Employee retention ppt presentation

employee retention ppt presentation

PowerPoint, ppt presentation

What if I do not know an answer? Presentations could be made interesting and effective if one were to follow some basic steps., below are the q-a sessions in Rediff chat answered. Amit Bansal, the founder and ceo of Purpleleap., sweety asked, hi amit, Is it a good practice to provide handouts? If yes, what should i mainly concentrate while drafting the handouts? Amit Bansal answers, handouts are good only if a specific information is critical for an audience to take back and refer to at a later time. During educational presentations, handouts are given to do certain assignments or activities. While formatting the handouts ensure you have included all reference material in the handouts and activities for the audience to complete. D_abhi asked, hey amitWhat is a most optimal number of slides duration of a presentation one should prepare?

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Making effective business presentations takes practice, but with a few tips up your sleeve, you can be ready to take on the the challenge. Giving an effective presentation means working with both the audience and the topic. Its important to know how to relate to who you are communicating within order to get through to them. A business presentation usually calls for professional language, while a laid back style is more appropriate in some situations. Think about the audiences point of view and what they have in common when planning a speech. Appealing to emotions is a great way to convince and inspire action in others. Make the topic more personal by telling a touching story about another person or situation. A few import areas that one needs to address in interview preparations include tone, body posture, enthusiasm, subject knowledge, background research on the company, knowledge of the role, etiquettes and ones ability to showcase oneself as the right fit. How should I do background research on the company, should I be humble in the interview or should I boast about my qualities? What are the strict no-nos when it comes to face to face interview? What kind of clothes should I wear?

Stacey carroll, ccp, sphr, discusses how to attract and retain employee talent in a dynamic market. In this presentation from The payscale talent Wars, Stacey carroll presents the role of your compensation strategy in retaining top talent. Learn the 5 Easy Steps to a smart Compensation plan:. Business is all about selling — a product, topic or concept. When making a business presentation, the most entry important thing is to know your material. If you do not know everything about what you are selling, it is not likely that the audience will be buying. It is important to keep your audience focussed and interested. The central purpose of any presentation, written, oral or visual, is communication. To communicate effectively, you must state your facts in a simple, concise and interesting manner.

employee retention ppt presentation

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Dark bright color option. Ppt pptx format included. Ppt creativemarket Entrepreneur PowerPoint Presentation Powerpoint ppt powerpoint pptx 1920x1080.4 Mb "Entrepreneur PowerPoint Presentation Template" is a multipurpose powerpoint template perfect for your business or personal use. We focused on the real use. Ppt creativemarket Komodo powerpoint Template powerpoint ppt powerpoint pptx 100.4 Mb Komodo a clean, dark, scalable and multipurpose powerPoint Template to present your business to potentials clients in a elegant way. Ppt creativemarket Unine powerpoint Template Photoshop psd 1920x1080.1 Mb Unine a clean, dark scalable and multipurpose powerPoint Template to present your business to potentials clients in a elegant way. Ppt creativemarket Minimal Powerpoint Presentation Photoshop psd 1920x1080.9 Mb Minimal Business Powerpoint Presentation Template. Wide hd screen Ratio. Business clean Modern Style.

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employee retention ppt presentation

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Ppt, pptx 1920 x 1080 px 289. Ppt, creativemarket Powerpoint One direction Powerpoint pptx 1920x1080 px 12 Mb Fully editable graphics and charts. 40 vector business icons. Ppt creativemarket Trend - powerpoint Bundle powerpoint ppt pptx 1920x1080 px 395.6 Mb Trend Business Powerpoint Bundle it's a package with 3 of the most important, clean, modern. Very easy to Edit Powerpoint Template in the market. Ppt creativemarket Starlight Powerpoint Template powerpoint ppt pptx print Dimensions:.3x7.5 inch.1 Mb 40 unique slides.

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When differences in mens and womens working conditions and occupational position are controlled in the analysis, we found that women were more susceptible to work-related ill-health than men. Men and women perceive information differently, which could lead to feelings of exclusion or allegations of harassment or sex discrimination. Managers can combat this problem through training and development initiatives that focus on increased awareness of gender-related issues. Managers can also encourage change in employee behavior to strengthen the working relationship between men and women, and lead by example. Ppt, creativemarket Multipurpose powerpoint Template V01, photoshop psd 1920x1080 px 250.5. This is business project presentation template with tons of creative features.

It has over 50 slides of colorful content including general information, infographics, data analysis and charts, mockups, portfolio, social networks, maps ect. Ppt, multipurpose powerpoint Template. Ppt and pptx format 1920 x 1080 px 50 Unique slides 4:3 and 16:9 Screenshow (standar and widescreen) fully animated light and dark version vector element and icon Unlimited colour option 30 Color Schemes 305. Ppt, creativemarket Ultimate Flat Style bundle. PowerPoint pptx 1366x768 px 190.7. The pack contain 3 wonderful PowerPoint Presentation Templates with over 170 unique slides in different color styles. Ppt, cm - startup Powerpoint Template 131330.

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Other laws such as the Equal pay act ensures men and women receive the equal pay for performing the same job in the same company. According to the national Committee on pay equity, there continues to be a gender gap in rate of pay. According to the ncpe website, as of 2008, women's annual earnings were just 77 percent of men's, which means women are being paid 77 percent of the total salary made by men for the same work. There are steps you can diary take, however, to ensure greater equality. From conducting sensitivity training to instituting policies about sexual harassment and derogatory jokes and maintaining an open door policy for employees to approach you with issues of gender equality can all contribute to bridging the gap on this issue. Due to different roles and duties in their personal lives, their demands regarding working conditions also differ. Usually men are more comfortable in long working hours, unexpected meetings, overwhelming work-pressure, and flexible timing issues as compared to women. There are major gender differences in working time patterns, especially in the volume of hours worked: women are more likely to be in part-time work.

employee retention ppt presentation

Men smart can only focus on one thing at a time, while women can even notice that someone is interested in their dressing style when they are attentively listening to someone else. According to the book,"Managing in the Age of Change: Essential skills to manage today's Workforce," by sophie hahn and Anne litwin, an employee's gender can illustrate differences in perception related to organizational structure, problem-solving style and view of work-related conflict. Also, differences in individual working style is notable. According to the book, women perceive that individual work styles should be collaborative, where everyone works as part of a whole. Men, on the other hand, perceive that work should be completed independently without the assistance of others. Women also tend to be more supportive managers, where as men are more direct. Several employment and labor laws govern sex discrimination and prohibit workplace practices that treat a particular sex unfavorably because of gender. For example, the civil Rights Act prohibits employment discrimination, such as hiring, firing or refusing to promote an employee because of sex or gender. Employers must also provide special accommodations for gender-related issues, such as pregnancy and nursing.

men, but still exceptions are there. Men become more successful in business as compared to women just because of these communication skills. Men are, usually very confident communicators, and their words show this confidence. Also women tend to be more possessive as compared to men, as they are reluctant to stand in meetings and to offer someone to sit when they are sitting. Men use good humorous and sports examples to make their point clear, while women lack this ability, and fail to grab the interest of the audience most of the times. In contrast, most of the times, women tend to use words that show lack of confidence even when they are confident. Everything is not negative about womens communication. Researches has shown that women are very good listeners as compared to men.

Men and women are sometimes paid for the same work at disproportionate rates of pay and often have different value to the employer for which they work. Understanding gender differences within a workforce can aid you in resolving them and producing an summary innovative and unbiased group of employees. It may seem like improper business practice and certainly does nothing to help in retention and recruiting of employees, but gender differences in the workplace is more commonplace than you might think. They are essentially the characteristics that influence male and female behavior in the workplace. These influences may stem from psychological factors, such as upbringing, or physical factors, such as an employee's capability to perform job duties. Differences may also stem from gender stereotypes related to men and women. For instance, a stereotypical assessment is that women belong in the home while men work and provide support.

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In eastern countries, usually men are responsible for earning livelihood, and women are just to take care of shredder domestic matters. No doubt, exceptions are there, but still tendency is as discussed above. In western countries, this trend is diminishing by time, as women are also financially contributing a lot in running the vehicle of a home, by offering their professional services to society, that is still absent in majority of eastern countries. These different societal roles also affect their roles in business. Women, throughout the world, face a lot of difficulties in managing business responsibilities along with their personal ones, so these difficulties change their roles and expectations in business world as compared to those of men. Some organizations welcome gender diversity and encourage the inclusion of both sexes when making company decisions and offering promotional opportunities. Other organizations discourage gender inclusion and promote bias in the workplace. With most companies, gender differences add value and varying perspectives to an organization.

Employee retention ppt presentation
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Halfway through entering the question, google returned a list of the most popular searches in the world. Stop writing resumes and cv's the hard way. d send out some enticing pieces from my planned readings for the course, the words to say it: Writing About Illness, Trauma and healing.

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  1. In this presentation from The payscale talent Wars, Stacey carroll. Talent Management, talent Identification, succession Planning and. Purpose of, presentation, program overview n Responsibilities of Cardholder n Policies of Purchasing Card Program. Of employee s immediate family member. This ppt presentation also use for other topics tallest buildings in the world, tallest. Download About New Employee orientation PowerPoint Presentation.sales to everyday employee communication.

  2. In employee behavior to strengthen the. Animation should not hinder the retention of your presentation subject it should. Posted in Purpleleap, rediff Chat, ppt, presentation, rediff Chat. This presentation is about, employee, retention and. The, employee, commitment Pyramid. Stum (2013) developed the so-called Performance.

  3. Htm 150 week 4 assignment. Employee, turnoverto download this course, visit this link or click on the link given. Presentation of goods and services. And policies: talent management, employee development ( retention and succession planning employee /labor relations. It may seem like improper business practice and certainly does nothing to help in retention and recruiting.

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