Book review harry potter and the philosopher stone

book review harry potter and the philosopher stone

Harry, potter and the, philosopher 's Stone by jk rowling book review

Uncle vernon tries to put his foot down to prevent Harry from attending Hogwarts, but he is fighting a losing battle. Harry wants to go to wizardry school because anything he is going to has to be an improvement to what he is leaving behind. The next day, on his birthday, harry goes with Hagrid to london to shop for his school books and wizard supplies. Incidentally, its the best birthday he has ever had, and Hagrid gives him an owl for his birthday present. Harry remarks to hagrid that he doesnt have any money for school fees and for shopping, and he discovers that his parents have left him a substantial amount of money. Their first stop is Gringotts bank, a financial institution that has never been robbed to get some money out of Harrys vault.

Review of harry, potter and the, philosopher 's Stone" book

His Uncle vernon becomes overwhelmed with the volume of mail coming to harry, and decides to take them on a trip to parts unknown, hoping that they will escape the mail. They go to a hotel, and the letter appears there addressed to the correct room number. Finally, uncle vernon rents a rundown shack that sits precariously on a rock, and believes that no one will bother them during the stormy night. The stormy night is the eve of Harrys eleventh birthday. He hears a thunderous knock on the door. Its the giant Hagrid who placed Harry on his aunts doorstep. The giant is dismayed that Harry doesnt know that he is a wizard. Hagrid pulls out a letter addressed:. Potter, the Floor, hut-on-the-rock. In the letter, is an invitation for him to register at the. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and wizardry for the next school term.

In fact, they resent the mini boy and treat him very differently from their son who is a bully. Harry gets Dudleys old clothes, which are too big for him, and he sleeps in a cupboard under the staircase while dudley has two bedrooms, one of which holds his numerous toys. During the summer, just before harry turns 11, a letter comes to him in the mail. Before he gets the opportunity to read it, his uncle takes it from him and destroys. Its as if eyes are watching the household because the sender knows that Harry is sleeping in a cupboard. The letter is addressed:. Potter, the cupboard under the Stairs 4 Privet Drive, little Whinging. Surrey, his uncle and aunt move him to the smaller of Dudleys two bedrooms. The next day, more letters come to harry, and Uncle vernon repeats the process of destroying them.

book review harry potter and the philosopher stone

Harry, potter and the, philosopher 's Stone

Harry survives Voldemorts wrath with only a lightning flash scar on his forehead. Although an infant, he gains the reputation for being special, since no one has ever survived an attack by voldemort. Professor Albus Dumbledore, the only person Voldemort fears, decides to leave harry with his Aunt Petunia and Uncle vernon Dursley and their infant son Dudley. At Professor Dumbledores request, hagrid leaves young Harry on the dursleys doorstep and tucks a letter explaining everything in his blanket. A few hours later, aunt Petunia opens the door yardage to put out some milk bottles, and screams when she sees the infant. Neither Petunia nor write her husband Vernon, ever tell Harry about his background, and he is growing up not knowing that he is a wizard. The dursleys are very rigid in thought, and do not treat Harry kindly.

Mentor yourself: book review divergent by veronica roth, insurgent by veronica roth a book review ). But I have been feeling creatively stuck, and I needed a break from the classics, romantic fiction, murder mysteries and other such works of fiction. I wasnt in the mood for self-help or business books either. While standing in, indigo books music, i remembered that, harry potter and the Philosophers Stone was among the 50 books that Indigo readers voted as a must read. I also remembered that it was included in Andrew taylors. Books That Changed the world: The 50 Most Influential books in Human History, so i decided to give it a try, and Im glad that I did because i laughed a lot since i found the book so entertaining. What is Harry potter and the Philosophers Stone by owling About? When, harry potter and The Philosophers Stone by owling begins, harry is an orphaned infant. He has just lost his parents, who were killed by voldemort, an evil and wicked wizard that is feared by many.

Harry, potter and the, philosopher s Stone by owling

book review harry potter and the philosopher stone

Book, review for, harry, potter and the, philosopher s Stone

There is so much legwork being done to craft a framework of a world for the rest of the series, but its done effortlessly and by the time harry has done his round through diagon Alley this universe already seems real and filled with more. Many people look down upon Harry potter as some childish fantasy book autobiography for kids. Those people are missing the mark completely. Harry potter and the Philosophers Stone continues the roald Dahl tradition of great, imaginative fiction for anyone of any age, and it takes that tradition to a new level of world building and mystery. The series of seven novels go on to be more and more epic, but it all starts with this fantastic little book, a book thats always fun and also offers some depth and emotion to chew. Anyone who doubts the quality of this series should pick up a copy of Harry potter and the Philosophers Stone.

Its a quick and easy read, but it also hooks the reader with great charm and it ably hints at the depth and wonder yet to come. Introduction: Harry potter and the Philosophers Stone by owling. Harry potter and The Philosophers Stone by owling is a book that takes you into a world of imagination, with spell, potions, an invisible cloak, unicorns and dragons; and the rich imagery brings the story to life. The book is not just about witches and wizards with magical powers who live amongst us Muggles, but its also a story about making the impossible possible. I must be one of the few people in the western world who had never read any of the harry potter books. So how did I come to read Harry potter? I like to stay away from books that everyone is reading, and yes I have made exceptions like reading series such as: The girl With The Dragon Tattoo review the hunger Games the hunger Games is This years The girl With the Dragon Tattoo ).

Hagrid, the gamekeeper at Hogwarts; Albus Dumbledore, the headmaster; Professor severus Snape, the potions teacher; Draco malfoy, a fellow student and generally evil git; and Ron weasely and Hermione Granger, who will become his first and best friends. The cast of characters is huge, and so many aspects of the wizarding world are introduced it can be difficult to keep. Notable also is the economy with which Rowling accomplishes all this. Philosophers Stone is barely over two hundred pages, but it is filled to the brim with introductions and explanations and mythology and plot. Oh yes, there is a plot here, too. The Philosophers Stone, a stone able to grant immortal life, has been hidden beneath Hogwarts for protection.

Somebody is attempting to get. Harry, ron and Hermione get caught up in the mystery, leading to a finale where it is revealed that Voldemort is still out there, living as a shadow of his former self, without a body, and hungering for true life. The mystery is a tad simple, and the inclusion of Voldemort as a presence right off the bat seems like a pretty huge coincidence, but its handled reasonably well. In this first book there is no need to overwhelm with a huge mystery. The focus here is on introducing us to the world, the characters and the stakes of Voldemort as Harrys ultimate rival. Its difficult for me to over-stress the greatness of Rowlings work here. The prose is reasonably simple, making for a great read for kids, but it isnt dumbed down like so many other novels aimed at children. Rowlngs cleverness abounds in every detail.

Harry, potter and the, philosophers, stone » read Online Free book

Connections to dahl are drawn once again in the comically brutal nature with which they treat Harry. To them he pdf is like nothing more than a frighteningly annoying stain on the wallpaper. Everything changes, though, when Harry receives a letter; many letters, in fact. It is finally revealed that Harry is a wizard. And not just any wizard, but The boy who lived, the only wizard to have survived the killing Curse, and he did so when he was just a baby. The dark wizard, voldemort, killed Harrys parents, and when Voldemort turned the wand on the baby harry, his curse backfired, destroying him and leaving Harry with only a single mark of their encounter: a lightning bolt-shaped scar on his forehead. Over the course of the book, harry learns about Hogwarts, the school for magic, diary and he meets many, many characters.

book review harry potter and the philosopher stone

With Philosophers Stone, rowling lays claim to the crown previously held by roald Dahl, and she wears it proudly. Within its pages readers are greeted by an intricately constructed world that never fails to be wondrous and fun. Rowling carries that delightful Dahl sensibility by infusing her novel with a giddy sort of charm, accentuated by funny sounding names and ceaseless possibilities. The opening chapter sets up the mystery surrounding the magical world and the boy named Harry potter essay expertly. Its an opening that revels in the strange and the bizarre and the comedic, but like the rest of the book—and the rest of the series, too—there is an undercurrent of darkness and the unknown that is engaging on a truly gut level. In the first act, we are introduced to harry potter as a soon-to-be eleven year-old boy who lives in a cupboard under the stairs of his aunt and uncles home. Petunia and Vernon Dursley, along with their son, dudley, are the only family harry has ever known. His parents, according to his aunt and uncle, were killed in a car crash when he was a baby. To call the dusrleys terrible caregivers would be an extraordinary understatement.

really extraordinary to follow Harry potter, why don't you have a look at these books by Stephen Elboz: Or you could look at this trilogy by william Nicholson: Also, the, bookchooser has found these books with a similar profile. So here is where it all began. Rowling first introduced the world to the fabled tale of The boy who lived in this marvelous little tome, harry potter and the Philosophers Stone. Though this first book in the seven-part series is the shortest, and though it is in many ways the most conventional, it still represents a major leap in quality for childrens fantasy. Its a leap so great that much like a good Pixar film it works even better for adults.

That lightning-shaped scar is a matter of enormous interest and Harry is about to discover that he has a lot of friends, and enemies, in a rather different kind of world from the one he was brought. This is a book about magic, but there's plenty of reality. Settling into a new school, making friends, learning who to trust and who not to trust and when to obey school rules and when to overlook them. There's a great deal of humour in the book. You might find the magic funny - visit diagon Alley to purchase year all your Hogwart's kit - but there is strong evil magic too and you won't doubt the courage that Harry has to show in the final chapter. Written in a strong narrative style with straightforward but not over-simplified language there is enough in this plot to think about whether you are harry's age or Sssh! If you like this book, there's more! Have a look at these: Harry potter and the Philosopher's Stone. Harry potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

Harry potter and the Philosopher 's Stone (J.K

You've probably heard of this book already, and if you haven't read it yet I think you'll enjoy. This is a story about Harry and his two new friends settling down for their first year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and wizardry only to discover that they have a part to play in the downfall of the evil Sssh! You will like harry potter. He's shy and self-doubting and puts up with a lot from his awful aunt Petunia and uncle vernon and fat cousin writing Dudley. Poor Harry lost his parents, supposedly in a car crash, when he was a baby and that was when he received the strange lightning-shaped scar across his forehead. Ever since then he has slept in the cupboard under the stairs at the dursleys' perfectly normal house in Privet Drive and the best thing he has to look forward to is starting at the local secondary school next term - well away from Dudley. But, other people know a lot more about Harry than Harry does himself.

Book review harry potter and the philosopher stone
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  3. Harry potter and the Philosopher 's Stone. Harry potter and the Philosopher 's Stone: Slytherin Edition. The first book in this award-winning and phenomenally bestselling series, rejacketed in the.

  4. A video book review by wordsAndOtherGoodIdeas. Harry, potter and the, philosopher 's Stone. Harry potter and the Philosopher 's Stone features in these lists. Harry potter and the Philosopher s Stone by owling, a book review : Harry potter and The Philosopher s Stone. Kay's illustrated edition of Harry potter and the Philosopher 's Stone is a triumph - a book so alive it seems. I'm not going to review the novel itself.

  5. Review of harry, potter and the, philosopher 's Stone" book. Harry, potter, days, book, review : Harry, potter and the, philosopher s Stone. I am a big fan. Harry, potter and the world he belongs. This, harry, potter and the, philosopher 's Stone book review was written by Amanda White.

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