Students need homework

students need homework

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Firstly, self-taught people are not dependent on others for knowledge. Secondly, self-education can help you to be anything you want to be or to do anything you want. Finally, it usually costs nothing and it does not require fixed life style. Many famous and influential writers, artists, architects, actors, musicians and even scientists were self-educated. They thought that working was also learning and self-education was associated with creativity. For example, leonardo da vinci, an Italian painter, sculptor, architect, musician, scientist, mathematician, engineer, inventor and writer was self-taught. However, some people depend on teachers and tutors for guidance. They want someone to help them and to show them the way.

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Firstly, students don't have an opportunity to communicate with their teachers and group-mates face to face. If they want to ask a question or to receive some additional information, they have to send an e-mail and wait for the teacher's answer. Secondly, it is instant rather difficult for teachers to control students' knowledge, to evaluate their progress, to appreciate their abilities and to find an individual approach to everybody. To conclude, i think that online learning is a wonderful opportunity to receive higher education for some people, although computer-based activities will hardly be able to replace practical or classroom-based situations. Some people think that self-education is not very effective, while others say that it is the only productive way of learning. Is it possible for people to educate themselves without help or support from others? Can self-taught people become famous and successful? In my opinion, people can learn without schools and tutors. You can read books, speak to educated people or spend a lot of time in libraries or on educational websites. Self-education has a lot of advantages.

It is intended for those who can't attend classes and communicate with the teacher face to face. Education is delivered via the Internet, multimedia resources or videoconferencing. Teachers and students communicate by exchanging electronic media or in real time. Personally, i think that online education is especially convenient for disabled people and for those who want to work and receive higher education simultaneously. You don't have to attend classes and you can plan your day as you want. In my opinion, receiving education online may be rather interesting. Some universities offer online student support services, such as online advising and registration, e-counseling, online textbook purchase, student governments and even student newspapers. However, a lot of people think that online learning is not as effective as traditional writing education.

students need homework

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Children's interaction with pupils of their age influences their character building. School is not only a place for the imparting of knowledge, but it's a place for the creation and development of the child's personality. To conclude, home schooling has its pros and cons and it's up to the child's parents to decide which kind of education is better paper for him or her. Anyway, parents must provide their children with full-time education suitable to their age, ability and aptitude. Some people say that proposal online education is an excellent alternative to traditional education. But other people believe that virtual education cannot substitute traditional one. Online education is rapidly increasing thanks to the development of computer technology.

To my mind, it has a lot of advantages. Firstly, it is very convenient because you do not need to observe school hours, days or terms. Besides, you do not need to have a fixed timetable. Parents can provide a more personalized and adaptable learning environment for the child. Secondly, the family can spend more time together. Thirdly, children who have special educational needs are home educated when school cannot meet the child's needs. In general, home schooling gives you an opportunity to work on just what you want and when you want. However, a lot of people are sure that the aim of any educational establishment is not just to give knowledge but to help their learners develop communication skills and team spirit.

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students need homework

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Personally, i prefer feasibility communicating with an intelligent person who knows a lot of interesting facts and who can share his or her ideas with. However, some of my friends say that they do not want to go to university and they would better get a well-paid job soon after leaving school. It will give them an opportunity to get work experience and some useful skills. But I doubt that they will be offered a really good job and that they will be able to succeed without higher education. In general, owing to education highly industrialized cities are built, new information technologies are developed, important discoveries are made. Without education society would become primitive as it used to be long time ago.

To my mind, everybody must realize the importance of education as it is the guarantee of the development and well-being of our society. Home education is becoming more and more popular. However, some people say it has a number of disadvantages. Most parents send their sons and daughters to school, but some of them choose home education for their children for some reason or other. Instead of going to school children are educated by their parents or professional tutors. Thousands of families in the uk are now practising home-education. Personally, i think that home schooling is an excellent alternative to traditional education.

(Check the powerholders) First Party_ x _ Second Party_ x _ Third Party_ Q7: Who gains and who loses from the change? Indicate costs benefits First Proposal Second Proposal Third Proposal First Party gains- child will improve homework completion Lose- child will not complete homework gain- child will get some or all of homework done second Party lose- will have to use limited time to help child. Done Third Party gain- will improve academics and get teacher attention Lose- will not get. Done and not get positive attention gain- will get. Done and positive teacher attention to top. Education, education plays an important role in our life.

However, some people consider it only a necessary step in getting a job so they do not want to go to university after leaving school. "Knowledge is power" as the famous proverb says. It is transferred from generation to generation and comprises different facts, skills and information. Through learning people get knowledge and experience accumulated by their ancestors. Of course, higher education is not compulsory, but I strongly feel that going to university is very important to everybody. In my opinion, higher education gives great opportunities and opens all doors. Only an educated person can get a good job and be promoted. Nowadays employers demand perfect knowledge. Education helps cultivate skills and provides mental, moral and aesthetic development.

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; Q5: What changes do they propose? (can it fail?) First Party Proposal :Teacher The teacher will meet with the student and parent to discuss the importance of homework. The child will receive a reward on Fridays for completion or attempt at completion of homework every night. Second Party Proposal :Parent no proposal - likes things the way they are or can remote only handle things the way they are. Third Party Proposal:Student Will set up a time when a sibling will help with homework every night. Will get special time with teacher every day to check or correct homework. Q6: Can and will anything be done?

students need homework

I do not know how to essay help him if he cannot write. I work 2 jobs and have other kids and I don't have time to help him with his homework. My child's physical care (feeding and dressing) takes long enough. Homework is not a priority in my house, day to day survival. I do not understand the homework myself and I feel bad when I cannot help my child. 3rd party- student Who does Not Complete homework. I do not do my homework because i do not understand it and no one helps me with. Even when someone does help me, i do not do my homework because i like to do it in school. I like when the teacher helps me with my homework because i get a lot of attention.

required curriculum if parents do not support the children by helping them with their homework. If students do not do their homework, they are less likely to do well in school and on standardized tests. If test scores are low, the school will not receive reward money to use for the school and the principal will be upset. The teacher may lose her job. 2nd party- parents, my child cannot write and it takes too long for him to complete his homework.

The teacher. 21(Genie hill) (is concerned). The parents of students not database completing homework (ought to be concerned). The students not completing their homework (ought to be concerned q3: How do they perceive it? (should be viewed in terms of consensus of agreement on criteria- "the what" and/or consensus of authority- "the how. The teacher wants the students to complete their homework so they can practice, reinforce, and enrich what has been learned in the classroom. Sometimes the students need parental help with their homework because of their physical and/or mental needs. Second party perception: Parents, the parents do may not want to put pressure on their children to complete their homework or they may be unsure of strategies that they could use to help children who cannot write complete their homework. Third party perception: Students, the students may not see the importance of completing their homework every night or else they want to do their homework and no one will help them with.

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Problem Analysis: Homework completion, problem Analysis Paper: Undone homework, genevieve hill, 1999 e-mail. Return edited 4/17/14, initial Statement of the Problem: There is a homework essay completion problem. 21 at Widener School. Q1: What is the situation? 30 of 4th grade students. 21 at Widener School do not complete their weekly homework assignment. Q2: Whom does it concern?

Students need homework
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  3. We provide quality math homework help online to students. Constituency analysis of an educational problem: homework is not being completed. The students may not see the importance of completing their homework every night or else they want to do their homework. Let s start by examining how purposeful tonight s homework assignments are and whether there are better alternatives. If students have homework in math, science, and reading and they spend.

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  5. Teachers need to take special care when assigning homework. Monitor students homework more closely. Allow alternative response formats (e.g., allow the student to audiotape an assignment rather than handwriting it). But others say that though boring, homework is going to benefit pupils later in life. However, too much homework is not good as children also need some time to relax, exercise and play. Homework assistance tensta bibliotek.

  6. Homework help is just that - ways to help you do your home assignments. Need homework help to find inventions from a certain time period only, like the 1980s. Get Research Help for. Homework, solutions, find information about research paper and term paper.of a book which you have borrowed from the library, many students opt to seek homework. When the time comes for doing your homework, be sure to use our tips that will help you improve your writing skills and make it a very exciting process.

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