object a shortcut to the word document you imported. Top of Page, use a word document as an outline to build your presentation. Discover more powerPoint training at LinkedIn learning.

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Insert a word document as an object. The easiest way to insert a word document is to first create your document in Word, then add it writing to your presentation. Select the slide in which you want to place the word document. If the word document already exists, in the. Insert Object dialog box, select, create from file. Click, browse to locate the word document you want to insert. Select your Word document, and click. Make sure the, link and, display as icon check boxes are clear.

Presentation word
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  4. Presentation on theme: "Introduction to ms word."—. As you play this presentation, fill in the word Window Worksheet. Embed Word content directly into your PowerPoint presentation. You can also use your Word document to create a new PowerPoint presentation from the content outline.

  5. Ms excel ppt presentation by Mridul Bansal 342989 views. Word 2007 Presentation by Kristen T 66504 views. Free download presentation word Files at Software Informer. Find frequency of each word in one or many ms word files. Presentation software — software presentation software uk us noun u it software that is used to prepare presentations : »Using word processors, spreadsheets, and presentation software.

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