Summer assignments for students

summer assignments for students

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summer assignments for students

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"you don't realize what merchants really put into their work choi said. "This class has inspired me to go to the farmers' market more often and eat organically.". Shutt applauded food education efforts such as those by Observatory hill Dining Hall, hereford College, the. Community garden and the local food Hub. Having previously taught a class on food and gender, Shutt believes there is a future for "Anthropology of food" and hopes to turn the summer course fuller into a semester course, perhaps next year. There's just one problem with the class, students agree. It makes them hungry.

In addition to international cultural understanding, the course helps to educate students on the American food industry and the importance of community food systems. During a recent field trip, the students went to main Street Market in Charlottesville to talk to Eric Gertner, co-owner of feast, who talked about clientele and target audience for his local specialty food store. By talking to gertner and interviewing farmers at the Charlottesville city market and Forest lakes farmers' market, students learned more about the dynamics and benefits of growing and eating local food in the face of stark realities concerning the American food system. Films like "Food, Inc." and "King Corn" explored food companies' production and marketing practices that may mask environmental and health dangers. Said soon-to-graduate college student Myron Ballard, "People don't perceive food as nutritious things for themselves, just a money sign, especially college students. Students should know about what they're eating.". At least half the students had never been to a farmers' market in Charlottesville before they were prompted to do so for a class assignment. Now they spend their time discussing how buying locally puts money directly back into vendors' pockets and the community, while those vendors may see only see a little return when they sell to grocery store chains. They also contemplate the socioeconomic problems complicating the decision to eat local and organic, since people with more money and mobility have greater freedom to make those choices.

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summer assignments for students

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"The food Network gives society what they want Shutt said. While examining larger trends, the class also gives each student opportunities to connect with food on an individual level. On the first day, students were asked to bring in a recipe that meant something personally to them. They were surprised when three students produced a recipe for kimbap, a korean snack resembling sushi. Although they chose the same dish, the students came from very different backgrounds and the dish held a unique significance for each of them. Jamie choi, a second-year student in the college, said her mom makes sure every woman in the family knows how to make the dish, and as a family they make and eat it together every day. Classmate jen Vedhuyzen, writing who will graduate from the college this summer, said she makes the dish with her fiancé, but while for him it signifies a future in going to korea, for her it signifies the past.

"It's special to me because it's the best thing we know how to make together she said. Before the class finishes, the students who chose kimbap will give a cooking demonstration together. Everyone will also take home a collection of the students' recipes, including descriptions of what the dishes mean to each contributor. The students say they enjoy and learn from the in-depth brown discussions because everyone in the class brings their own perspective to the table. "It's so fun because we have people from all over the world with interesting personal knowledge said Hadley warner, a fourth-year College student.

The idea of health, for example, varies from place to place. Shutt's class studied how not all cultures share Americans' perceptions of fat and lean. "In other societies, like mauritania, it is not only desirable, but necessary to be fat Shutt said. "It is considered healthy to be near obese because it implies fertility and wealth." by contrast, in the United States, "to be obese is to be absolutely unhealthy. We ground our ideology in a particular idea of science.".

By studying how food is prepared and consumed, students also get a chance to look at the constructions of male and female from a fresh perspective. "Gender roles are reproduced through the preparation of food said Shutt, who lectures in the anthropology department. One of the most visible examples of the transmission of ideology is tv cooking shows, which display certain patterns in their portrayal of male and female chefs. "Most women, whether or not they are trained as chefs, you see cooking at home, not in an industrial kitchen. Men are much more spoken of as chefs Shutt said. She noted that women tend to talk much more than men about cooking for their family and creating a home. The prevalence of this characterization reflects an ideology that the home is created around food and that women should manage the domestic sphere.

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July 6, 2011 — university of Virginia students in Lisa Shutt's "Anthropology of food" class are looking in a whole new way at what goes into their stomachs and book how it got there. Over the course of four weeks this summer, the students are exploring the ties between food, kinship, gender and ritual, among other cultural practices that both define and unite societies across the world. As an anthropologist and lecturer in the. College of Arts sciences, shutt explained, "Food is part of all our identities.". Shutt, who grew up as an Italian-American and spent time researching cheese-making practices in France, created the summer session class to offer a fun medium through which to examine many different areas of anthropology. The class aims to pinpoint and break down cultural concepts, such as the family unit, in relation to food that take on very different meanings in other parts of the world. "Because food is so fundamental, we think our way of understanding is universal she said. In fact, "Food is not plan treated universally the way we understand it here. Eating food around the same hearth in some places makes you kin.".

summer assignments for students

I heard him use slang from the towns era, say military terms that Id only seen on paper before. All in all, the oral history project I completed was an excellent teaching experience since it made the war all the more real. Eric James Schroeder is a lecturer in the English department. Los Angeles Times, the 20 or so students are scribbling intently, heads bent over paper in the cal State fullerton classroom, when time is up: "take a deep breath; you survived your first college writing assignment English instructor Rachel david tells them. The students share some nervous smiles and a few sighs, but they're not done. They get a homework assignment and will have to find time that afternoon between lunch, study periods and workshops to obtain the textbook and other materials for English 101. They are a new batch of incoming freshmen who are largely on their own after the closely guided regimens of high school. And they're getting a head start as participants in the campus Summer Bridge program, a six-week session that helps entering freshmen who may need a bit more academic support as they prepare for college life. Continue reading the full article in the.

a residential honors program at uc davis—this war was little more than a small footnote in their high school history class, so this wasnt much preparation. But it was a starting point. In this case, the students had few personal connections to the vietnam War, so i had to supply many of the vietnam veteran contacts. But regardless of whether the veteran was a family member or a new friend, all the students came back with stories and insight into what it was like for young men to go off to war. They learned a lot about the war and about the vietnam veterans themselves, including that they are schoolteachers, nurses, politicians, artists—regular sorts of people whom they encounter in their daily lives. Importantly, the assignment brought the vietnam War out of the textbook and into their lives. Said student Holly Vranicar, i interviewed my uncle and received a first-hand account that made the subject matter all the more relevant and touching. In fact, a lot of what I discussed with my uncle were things that Id already heard about in class, but they had never truly sunk.

I asked students to do a 30-minute interview with a participant of a movement or an event—i use the"tions to show how loosely i construed these terms. The students chose to interview an amazing range of subjects—civil rights demonstrators, anti-war activists, vietnam veterans, Black panthers, womens liberationists. But the exciting common denominator proved to be that a majority of the students chose to interview relatives—the subjects were the students mothers and fathers, aunts and uncles, and in a few instances, grandparents. So the oral histories not only provided these students with a personal window on the 1960s but also put many of them in touch with a piece of their summary own family history. At the end of the quarter the students felt that this assignment had been the most valuable component of the class, citing the way it had given the history of the period an intimacy and immediacy that they hadnt gotten from other course materials, not. This year the veterans History Project sponsored by the library of Congress provided another opportunity for a learning experience that reached beyond the confines of the classroom. Recognizing that as our veterans die their stories often die with them, the library of Congress is seeking to archive interviews with veterans of conflicts ranging from World War I to the gulf War. And to help accomplish this immense task, the library of Congress is encouraging citizens to conduct the interviews. A perfect real-world task for the students in my course on the vietnam War.

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Theres no better way to learn about history than to hear from those who lived it, as the students in a course on the vietnam War learned this spring. Below is instructor Eric James Schroeder 's description of the class and its goals, followed by links to excerpts from his students' journals and to excerpts from veterans' oral histories. By eric James Schroeder, oral history can be a powerful teaching tool. I revelation first learned this about 10 years ago in connection with a course i taught on the 1960s for the American Studies Program. The course focused on movements of that era, and it included the civil rights movement, the anti-war movement, the womens movement and gay liberation. I showed videos and assigned a variety of readings. But a couple of weeks into the course, i decided that I was neglecting perhaps the most valuable resource available—people.

Summer assignments for students
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  4. Tuesday s assignment was a weather tower from two sheets of newspaper. The students were accompanied by all summer, gear up staff. Most projects require you to make a copyright assignment or disclaimer to the Free software foundation, in which case your mentor will send you the necessary forms.

  5. Assignment (e.g., getting Started).Database. The exception: Only if the assignment is a submitted draft and students. The assignment will be based on the preferences listed on the application with the earliest submission date to the university. TrojanHousing, located in psx, offers facilities to accommodate the needs of anyone interested in living near usc for the summer who is a member of one of the following eligible groups: (1) students, faculty or staff of usc; or (2) any individual enrolled or participating. The syllabus for this class, plus a course outline that ive written for you, will be posted among the.

  6. The 20 or so students are scribbling intently, heads bent over paper in the cal State fullerton classroom, when time is up: take a deep breath; you survived your first college writing assignment. Over the course of four weeks this summer, the students are exploring the ties between food, kinship, gender and ritual, among other cultural practices that both define and unite societies across the world. No assignment is final until approved by the housing Office. Students may apply to the waiting list anytime between those dates. At the end of the quarter the students felt that this assignment had been the most valuable component of the class, citing the way it had given the history of the period an intimacy and immediacy that they hadnt gotten from other course materials, not. Go to the content Area where you would like to add your.

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