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I know where the worlds finest popcorn is grown. It comes from a place called Murray, kentucky. Every fall in that small farming community, the Ellis family harvests a strain of popcorn that has been their familys legacy for more than half a century. For generations this family has brought us the perfect popcorn by supervising every aspect of its production, from planting to delivery. Their product bears, and richly deserves, the name, blue ribbon Popcorn. This is not an advertisement — i do not work for Ellis, and ive not been compensated by them — but i am an enthusiastic, loyal customer and would love for this fine family to have your business if you are so inclined. Their web site allows ordering, albeit in somewhat large quantities.

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Bulk popcorn is best a blend of species and harvests, and will never be very good or very bad. Bulk popcorn is to premium popcorn what blended Scotch Whisky is to a good single-malt. Theres no sure way to evaluate the quality of popcorn by examining the kernels. Therefore, more so than in the buying of any other food product, you must judge popcorn by the growers reputation. Orville redenbachers corn is of a very high essay quality, and properly prepared, it has a nice, fluffy texture with a high percentage of butterfly kernels. It comes in a sealed bottle and is thus easily stored. Its also pretty expensive when compared with bulk popcorn, and its the only widely available high-end popcorn. Pop weaver popcorn, almost as widely carried, is also very good, and slightly less expensive for similar quality and quantity. Im going to tell you a secret now. Its one of the key factors that makes the popcorn at my house the very best, and Im going to give it away so that you too can share this knowledge with others.

Yes, he really did exist, that really was him in the television advertisements, and yes, he and his partner developed the strain known today as Orville redenbachers gourmet Popping Corn. Redenbacher had been working on developing the ideal popping corn since high school. (A bit of popcorn trivia: Orville redenbacher almost always wore a bow tie when he appeared in public or in his advertisements. The bow tie was almost always some shade of red. This is in homage to the original name of the strain of popcorn he and his partner developed. Before a marketing company decided it should carry the redenbacher name, it was called RedBow Popcorn: Red for Orville redenbacher, and Bow for Charlie bowman, the man youve never heard.). The stuff you will find at your local grocer, packaged in clear plastic bags, is called bulk popcorn. Its guaranteed to be fairly low-grade stuff. Itll pop, all right, but the popped volume will be low, the kernels are likely to be mushroom-shaped and chewy, and youll find a lot of old maids (unpopped kernels) in your bowl.


my writing life

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Like any so-called junk food, it needs to be taken in moderation. I dont eat popcorn as often as Id like to, and for me, that makes every bowl of fresh popcorn an occasion worth some serious time and attention to detail. What goes Into perfect Popcorn. High quality ingredients and the proper equipment are the key to perfect popcorn. Youll need some skill and experience, too, but nobody can make good popcorn from bad ingredients. Popcorn, there are literally dozens of species of popcorn. The only thing that they all have in common is that they are cultvated expressly for popping. Many popcorn growers have developed their own unique hybrid popcorn strains which they guard as closely as nuclear secrets. Most famous among these growers was a fellow from Indiana named Orville redenbacher.

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my writing life

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Theres no way to preserve that just-popped magic in a bag thats sat on the shelf for a week or more. Popcorn is pythagorean not healthy. If you can eat a bowl of popcorn without feeling at least mildly guilty, youre doing it wrong. Popcorn is poets pure carbohydrate, has a very high glycemic index, is loaded with the worst kind of fat you can possibly eat, and is also uproariously high in sodium due to the salt we use to flavor. For the health-conscious, this simply means that a harm reduction strategy needs to be employed: dont eat popcorn every day. A bowl of the good stuff once every week or two is infinitely preferable to a bowl of microwave-irradiated sponges daily, for. If you pop yourself right into your first heart attack, consider this my disclaimer: i accept no responsibility for any ill effects you may experience through the use of my popcorn knowledge.

Eat at your own risk. What Popcorn Is, popcorn is one of several species of very specialized corn, roasted in oil at a high temperature until it pops. Popcorn is a natural product. Its removed from the plant, cleaned, carefully dried, and packaged for sale without the use of any additives or preservatives. Popcorn is a treat. Its not a staple of our daily diet, and its not meant to replace real food.

This will cause kernels to pop, but once theyve popped they continue to be bombarded with rf energy, steaming the pieces of puffed corn from within and destroying their texture. The resulting mess is chewy, tough, and unworthy. If thats palatable to you then by all means enjoy it, but lets not kid ourselves by calling it popcorn. Popcorn is not made with hot air, either, for the same reason that legislation is not made with popcorn kettles. Hot air popping robs popcorn of all of its moisture, leaving it brittle, slightly scorched, and incredibly dry. Since theres no oil used in the process, the popcorn is starving for moisture and is actually hygroscopic, soaking up moisture from the air and from your mouth as you eat.

It actually sticks to your tongue — its like eating one of those do not eat silica gel packets from an electronics package. If that turns you on, eat away, but again, lets not sully the good name of a good snack by calling this rubbish popcorn. Popcorn does not come in pre-popped bags. Theres a reason that those products use clever, different names, like smartfood. The manufacturer knows its not real popcorn. Theyre being honest — isnt that refreshing? Popcorn tastes best when eaten just minutes after its popped, before its had a chance to absorb moisture from the air and become chewy and stale, and while its still slightly warm.

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Nobody barbing made real popcorn anymore, and it was getting me down. I decided that if I wanted real corn, it was up to me to make it myself. It took a while, but after a year or two of research and practice i discovered I could make popcorn better than any old-fashioned movie pdf house could have served me, and do it for a reasonable price. Having become not just a popcorn expert but also a serious popcorn snob, it seems appropriate that I share what ive learned so that perfect popcorn knowledge, just like all the worlds best software, can be free. What Popcorn Is Not, first and foremost, you must shake yourself free of the notion that those puffed treats made in a microwave oven have any relationship at all to popcorn. Popcorn was invented long before radio, and true popcorn is not made with radio waves for the same reason that news, weather, and sports are not received on popcorn kettles. Microwave energy heats water.

my writing life

I happen to be a huge popcorn fan. That is to say, i am huge, and i am also a tremendous fan of good popcorn. Unfortunately, the treatment good stuff is becoming harder and harder to find. Have you looked into the back room of your local movie theater in the last few years? Youll find gigantic, six-foot plastic bags of pre-popped corn. They just re-heat it and serve it, and make the fairly good assumption that most people wont know the difference. Years ago, i became weary of searching out the few movie houses that still popped their own corn the old-fashioned way, and paying usuriously high prices for.

writes book owners. And finally, as a weekly writes book owner, you'll have free access to e-mail courses such as joyful writes: Celebrate your Life through Writing For excerpts, reviews and what you need to do to receive the 2 free e-books, Write memories and sign up for. (Clicking on the link will open a new window.). What you see is pretty much total frontal nudity. I have taken all six strings off of my gigging guitar, my collings om-1. Because the input jack at the base of the guitar has worked slightly loose. Most of us have grown up eating this ubiquitous snack. Movie theaters universally have popcorn stands, and by prohibiting outside food, they manage to convince millions of people every day to pay upwards.00 per pound of the crunchy, salty stuff that their profits are made.

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  6. I hate pour-over coffee because it takes forever and if I cared about nuanced flavor I wouldnt start my day with the most bitter drink imaginable. My gosh, that was fascinating! I have honestly never considered popcorn to be anything more than a cheap nasty snack sold at cinemas. I feel all enlightened now (and peckish!) and I really would love to have a bash at making Popcorn properly. The first appliques i ever made were on stockings Mrs. Claus made for College boy, princess and Angel Face.

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