Writing a proposal memo

writing a proposal memo

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If they do not, think about their objections. If you think they are valid and perhaps override your proposal, consider revision. Instead, if you see the validity of their points but disagree, add their sentiments to your objection section. Once you have crafted your proposal and have had a friend read it, revise it for flow, grammar, accuracy, and word count. You do not want too long of a proposal or your managers might not read it! Aim for one to two pages if possible. 3, submit it to management. After you feel your proposal is ready, determine to which person you should submit.

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For example: As this proposal demonstrates, caterer Y has decreased its entree offerings written over the past seven years. Caterers w and z offer comparatively priced, more diverse options. I recommend that we do trial tastings with these caterers in order to choose a new food supplier for this office. This in turn likely will modern boost employee satisfaction and retention. Mention specific monetary or quantitative benefits. For example, will your innovation cut costs? Sometimes a company benefits in ways we cannot quantify with hard facts or numbers. If you will increase employee happiness, mention this. These improvements can be just as valuable as quantitative ones. Part 2, sharing your Proposal 1, have a co-worker read. Preferably, ask a peer to read and give you feedback on your proposal.

If your change requires the assignment purchase of materials or the hiring of new employees, include this after the steps. Also, mention needed time, as that too is a resource. Create a checklist of sorts. For example you might write: needed: sub-committee for caterer evaluation (4 people from different parts of the company 2 hours for tasting, 3 hours to write the report. 8, conclude with the primary benefits. Whatever change you plan to implement, repeat it once at the end. Rehash your three main points and then offer a concluding sentence. Think of this as your executive summary.

writing a proposal memo

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Furthermore, summary if our employees like the new food more, their workplace satisfaction is general likely to improve. 6, state possible objections. Show your awareness of any possible hitches to your plan. Will there be resistance among employees? For instance, some people might love your current caterer. Could you have to convince a government agency that your new product idea is safe? Talk about steps you would take to convince others of your project. 7, mention needed materials and/or personnel.

Then offer more details. Do not overestimate the value of your change but do suggest what you think the results could. To switch caterers, we will need:. To end our contract with Caterer. Ask caterers w and Z for trial tastings. Choose one of the firms. Sign a contract with the chosen firm. The costs should be comparable to our current costs with Caterer. As long as we finish our contract term with Caterer y, there should be no financial penalties.

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writing a proposal memo

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4, explain your solution. After identifying the problem, write specifically what you propose. Lead with your key point. Show what your findings are based on your research. For example, you might write, i recommend that Company x switch to another caterer. Company x has app several other caterer options. Caterer w and Caterer Z both offer larger menus and have comparable costs to our existing provider.

Furthermore, because caterer z offers daily vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free entrees, they could better meet the needs of our workforce. Caterer w offers fewer vegan-specific items but also could be a good choice. A survey completed in 2011 showed that 40 of our employees are vegetarian, 10 are vegan, and 2 are gluten-free. 5, outline a plan. Describe each step and its related implementation times or costs. Be clear with what you know and what remains to be seen. Consider writing numbered steps.

Talk to relevant people whether co-workers, managers, or customers. Read about similar companies and see what they do differently. For example, if you think the management should change its caterer, talk first to the kitchen staff. What do they think? Have they worked in other places with different caterers? What do your co-workers think?

Maybe your disgruntlement is a matter of personal taste rather than quality. 3, write a problem description. To start your proposal, describe what is happening at present. Include all relevant facts (who is involved, dates, locations). In this part, do not issue judgement; rather, just explain things as they are. For example, you might write company x has been using Caterer Y for the past seven years. During this time, the number of available entrees has decreased from five to two. The amount of vegetarian-friendly items also has decreased with some days there being none.

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You can download a slightly more detailed explanation of the format here. We use cookies to make wikihow great. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Okay, sample Proposals, part 1, crafting your Proposal 1, determine your idea or problem. Whether you want to write about book streamlining diary operations or reducing costs, figure out what the key issue. Often, the idea might be clear to you. If, however, you are trying to make a mark or troubleshoot, be observant. Before writing a proposal, be sure to check all the facts.

writing a proposal memo

Because it closely follows the. Five step Persuasive selling Format thats at the basis of some of the most effective marketing communications used by. It improves your ideas. Because it actually works like a checklist. Simply stated: if you do not have a good answer to each of the five steps; you dont have a good proposal yet. I was introduced to psf (and its One page memo cousin) during a intern course over 15 years ago and ive been happily using the format every since. Im also more than happy to share it with you. . Why dont you give business it a try with your next e-mail or pitch?

Reinforce its key benefits, give only the three most important (to your audience!) benefits of your proposal. Suggest the next step, this is your call to action: who needs to do what and by when for things to move forward? There are many reasons to like the format, but here are the three most important: Its to the point. Because it helps you boil down your proposal to its most important components and structure them in a really good way. Its designed to sell.

Basically every communication had to fit on one page, and follow a fixed five step format. In sales and marketing they used something called the. Five step Persuasive selling Format (PSF) for all their sales pitches (check out a p g tv commercial). This five step Persuasive selling Format is a close cousin of the. One page memo with a slight difference in the order in some of the steps. The format works very well in short written communication such as e-mails with or memos but its a very effective structure too for presentations, sales pitches or even commercials. The, p g one page memo basically lays out the basic structure of your memo in five fixed steps.

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Everyday millions of memos get rejected, e-mails and invitations go by unnoticed and sales pitches are cut short before the end. Before a sale is made. Sometimes because a proposal is too lengthy, too detailed or because important questions remain unanswered. Many proposals and presentations lack vital components, they lack punch and clarity. In short they lack persuasion. Things dont have to be that way. Thats why Im going to share an all time favorite of mine that will help you overcome these hurdles. A great way to structure your proposals is the Procter gamble One page memo guaranteed format. The Procter gamble One page memo format has been in use by p g since the 70s.

Writing a proposal memo
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  5. The name is a reference to the memo (short list) with the issues (points) discussed by one's side in a debate or used to support a position taken on an issue. A great way to sell great ideas is the. Procter gamble, one page, memo format. This format works very well for memo 's e-mails, presentations, sales pitches. A project proposal is a critical document, which focuses on the initiation of a new idea by some engineer or any other scientist who plans to solve an objective problem faced by their work environment or by the overall social circle. An effective staff memo is really very important to be drafted as it helps in motivating the staff to take the actions recommended in the memo against any specific issue.

  6. The Online, writing, lab (OWL) at, purdue university houses writing resources and instructional material, and we provide these as a free service of the. Jul 06, 2017 reader Approved How to, write a proposal to management. Three parts: Sample Proposals Crafting your. Proposal, sharing your, proposal, community q a, writing to management is useful if you want to propose procedural improvements, additional income possibilities, or ways to be more economical. The popular fallacy now is the reds are winning because their starting pitching is dealing. — paul daugherty, m, daugherty: Enjoy the impossible while it lasts, cincinnati reds fans, talking points Memo (or tpm) is a web-based political journalism website created and run by josh Marshall that debuted on november 12, 2000.

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