Business valuation report

business valuation report

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Calculate a buyer's return on investment (ROI). Calculate a buyer's financing requirements (complete with a mortgage calculator for "what if" analysis). Calculate a sellers cash-out, sale financing implications and tax consequences. Bizpricer will create: Reconstructed Income and Expense Statements available cash Flow Projections Continued Operations Risk Assessments and a calculated Valuation Multiplier a capitalized Valuation Estimate (the fair-market value) a business Valuation and Letter Report (approximately 15 pages) a business Valuation and Sale Prospectus Report (approximately. You will not be limited in the number of valuations created. This is great for individuals doing multiple what-if analyses and for appraisers/CPAs/Business BrokersProfessional Appraisers/Attorneys who may use bizpricer as a tool with their business services.

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Which version is best for my needs? Click here to see a detailed side-by-side operability comparison chart of both versions. But don't forget, you don't need to choose now. You will receive both versions as part of your purchase! Or, take a look "under the personal hood." bizpricer.1 Offers an Impressive set of Capabilities and features: bizpricer will: Determine the actual and projected available cash flow for the business for 3 or 5 years. Calculate the risk-factor multiplier used in determining the business value. Factor-in the c urrent assets and adjust for the liabilities to be assumed. Determine the goodwill and intangible asset value. Calculate the overall business value including all assets and liabilities. Calculate a buyer's cash requirements.

BizpricerW.1 is a stand-alone software application that you install on your pc computer thesis (sorry, it's not Macintosh compatible). BizpricerW uses a very user-friendly wizard format where you enter data on a series of screens, as you progress through the valuation. This is an excellent option for users who don't have excel or just prefer the ease of using a wizard program which walks you through the process step-by-step. There is no User Manual needed with this version - perfect for those of you who don't want to read a manual before starting. Each of the data/text entry screens come with their own read me first and Help information screens and lots of examples. The information you need is right on the screen you are using at that time. We call this our "Just- in-Time Information" e program will create as many business valuations as you want and can even be used to develop pro-forma projections based on estimated performance in future years.

business valuation report

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4.1) which is fully functional on a pc without any additional software requirements. You will receive both presentation versions for immediate download and a backup cd will be shipped directly to you. BizpricerE.1 uses the microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word programs which you will need to have already installed on your computer. BizpricerE comes on a cd and is fully downloadable. Use bizpricerE if you are familiar with the basic use of Excel and you want the extensive additional capabilities associated with the microsoft Excel program, such as chart business and graph creation. A knowledge of Excel is not needed to use the bizpricere - a manual on the cd will guide you through the steps. The program will create as many business valuations as you want and can even be used to develop pro-forma projections based on estimated performance in future years. BizpricerE works with both pc's and Mac's.

We all know that "a picture is worth a thousand words so please take a look at our extensive bizpricer features Demo including examples of completed Valuation Reports. Bizpricer will accurately calculate the fair market value of any type of business that has three or more years of income and expense data. You can even use bizpricer to estimate the business's potential value using your projections if you have less than three years of data. This unique bizpricer program uses an Income and Expense reconstruction process (with plenty of examples and guidance) to determine the real available cash flow for a new owner - an important factor in an accurate valuation calculation. A proprietary risk factor Analysis then uses a multi-item questionnaire format which is automatically customized based on your numerical rating inputs to determine a multiplier (also known as a capitalization rate after a conversion) which is used in the fair-market valuation of the particular business. You will quickly, accurately and easily determine the fair-market valuation of any business from Automotive to zoos (Petting) plus everything in between (retail, wholesale, manufacturing, service, restaurants of all kinds, construction, distributors, franchises, transportation, lodging, health care, professional, telecommunications, Internet, entertainment, etc.). Bizpricerwill not be suitable for valuing medical, dental or legal practices which have their own unique way of valuation. Two different versions of bizpricer for the price of one: bizpricer is available to you in two different versions: as a microsoft Excel-based program (the bizpricere ver. 4.1) or as an installable wizard-type application (the bizpricerw ver.

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business valuation report

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Find out independently for yourself! Quickly and resume easily find the fair-market value before you make an expensive commitment. If you can enter numbers into a table, you can successfully determine the valuation of a business. Bizpricer is a user-friendly improve and inexpensive resource for prospective business buyers and sellers, business brokers, accountants and attorneys who need to know the fair-market value of a business. No complicated academic theory to wade through. Just a logical process of entering business data that anyone can successfully. Bizpricer takes care of all of the calculations for you.

Although i've used your program for only one valuation so far, i truly enjoy working with it - it is so much more user-friendly and has an overall better and more understandable process and narrative versus the other valuation software programs. I have purchased over the years. Great job in developing this software package! Al Kedora trenton, new Jersey. No financial expertise or specialized knowledge is needed. Thousands of copies of bizpricer are now in use in the. And several foreign countries by people just like yourself.

I strongly recommend it to all of my listeners and clients.". Jim Blasingame, sba award-winning host of the nationally syndicated "The Small Business Advocate" radio program and a widely recognized expert business advisor. Or, take a look "under the hood". Important Note: bizpricer is an installable computer application, just like microsoft Word or Excel. It's not a program based in "The Cloud" as some competitors offer. Do you really want to trust your private business data to a cloud-based data base?

Your data in bizpricer is as safe as the security systems on your own computer where your data is already stored. No "storm clouds" to worry about with bizpricer! The bizpricer software is validated and security tested. Bizpricer has been issued a formal. Code signing Certificate from m to ensure your peace of mind in downloading a virus-free application. Do you know what your business is really worth? Whether you are considering selling, seeking expansion financing, looking for a partner or investors, planning for retirement or just want to know your business value, heres an easy to use do-it-yourself valuation software program. Do you know what the business that you are considering buying is really worth? Dont just take the business owners or a brokers valuation.

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A, welcome to bizpricer.1 Business Valuation Software, our latest updated version for 2018. With our software you will be able to find the fair-market biography value of an existing business easily, quickly, privately, securely, inexpensively and, of course, accurately. Bizpricer is specifically designed by an experienced business appraiser to be easily used by business buyers, sellers and intermediaries who want to determine the accurate fair-market value of a small to medium-sized business but don't want to get bogged down in valuation theory and complicated. Bizpricer is based on accepted. Professional appraisal practices, used in thousands of business valuations, and validated by transaction data from real-world business sale results. Bizpricer.0 also complies with the definitive appraisal guidelines of irs revenue ruling 59-60 so you know you are getting plan a legitimate valuation process. "This is the very best business valuation software i've found anywhere!

business valuation report

Estate, gift or Tax Matters - our Value conclusion Report forms the basis for the underlying agreement. Please visit our, valuation Products page for more details about our. Value conclusion Report or, calculation Report. . you can also, request Information, or call Us Now ( ) for a free consultation with write a senior Valuation Advisor. Do you know your company's value? Learn More for Inquiries. If you would like more information about our services, or would like to contact us regarding your business please feel free to call us or use the form below. Z, inquiry form, name: Company name: Email: Phone: Comments: Back to top. 18 years of creating successful business valuations!

market businesses with revenues from 1mm up to 50MM. . Our in-depth methodology exploits all of the key drivers of value. . Small businesses with revenues from 500K up to 5MM can benefit from our Calculation Report. Partner buy / Sell Agreement - our Value conclusion Report forms the basis for the partner buyout, which satifies most buy/Sell Agreements. Partnership Dissolution - our Value conclusion Report. Calculation Report forms the basis for separating business assets. Marital Dissolution and Separation of Business Assets - our Value conclusion Report or Calculation Report forms the basis for the separation.

This book Is Completely Free, after you have received the valuation an optional report, downloadable in pdf format, is also available. View a sample report here. Easy-to-use tools calculate the value of a business using 3 datarich methods. Includes current information on "for sale" and sold businesses to show how prices compare. Gives you access to detailed sale data for businesses included in your report. Welcome to fair Market Valuations, a nationwide network of business valuation consultants. . we cater to US-based, privately-held businesses that need an independent, third-party business appraisal. . Our fair service pricing, attention to detail, experienced staff, valuation methods, and customer-focused approach are tops in the industry. If you have questions and would like.

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Ezvaluation: Free online business Valuation, as professional m a consultants, we have been valuing businesses summary for years. Based on our experience we have identified the key pieces of information we need to accurately and quickly value a business in more than 95 of all cases. We used that information to create. Ezvaluation, our web based valuation calculator. Ezvaluation first asks a few questions to make sure that it can accurately value your business online. If it can produce an accurate estimate of what your business is worth, it gathers the necessary information by stepping you through a simple interview process and does the same calculations that we would do to produce a report costing a thousand dollars or more. This process takes about 10 or 15 minutes and produces a good estimate of what your business is worth. Go ahead and try.

Business valuation report
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Includes valuation rules of thumb, pricing tips, operational benchmarks, brokerage information, and mergers and acquisitions data. Enjoy this online dcf model tutorial on how to perform a discounted Cash Flow Analysis.

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  1. Online business valuation for small business owners, advisors, bankers, and accountants. Get started with a free business valuation now. Business valuation software for quickly, easily, accurately and inexpensively finding the appraisal value of a business or company. Update (bvu a monthly newsletter with searchable online access, includes new thinking from leading professionals, detailed reports from valuation conferences, analysis nbsp;of new business valuation approaches, thorough analysis of ldquo;landmark rdquo; legal nbsp;cases in key business valuation issues. Free 5-8 business -day shipping within the. When you order 25 of eligible items sold or fulfilled by Amazon.

  2. Business valuation services at, fair Market Valuations. Helping small businesses appraise and value their companies in todays marketplace. Business valuation of Small to medium closely held Enterprises, Flat fees 399 per report, irs, 401k requirement, form 5500, buy-out, dispute, due-diligence. A free business valuation calculator for small to mid-size businesses. Designed to be quick and easy to use.

  3. Bizbuysell's, business Valuation Report is a great tool for helping you value a business and determine an asking price. Small- business valuation is easy using our reports. What is a company worth? This is the question that appraisers and financial experts often need to answer. That is why every informed stakeholder in business valuation, performance benchmarking, or risk assessment turns. Business Valuation, resources (BVR) for authoritative deal and market data, news and research, training, and expert.

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