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Sci., 8A, 29 38 (1925). Ayyar Vegetable oils containing glycerides of erucic acid (I) introduction. Damle vegetable oils containing glycerides of erucic acid (II) rape oil. Mascarenhas Vegetable oils containing glycerides of erucic acid (III) Indian mustard oil. Mirchandani vegetable oils containing glycerides of erucic acid (IV) jumba oil. Damle (V) oil from Tropoeolum majus. Damle (VI) preparation of pure behenic acid. Damle (VII) solidifying-point curves of mixtures of me stearate and me behenate; solidifying- and melting-point curves of mixtures of stearic and behenic acids.

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1942-49 Use of castor oil in the production of synthetic rubber. 1951-55 Use of human hair amino acid Cystine for production of Cysteic acid based synthetic soap. 1955-57 Oxalic Acid from Saw dust. Listed in Chemical Abstracts (CA) mainly under ayyar,. And under co-authors (to mention some. Sudborough Action leadership of bases on a, a, b - and a, b, b -tribromo- b -phenyl-propionic acids and their esters. 17: 3021-22, 1923. Sci., 6, 69 92 (1923). Ayyar Chemistry of neem oil. 18: 1398, 1924. 19: 3607, 1925.

Some noteworthy contributions and publications (List incomplete) : 1914 Synthesis of cis-alfa dibromo cinnamic acid photo conversion to trans dibromo cinnamic acid. 1925 Isolation of the active ingredient of the anti-dysenteric ayurvedic medicinal herb, hollerina Antidysenterica, in the form of the alkaloidal glycoside. First time isolation of Lignoceric Acid from the red Coral seeds. 1934 Steric hindrance and geometrical isomerism (Nature,. 535, October 6, 1934). 1919-49 Elucidation of the fatty supermarket acid composition of numerous fatty oils of Indian origin. 1946-49 Isolation of Cashew shell oil its use in anti-corrosive paints. 1945-47 Isolation of Heptaldehyde from Castor oil its use in selective seperation of Hydoxylamine from potassium nitrate reduction.

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Ramaswami and Kamalambal's demise was mourned by his three sons (Panchanadeeshwaranm, mathrubhutheshwaranm, mallikarjuneshwaranm three daughters (Balambalf, kamakshif and Bhageerathif twelve grand children father's (Balambals daughters: Rajalakshmif, sarojaf, jayamf, saraswathif, mahalakshmif and Bhageerathi's children: Bhanumathif, venkataramanm, savitrif, Umaf, kalyanif, lakshmif and Rajarajeshwarif) and a host of friends. Since 1966: grandchildren: (Mathrubhutheshwaran's son and daughter: Sriramm and Shamalif (Mallikarjuneshwaran's daughter: Kamalaf great grand children (grand children of Balambal neelaf, davidm, Emilm, Albertm, kamalaf, Annief, Anandm, suchif, Alanm and Stevenm, great great grand children (grand children of Rajalakshmif annaf, jasminaf and evelinaf, and many. see the last part below for Ramaswami and Kamalambal's ancestry ; superscripts: m male and f female dates : 1889 Born on December 21 at vaiyacheri south India 1909 Triple. In Mathematics, Physics chemistry 1911-19 daddy Served on the faculty and appointed Professor of Chemistry (1917). Josephs College, trichinopoly, madras State. 1911-19 Summer Research Scientist at the general Chemistry and Organic Chem. Of Science, bangalore research teaching Faculty, organic Chemistry department, Indian Institute of Science, bangalore. Director: Ramaswami ayyar Research Laboratory.

Ramans, indian Academy of Sciences, and also founder of the current Science journal, all in Bangalore, india. After retirement, he spent his time productively through his own personal laboratory: Ramaswami ayyar Research Laboratory, in Bangalore, helping small scale industrialists exploit the vast natural resources of Independent India, often gratis. He found a method of manufacturing soap for silk using hair from barbers waste, an example of his slogan wealth from waste. In the family and society, he stood as the pillars of morality, peace, philosophy and education. He was an enthusiast of Sanskrit and English literature. After a brief illness, he passed away on the 9th of March 1966. His beloved wife, kamalambal*, of over sixty years wedded life, predeceased him in may 1963.

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After a few summers highly productive research, Prof. Sudborough offered Professor Ramaswami ayyar a faculty position at the Organic Chemistry department, the first ever offered to an Indian in shop that Institute. After several high level negotiations between the head of the. Josephs College that of the Indian Institute of Science, prof. Ramaswami ayyar joined the research teaching staff of the Organic Chemistry department in 1919 and continued in that position till he retired in 1946. He was re-hired soon thereafter to continue in the faculty till 1949 to guide research students in several research projects sponsored by the council of Scientific industrial Research Organization.

During the three decades and more, professor Ramaswami ayyar trained and guided in sophisticated research techniques leading to higher degrees more than hundred post graduate research scholars from all over India and a few from overseas. He has made many original contributions to new knowledge in the fields of synthetic organic chemistry, stereochemistry, chemistry of natural products such as ayurvedic Indian herbs, oils fats, alkaloids glycosides, other plant products, etc. He also contributed to the Indianization of the staff of the Institute. Professor, ramaswami ayyar was one of the founding members of the kannada sahithya parishat, patron of the sanskrit journal Bhavitavyam, founder of the. South Indian Science Association (to a meeting of which, his cousin. Raman* was invited to announce on 16th March 1928 the discovery of a new Radiation, later called Raman Effect one of the select few founding Fellows.

Young Ramaswami ayyar took the brunt of the load of supporting his mother and the seven siblings. With great difficulty and perseverance, ramaswami ayyar not only completed his own education with distinction but also helped his siblings mother settle in their lives. His mother lived past the ripe old age of ninety plus years. As a university student in Madras, he addressed in the madras beach a gathering of Nationalists striving for independence. Following this some prominent leaders requested him to join the nationalist movement. But his interest in Science dominated over politics and he dedicated the rest of his life for Science.

Ramaswami ayyar graduated three times. In Physics and. In Chemistry all with distinction from the. Josephs College in Trichinopoly (Madras State). He was offered a professorship in Chemistry at the same college and he accepted it in 1917. During the summer months in the years since 1911, he went to the Indian Institute of Science (founded in 1909) in Bangalore to work on research projects in the general Chemistry department and with Professor. Sudborough (from Wales, uk) of the Organic Chemistry department. He soon earned for his researches the Associateship of the Indian Institute of Science (.).

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He is also a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, of the european Film Academy and co-founder of the german Film Academy in which he is in the board since 2011). A short biography of Prof, prof. ( ) (A short biography from family sources: written by his grand daughter Rajalakshmi heyrovska). Vaiyacheri panchanada, ramaswami ayyar* year was born on December 21, 1889 in a village called vaiyacheri in south India in Tanjore district in Madras State. His parents were vaiyacheri panchanadeeshwara ayyar (Vice-Principal of Nagapatnam College) sow. He was the second of eight children, four boys four girls. He lost his father at a young age when he was barely 13 years old.

sa ramanujan short biography

back in 1995 Pepe danquart began directing music videos, in 2005 he started directing commercials (mostly with bigfish film Production and in August 2006 his first play, human voices premiered at the berlin Tipi. It ran for several months with such success that it was included in the programme again in 2007. Together with Susa kusche, andrea roman and Uwe Spiller Danquart founded the production company bittersuess pictures GmbH whose aim it is to produce motion pictures that the viewer would recommend to friends. Their very first production. Shahada, a graduate thesis film by burhan Qurbani from Ludwigsburg Film Academy, made its way into the official international competition of the berlinale in 2010. Danquarts most ambitious feature film to date, lauf Junge, lauf! Will go into production in Spring 2012 as an international co-production. In April 2008 Danquart received a professorship for film at the University of Fine Arts in Hamburg.

part of the trilogy, am Limit, is about extreme climbers Thomas und Alexander Huber and was released in Germany in 2007. Both these follow-up films enjoyed box-office success and won numerous awards (bavarian Film Award, two nominations for German and European Film Award for Best Documentary). In 2008 Danquart began work. Joschka und Herr Fischer (released in 2011 a documentary with an unusually innovative aesthetic, it recounts Joschka fischers extraordinary biography whilst reflecting 60 years of German history. Its a thrilling document of contemporary history that reaches far beyond the classical portrait or historical film. Besides making documentaries Pepe danquart has also released a row of feature films such. Daedalus (1991 mörderinnen (2001 semana santa (2002) and, c(r)ook (2004 official title: Basta.

At this time danqaurt entered into a thriving collaboration with Mirjam quinte (Quintefilm who has since produced all of his documentaries, accompanying each project - from the initial idea to the final product - with great insight and conviction. In 2000 Danquart and quinte formed a production partnership and released Michael Glawoggers well-received cinema documentaries. Working Mans death and, whores Glory. In 1999 Danquart released the first of his sports trilogy. Heimspiel, which explores the german reunification through the story of Berlins ice hockey team the eisbären. The films box-office success indicates that documentaries do have a place in the cinema. Heimspiel received several awards including the german Film Award for business Best Director in 2000.

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Pepe danquart started shooting his first films on Super-In 1977 he became the initiator and co-founder of the medienwerkstatt Freiburg (mwf engl.: Media workshop Freiburg). Between1978 and1991 Danquart worked on over 30 documentaries as author, director and/or producer. Among these initial projects classics such. Paßt bloß auf (1980) or, geisterfahrer eine utopische kolportage (1985) emerged and won a host of awards, culminating in the 1987 Documentary film salon Award of German Film Critics for the medienwerkstatts overall output. Two years later Pepe danquart left the Freiburg collective for Berlin where he shot his first fictional short film. Its success was overwhelming and in 1994 it received an Oscar for Best live action Short Film. Danquarts follow-up movie, nach saison (1994-1997) collected several awards including the berlinale peace film Award, the Grand Prize at San Francisco film Festival, Grand Prize valladolid and the pare lorenzt Award,. And so solidified the writer/directors growing international renown.

Sa ramanujan short biography
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  5. San, francisco—its blend of history, scenery, and, of course, its cuisine, make. This video is about Srinivasa. Ramanujan, biography, in Hindi, s, ramanujan was an Indian mathematician and autodidact who. A short about a mathematically.Clerk and that someone posted it on the web, not realizing that the book is a novel based. Ramanujan s life as opposed to a factual biography. Ramanujan, biography, in Hindi, s, ramanujan was an Indian mathematician and.

  6. (A short biography from family. Another contemporary in Madras (with whom ramaswami shared a dormitory home?) was the mathematician. Biography ( short ). Pepe danquart started shooting his first films. Super -In 1977 he became the initiator and co-founder of the. Born and raised in California, dave has a love for.

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