Resume kerajaan

resume kerajaan

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Even our former Prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir got nasty with his words, eventhough he is that very same man who sold AirAsia to tony fernandes for RM1 eight years ago when the airline was making huge losses under drb-hicom. The outcry from the online community was so loud that someone even set up an online campaign to boycott AirAsia. Faced with such intense and public online controversy, airAsia did something remarkably unprecedented in Malaysia. While most corporations would've kept quiet and carried on with their business (after all they have already got the proposal approved airAsia decided to respond to their critics, sceptics and haters by launching a micro-site on klia east. Providing facts and figures, airAsia tactfully explained the need to build a new airport and showed how such a project would bring more benefits than harm to the rakyat. To anyone reading through the faqs, it is clear that AirAsia is pointing a large airbus-sized finger squarely towards Malaysia airports Berhad, the sole operator of the three airports in kuala lumpur.

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So airAsia approached Sime darby and a proposal was put forth to the government to build a new budget airport called klia east. The new airport will be completely funded by private funds, and it will be located 20km to the east of the present klia in the negri sembilan town of Labu. Not only will this new airport be able to accommodate airAsia's growing writing size, it will also be better analogy connected by road and rail to both kl city and main airport. The government had a look at the proposal and subsequently approved it, but almost immediately a huge uproar from the public resulted. Some were saying that the proposed Labu airport will be located too close to klia to be safe. Others were saying that it is located too far from klia for transferring of passengers to be convenient. Most people were saying that it is a waste of money for a fourth airport in kl to be built after Subang, klia and lcct - never mind the fact that AirAsia assured that not a single sen of tax payer's money will be used. Then there are those who resort to insults and personal attacks, slandering both AirAsia boss Tony fernandes and the government, accusing them for being corrupted and uncaring towards the ordinary malaysian. Among the fiercest critics of AirAsia's plans were several prominent social-political bloggers including. Jeff ooi, rocky and pkr mp, wee choo keong.

I will pursue this paper matter when Parliament reconvenes. A parliamentary roundtable will be held in Parliament next Wednesday, 11th October, 2006 on the subject of New Chinese/Tamil primary schools under Ninth Malaysia plan. . The parliamentary roundtable co-ordinator is Chong Eng mp for bukit Mertajam. All political parties, educational bodies and ngos concerned about education will be invited to the parliamentary roundtable. We should make clear to the barisan Nasional government that new Chinese and Tamil primary schools should be built according to need but it must be the educational and increased enrolment needs for these schools and not the political or electioneering needs of the barisan. ( ) * Lim Kit siang, parliamentary Opposition leader, mp for Ipoh Timur dap central Policy and Strategic Planning Commission Chairman. I wanna take a break from writing about silly things on the net to focus on something slightly more serious. Over the past few weeks, there have been some intense debate online and offline over AirAsia's intention to build their own airport. The gist of the story so far is, due to airAsia's rapid expansion, it is fast outgrowing the current lcct airport it is operating out.

resume kerajaan

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Pendekatan pihak akhbar memanipulasi dan mengsensasikan isu ini adalah dikhuatiri boleh mewujudkan kesangsian dan kehilangan keyakinan rakyat dan masyarakt terhadap Kerajaan dalam menyelesaikan masalah rakyat. Sehubungan itu, kementerian ini ingin mendapatkan kerjasama daripada akhbar tuan agar dengan serta-merta berhenti daripada membangkitkan isu berkenaan. Kerjasama dan sokongan tuan dalam perkara ini amatlah dihargai dan diucapkan ribuan terima kasih. The Chinese press had  no choice but to toe the line to  co-operate with the directive of Internal Security ministry to immediately stop publishing such reports, This is an unprecedented and  intolerable interference by the Internal Security ministry with press freedom, especially in the era. The government should be encouraging the press to expose all other cases of hijacking of public funds as in the case of the sjkc kudng fu, but also all other development projects in view of the mammoth development allocations of RM220 billion under the ninth. The Internal Security ministry letter was signed by Che din bin Yusoh on behalf of the ministry secretary-general Abdul aziz mohd Yusof. . Disciplinary action should be taken against Che din or Abdul aziz or both for straying into matters completely outside their purview and violating the Prime ministers public commitment for a free press and a clean and incorruptible government.

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resume kerajaan

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I call on the Education Minister to make public: The full list of school development projects planned for the ninth Malaysia plan; and The number and particulars of the new Chinese and Tamil primary schools to be built next year under the 2007 Budget,. When Abdullah became Prime minister, he had promised an open, accountable and transparent government. . If Hishammuddin is committed to Abdullahs pledge of open, accountable and transparent governance, he should have no problem in responding positively to my two calls. When this forum was organized, the focus was actually on the hishammuddin-Ong tee kiat kerfuffle over the expose of abuses of funds in school repairs as in the case of the sjkc kung yu where only rm3,000 worth of work had been done. In the first place, what business had the higher Education Minister, datuk mustapha to apologise for his deputy minister when Ong had consistently maintained that he had not done anything wrong. .

Mustapha should withdraw his apology to hishammuddin on behalf of Ong, as it was made without Ongs consent or subsequent endorsement. It is most shocking that the ministry of Internal Security had directed all Chinese media to stop publishing exposes of similar abuses of public funds and leakages in other Chinese primary schools, resulting in news report about similar abuses of public funds in the repairs. Online Chinese media, merdeka review, had published an exclusive of the warning letter by the Internal Security ministry to the Chinese media imposing a clampdown on reports about abuses of school repair funds. The letter, titled Penyiaran Berita mengenai isu timbalan Menteri tinggi, datuk ong tee keat, read:. Kementerian Keselamatan Dalam Negeri ingin menarik perhatian tuan berhubung penyiaran berita rencana serta ulasan akhbr-akhbar harian berbahasa cina arus perdana traditional tempatan mengenai isu timbalan Menteri pengajian Tinggi, datuk ong tee keat berhubung peruntukan sekolah jenis kebangsaan Cina (sjkc). Rdasarkan kepada pemerhatian Kementerian ini, isu ini telah disiarkan dan diperbesarbesarkan oleh pihak akhbar sehingga menimbulakan salah faham dan mengelirukan pembaca sedangkan perkara ini telah pun selisai berikutan Menteri pengajian Tinggi yb datuk mustapha mohamed telah memohon maaf kepada menteri pelajaran yb datuk seri hishammuddin.

Mahu banding dengan sekolah-sekolah nasional, berapa? Ada sekolah-sekolah nasional yang ada classroom yang kosong. Kenapa bukankah ini satu  diskriminasi? Kenapa dalam Rancangan Malaysia kesembilan tidak akan ada sekolah baru adakah kena tunggu sehingga  election baru menjadi gimmick untuk dapat pengundi-pengundi? Bukankah ini satu propanganda satu langkah satu sikap tipu helah yang tidak bertanggunjawab?

During this exchange, mca, mca youth, gerakan and mic mps were present but none of them uttered a single word! . They just remained bystanders! I dont think anyone believe the excuse given by hishammuddin that Noh Omar did not know that two  new Chinese primary schools would be built under the ninth Malaysia plan, as Noh Omar was not contradicted for a week whether by hishammuddin, hon Choon Kim. Now public disappointment and even disgust have  set in as it is now  known that the so-called two new Chinese primary schools referred to by  Hishammuddin are actually one relocated new school,  sjck kulai (2) in Johore, which  had been promised in the past seven. This is just not good enough. In the march/may meeting of Parliament, hishammuddin had said  that the Education Ministry had finalized the full list of education development projects under the ninth Malaysia plan. . he had said in a written answer: Dalam rmk-9, kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia (KPM) telah merancang  projek sekolah baru, tambahan dan gantian bilik darjah di kawasan yang padat penduduk.  Walau bagaimanapun, pelaksanaan projek-projek tersebut adalah tertakluk kepada kelulusan peruntukan mengikut keperluan dan keutamaan kpm.

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Daripada tadi yang Berhormat Timbalan Menteri kata bahawa dalam Rancangan Malaysia kemsembilan tidak akan ada apa-apa sekolah baru sekolah Cina atau sekolah Tamil essays bukankah ini satu dasar yang tidak adil yang discriminatory?.Bagaimana kerajaan boleh ambil satu pendirian ini apabila ada menteri-menteri mca, gerakan dan mic. Bagaimana mereka boleh bersetuju bukankah ini satu betrayal rakyat bukan sahaja kaum-kaum yang berkenaan tetapi juga betrayal kepentingan rakyat Malaysia tidak kira kaum apa-apa untuk keadilan dan kesaksamaan. dato haji noh bin Haji Omar : tuan Yang di pertua, saya kata pembangkang thesis ini tidak faham. . saya sudah beritahu tadi bahawa kita sudah beri keadilan. Yang Berhormat kalau beri perkara seperti seolah-olah kita memberi diskriminasi, adakah Yang Berhormat kalau betul-betul jujur dan iklhas ada 15 sjkc murid bawah 10 orang. Adakah Yang Berhormat sanggup kata tutup 10 ini? tuan Lim Kit siang: Ini perkara yang lain. Kenapa sekolah-sekolah ada classroom dengan 53, 60 orang?

resume kerajaan

Kula segaran :.Kenapa kerajaan tidak ingin membina satu sekolah baru bukan tempatd di bercham sahaja, di seluruh Malaysia di mana ada situasi di mana ramai di antara masyarakat ingin menghantar anak mereka sekolah Tamil dan sekolah Cina. Macam saya telah mengatakan di seluruh Malaysia lebih kurang setiap tahun sekarang ada 20 setiap tahun kenaikan murid-murid di sekolah Tamil macam mana kita boleh ada situasi untuk mengatasi masalah ini? dato evolution haji noh bin Haji Omar : Yang Berhormat sebab itu kita kata dasar kita ialah untuk memperkasakan sekolah kebangsaan. Kita mula memperkasakan sekolah kebangsaan kita tukar sebab kita perkenalkan mata pelajaran Tamil, mata pelajaran Cina di sekolah-sekolah kebangsaan ini. Kula segaran : Sudah anak tirikan sekolah Tamil dan sekolah Cina. Itulah dasar kerajaan memperkasakan sekolah kebangsaan, anak tirikan sekolah Tamil dan sekolah Cina itu dasar kerajaan. dato haji noh bin Haji Omar : Yang Berhormat kalau kita menganak tirikan sekolah Cina dengan sekolah Tamil kita tidak tambah peruntukan rmk-9 tiga kali ganda daripada rmk-8 itu pun Yang Berhormat tidak boleh hendak faham jua? tuan Lim Kit siang (Ipoh Timor penjelasan. .

Rancangan Malaysia yang Kesembilan ini memang tidak ada. . Kita dalam perancangan kita hanya memberi peruntukan-peruntukan untuk sekolah sjkt dan juga sjkc tidak ada kita perancangan untuk membuat bangunan-bangunan baru. Tetapi saya hendak beritahu yang Berhormat peruntukan yang kita beri untuk rancangan Malaysia kesembilan ini ialah sebanyak rm100 juta atau tiga kali ganda daripada apa yang kita peruntukkan dalam Rancangan Malaysia kelapan. Jadi kita akan memberikan bantuan-bantuan untuk ubah suai, pembesaran dan sebagainya. Jadi saya ingat perutukan yang RM100 juta ini tahun ini sahaja untuk 2006, kita telah pun peruntukkan sebanyak rm21 juta dan senarai di mana sekolah yang hendak dibuat telah pun kita putuskan. Kula segaran :  Jadi dasar kerajaan dalam Rancangan Malaysia kesembilan tidak ada sekolah baru cina dan Tamil akan dibina langsung? dato haji noh bin Haji Omar : Setakat dalam senarai yang dibawa dalam Kementerian Pelajaran tidak ada.

Who should be thanked for Hishammuddins announcement? . Is he hishammuddin because we have a very enlightened and broadminded Education Minister, singapore minister Mentor lee kuan Yew for his recent comment on the marginalization of the Chinese in Malaysia which had created a furore among Barisan Nasional leaders or Noh Omar for his. I believe the person who should be thanked for forcing this issue into the public domain should be the dap mp for Ipoh Barat. Kulasegaran who cornered Noh Omar to reveal the Education Ministrys Ninth Malaysia plan agenda and turned it into a public issue. It is the unstated policy of the Education Ministry not to build new Chinese and Tamil primary schools under the five-year plans to meet the enrolment and educational needs of school children whose parents want them to be in these schools the only exception. However, nobody has been able in the past to get the barisan Nasional government friend to publicly admit such an unstated policy, although dap mps had ceaselessly and untiringly tried all these years. During the winding-up of the ninth Malaysia plan in April for instance, dap mp for bukit Mertajam Chong Eng tried to get the Prime minister, datuk seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to give a commitment on the number of new Chinese and Tamil primary schools under. A breakthrough in Parliament was achieved last Wednesday when Kulasegaran hit the jackpot and forced the truth out of Noh Omar during the winding-up of the Education Ministry in the 2007 Budget policy debate. I have just received the hansard of the parliamentary debate on 20th April 2006 which recorded the parliamentary exchanges over Noh Omars admission of the barisan Nasionals unstated policy: tuan.

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Call on Hishammuddin to make public the number and particulars of new Chinese and Tamil primary schools to be built next year under the 2007 Budget whether it is another zero media statement by, lim Kit siang _ _ petaling jaya, thursday) : Many woke. Why then is the dap organizing a forum tonight about summary Chinese education crisis? Is there any Chinese education crisis? I had announced last weekend my intention to move an unprecedented motion in Parliament when it reconvenes in november to resume its debate on the 2007 Budget a censure motion of RM10 salary-cut not just for Education Minister but also the two deputy Education Ministers. Komala devi for their collective neglect and irresponsibility in failing to provide for the building of new Chinese and Tamil primary schools in the 2007 Budget and the ninth Malaysia plan to meet educational and increased enrolment needs. Such a motion will be setting a parliamentary record of sorts, for up to now, a censure rm10 salary-cut had been directed at only one front-bencher but never against more than one at one time and this motion will be directed at four front-benchers. When I first heard the news last night that the Education Minister had announced that two Chinese primary schools would be built under the 9mp, i told myself that I would now have to reconsider whether to proceed with the unprecedented RM10 salary-cut motion against.

Resume kerajaan
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