Summary of ms word

summary of ms word

Microsoft Word - wikipedia

" " Nobody knows who the copyright owner is, so it really doesnt matter. " " The file is obviously common property. It can be found all over the internet and nobody has complained. " Shortcuts com:eduse com:selfie must be realistically useful for an educational purpose The expression "educational" is to be understood according to its broad meaning of " providing knowledge; instructional or informative ". In the sections below, any use that is not made in good faith does not count. For example, images that are being used on a talk page just to make a point can be discounted.

Microsoft Word - simple English wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Typically that requires at least that the source of the file be books specified, 1 along with the original source where the file is a derivative work. Also, the creator or copyright owner should be identified, if known or reasonably ascertainable. If there is any question, evidence may need to be supplied that the copyright owner has indeed released the file under the given licence. Where the file is a photograph which shows an identifiable person, the subject's consent may be required as described at Commons:Photographs of identifiable people. In all cases, the burden of proof lies on the uploader or other person arguing for the file to be retained to demonstrate that as far as can reasonably be determined: the file is in the public domain or is properly licensed, and that any. Notes note that in the case of files found on the web, this should not be the url of the file, but the url of the page containing the file, so that Commons editors can find background information when required. Precautionary principle commons' users aim to build and maintain in good faith a repository of media files which to the best of our knowledge are free or freely-licensed. The precautionary principle is that where there is significant doubt about the freedom of a particular file, it should be deleted. Also, arguments that amount to "we can get away with it such as the following, are against Commons' aims: " The copyright owner will not bother to sue or cannot afford. " " The copyright owner will never find out. " " The copyright owner will not mind/should be pleased that we have disseminated his/her work.

Use allowed on wikipedia only. Licences with these restrictions are allowed as long as the work is dual-licensed or multi-licensed with at least one licensing option that does not include such a restriction. "Licences" which purport to allow fair use only are not allowed. Fair use is not a right that can be licensed by a copyright owner, and is in any event never accepted on Commons. Allowable licence terms The following terms are allowed: A requirement that the copyright owner(s) fuller be named attribution. A requirement that any derivative works must be licensed under the same terms as the original share-alike copyleft. Licensing policy is defined in detail at Commons:Licensing. Evidence In all cases the uploader must provide appropriate evidence to demonstrate either that the file is in the public domain or that the copyright owner has released it under a suitable licence.

summary of ms word

Microsoft Word reviews: overview, Pricing and features

Any file hosted here must normally be freely licensed or public domain according to both the law of the United States and according to the law of the source country, if different: see commons:Licensing. Required licensing terms to be considered freely licensed, the copyright owner has to release the file under an irrevocable licence which: Permits free reuse for estate any purpose, including commercial. Permits the creation of derivative works. Non-allowable licence terms The following licensing terms are not allowed: Non-commercial or educational use only. Restrictions on the creation of derivative works, except for copyleft. A requirement for payment or for notification of use; these can be requested but not required. Restrictions on where the work may be used,.

Must be an allowable free file format Only free file formats are allowed. Proprietary formats such as Microsoft Word and Excel documents, aac, wma, mpeg, avi, flash and the like are not permitted. More generally, any file that requires an unfree program or patent-encumbered codec in order to access its content is prohibited. A list of currently allowed file formats can be found at Commons:Project scope/Allowable file types. Must be freely licensed or public domain wikimedia commons accepts only free content, in other words files that are either freely licensed or which are in the public domain. A file is considered public domain if either all copyright has expired or if the copyright owner(s) has voluntarily placed the content of the file into the public domain by irrevocably renouncing all copyright. A file which is ineligible for copyright protection is also considered public domain.

Summary of Microsoft Word 2007 - essentials - comet training

summary of ms word

How to summarize articles Using Microsoft Word - groovypost

Must be freely licensed or public domain. Must be realistically useful for an educational purpose. Must not contain only excluded educational content. These are explained in more detail below. Must be a media file wikimedia commons hosts only media files such as photographs, write scanned images, diagrams, animations, audio (e.g. Music, spoken dialogue) and video clips, along with any associated metadata. Explanatory and other text is permitted on the file page only to the extent to which it advances Commons' aim and is not excluded educational content.

Advertising/promotional material does not advance commons' aims. The following are not considered media files, and may not be hosted here: Computer programs in any format including binary executable files and raw source code listings. Where relevant, source-code may form part of the file description or metadata,. A graphics file may include as descriptive text the code used to create. Files which are representative merely of raw text,. Ascii files, raw source code listings as mentioned above, etc.

News (this may be hosted. Wikinews general weather reports, and the like. Files that contain nothing educational other than raw text. Purely textual material such as plain-text versions of recipes, lists of instructions, poetry, fiction,"tions, dictionary definitions, lesson plans or classroom material, and the like are better hosted elsewhere, for example. Wikibooks, wik", wiktionary, wikiversity or, wikisource.

However, commons can be used to host such material if included in a shareable media file that is of use to one of the other wikimedia foundation-hosted (WMF) projects, so scanned copies of existing texts that are useful to other wmf projects (e.g. To serve as the basis of a reliable, verifiable source) are in scope. Also allowed are files which embody something of value over and above raw text. For example, files consisting of scans of out-of-copyright books, newspapers and the like which preserve original font, layout, embedded images and the like are within scope. Scope part 1: Files, uploaded files are within scope only if they comply with all of the following conditions. Every file: Must be a media file. Must be of an allowable free file format.

What is Microsoft Word?

If you just need a brief overview, see. Aim of wikimedia reviews commons, the aim of wikimedia commons is revelation to provide a media file repository: that makes available public domain and freely-licensed educational media content to all, and that acts as a common repository for the various projects of the wikimedia foundation. The expression "educational" is to be understood according to its broad meaning of " providing knowledge; instructional or informative ". Scope of Commons, to be eligible for hosting on wikimedia commons, all files and other content must fall within the commons scope. Anything uploaded here which falls outside this scope will be deleted. Oos (Out Of Scope). Excluded educational content, certain content is excluded from Commons, not because it is intrinsically non-educational, but because there are other wikimedia foundation projects that are more appropriate to host such content. This applies both to media files and to text. Excluded educational content includes: Encyclopedia articles; these may be hosted.

summary of ms word

Macbeth is overcome with grief but prepares for battle nevertheless. He is horrified to discover that the hypothesis army approaching him is carrying branches of trees from Birnam wood and that the witchs warnings are coming true. He fights strongly until he is face to face with the vengeful Macduff who proclaims that he was not born of woman but taken from his mothers womb early (by c-section). Macduff then proceeds to murder and behead Macbeth, and Duncans son Malcolm is named King of Scotland. Shortcut : com:PS COM:scope COM:OOS oos, contents, wikimedia commons is a media file repository making available public domain and freely-licensed educational media content (images, sound and video clips) to all. It acts as a common repository for all. Wikimedia projects, but the content can be used by anyone, anywhere, for any purpose. This page is necessarily quite long.

killed, but Banquos son escapes. After Banquos murder, the toll of their actions sink in deeper for Macbeth and Lady macbeth.  Macbeth continues to see ghostly images, and Lady macbeth continues to regret her decisions. Paranoia sends Macbeth back to the witches for reassurance that his kingship is secure. The witches tell him three things: he should beware macduff, he will be unharmed by any man born of woman, and he should only worry when Birnam wood comes to dunsinane castle. Macbeth is slightly relieved but does order that Macduffs castle be seized and his family be murdered. Macduff hears of his familys demise and begins a crusade against Macbeth. While an army sweeps in from England to battle macbeth, lady macbeth succumbs to her own guilt and commits suicide.

Both generals are initially skeptical of these claims, until a few moments later when Macbeth is appointed Thane of Cawdor after the current Thane betrayed Scotland. Macbeth begins to believe in the predictions made by the three witches, and he writes to his wife, lady macbeth. Upon Macbeths return, his wife is waiting to greet her husband and discuss their possible fate. Together they decide that the one sure way to attain kingship is to kill Duncan, the current King of Scotland. At first Macbeth is unsure about the plan, but Lady macbeth manages to convince him otherwise. One night, macbeth stabs Duncan in his sleep and blames the guards outside his chambers. Macduff, a nobleman, discovers the body. Immediately, for the effects of the murder begin to bother both Macbeth and Lady macbeth. Macbeth sees ghostly images, and Lady macbeth has sleepless nights filled with night terrors.

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Book summary of Macbeth, by william Shakespeare. Main Characters: Macbeth: Scottish general, lady macbeth: Macbeths wife, three witches: Prophets who speak to macbeth on multiple occasion. Banquo: Friend of Macbeth, then enemy of Macbeth. King Duncan: King of Scotland, malcolm: Duncans son, macduff: Enemy of Macbeth. Scotland is at war in the opening scene, and two of Scotlands generals, macbeth and Banquo, are returning from a successful battle. They are intercepted by three hags who tell the generals father's about a prophesy. . The witches claim that Macbeth will become Thane of Cawdor and then King of Scotland. They also claim that though Banquo will never become a king himself, he will father a long line of kings.

Summary of ms word
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  5. Cooperation with free cv template is collection ms text tempting examples. Book, summary of, macbeth, by william Shakespeare. Lady macbeth: Macbeths wife. Three witches: Prophets who speak to macbeth on multiple occasion. Set the summary information of, ms, office.

  6. Aim of wikimedia commons. It contains a brief description of the project including a relevant description of the problem, data collection procedures and a summary of results. Excellent using of, ms, office application. Attention to detail, responsive, proactive, highly self motivated person. Subject: Re: Summary of vacancies. Vitae in this will find a summary of education: category: date of several.

  7. You are not logged. Installing a security certificate. Complaints mS, word ). Pcts may ask pharmacies to produce evidence during monitoring visits, that they are. If you just need a brief overview, see commons:Project scope summary.

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