Edward tulane book report

edward tulane book report

Reading guide for The miraculous journey

Only his whiskers gave him pause. They were long and elegant (as they should be but they were of uncertain origin. Edward felt quite strongly that they were not the whiskers of a rabbit. Whom the whiskers had belonged to initially — what unsavory animal — was a question that Edward could not bear to consider for too long. And so he did not. He preferred, as a rule, not to think unpleasant thoughts. Edwards mistress was a ten-year-old, dark-haired girl named Abilene tulane, who thought almost as highly of Edward as Edward thought of himself. Each morning after she dressed herself for school, Abilene dressed Edward.

The miraculous journey of, edward, tulane

But before he had time to appreciate being above water, he was tossed back down into the depths. Up and down, back and forth he went until the storm wore itself out, and Edward saw that he was beginning, again. The miraculous journey of Edward Tulane. 1, once, iouse on egypt street, there lived a rabbit who was made almost entirely of china. He had china arms and china legs, china paws and a china head, a china torso and a china nose. His arms and legs were jointed and joined by wire so that his china elbows and china knees could be sports bent, giving him much freedom of movement. His ears were made of real rabbit fur, and beneath the fur, there were strong, bendable wires, which allowed the ears to be arranged into poses that reflected the rabbits mood — jaunty, tired, full of ennui. His tail, too, was made of real rabbit fur and was fluffy and soft and well shaped. The rabbits name was Edward Tulane, and he was tall. He measured almost three feet from the tip of his ears to the tip of his feet; his eyes were painted essay a penetrating and intelligent blue. In all, Edward Tulane felt himself to be an exceptional specimen.

She was like the witch in the story. No, she was the witch in the story. True, she did not turn him into a warthog, but just the same she was punishing him, although for what he could not say. On the two hundred and ninety-seventh day of Edwards ordeal, a storm came. The storm was so powerful that barbing it lifted Edward off the ocean floor and led him in a crazy, wild and spinning dance. The water pummeled him and lifted him up and shoved him back down. The storm, in its ferocity, actually flung him all the way out of the sea; and the rabbit glimpsed, for a moment, the light of an angry and bruised sky; the wind rushed through his ears. It sounded to him like pellegrina laughing.

edward tulane book report

The miraculous journey

Never in my life, he thought, have i been farther away from the stars than i am now. He considered, too, the fate of the beautiful princess who had become a warthog. Why had she become a warthog? Because the ugly witch turned her into one — that was why. And salon then the rabbit thought about Pellegrina. He felt, in some way that he could not explain to himself, that she was responsible for what had happened to him. It was almost as if it was she, and not the boys, owl who had thrown Edward overboard.

This, Edward thought, is much like waiting for Abilene to come home from school. I will pretend that i am in the dining room of the house on Egypt Street, waiting for the little hand to move to the three and the big hand to land on the twelve. If only i had my watch, then I would know for sure. But it doesnt matter; she will be here soon, very soon. Abilene did not come. Edward, for lack of anything better to do, began to think. He thought about the stars. He remembered what they looked like from his bedroom window. What made them shine so brightly, he wondered, and were they still shining somewhere even though he could not see them?

Edward, tulane, book, review

edward tulane book report

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He sank and sank and sank. He kept his eyes open the whole time. Not because he was brave, but because he had no choice. His painted-on eyes witnessed the blue water turning to green and then to blue again. They watched as it finally became as black as night.

Edward went down and down. He said to himself, If i am going to drown, certainly i would resume have done so by now. Far above him, the ocean liner, with Abilene aboard it, sailed blithely on; and the china rabbit landed, finally, on the ocean floor, face-down; and there, with his head in the muck, he experienced his first genuine and true emotion. Edward Tulane was afraid. He told himself that certainly abilene would come and find him.

Can a china rabbit drown? Is my hat still on my head? These were the questions that Edward asked himself as he went sailing out over the blue sea. The sun was high in the sky, and from what seemed to be a very long way away, edward heard Abilene call his name. Edwaaarrd, she shouted, come back.

Of all the ridiculous things to shout, thought Edward. As he tumbled, ears over tail through the air, he managed to catch one last glimpse of Abilene. She was standing on the deck of the ship, holding on to the railing with one hand. In her other hand was a lamp — no, it was a ball of fire — no, edward realized, it was his gold pocket watch that Abilene held in her hand; she was holding it up high, and it was reflecting the light of the. My pocket watch, he thought. And then Abilene disappeared from view and the rabbit hit the water with such tremendous force that his hat blew off his head. That answers that question, thought Edward as he watched the hat dance away on the wind. And then he began to sink.

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It was much worse being tossed, in the same naked state, from the hands of one grubby, laughing fuller boy to another. Amos caught Edward and held him up, displaying him triumphantly. Throw him back, called Martin. Amos raised his arm, but just as he was getting ready to throw Edward, Abilene tackled him, shoving her head into his stomach, and upsetting the boys aim. So it was that Edward did not go flying back into the dirty hands of Martin. Instead, Edward Tulane went overboard. How doehina rabbit die?

edward tulane book report

No, said Amos to martin, give him. He clapped his hands together and then held them open. Toss him, he said. Hes made of china. And Edward sailed naked through the air. Only a luxury moment ago, the rabbit had thought that being naked in front of a shipload of strangers was the worst thing that could happen to him. But he was wrong.

Amos could see. Take it off, shouted Amos. Martin removed Edwards underwear. Edward was paying attention now. He was completely naked except for the hat on his head, and the other passengers onboard the ship were looking at him, directing curious and embarrassed glances his way. Give him to me, screamed Abilene.

He has many different outfits. And he has his own pajamas, too. They are made of silk. Edward, as usual, was disregarding the conversation. A breeze was blowing in off the sea, and the silk scarf wrapped around his neck billowed out behind database him. On his head, he wore a straw boater. The rabbit was thinking that he must look quite dashing. It came as a total surprise to him when he was grabbed off the deck chair and first his scarf, and then his jacket and pants, were ripped from his body.

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The point is that he is Edward, said Abilene. Thats not much of a point, said Amos. Its not, agreed Martin. And then, after a long thoughtful pause, he said, i wouldnt let anybody dress me like that. Me neither, said Amos. Do his the clothes come off? Of course they do, said Abilene.

Edward tulane book report
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  2. New Line has picked up rights to her unpublished children's book "The miraculous journey of, edward, tulane ". Up and down, back and forth he went until the storm wore itself out, and. In all, Edward Tulane felt himself to be an exceptional specimen. Only his whiskers gave him pause).

  3. Edward, tulane book description page. The miraculous journey of, edward, tulane. Edward, tulane, a book, companion - comprehension questions (booklet form graphic organizers, interactive notebook page. I looked forward to reading this book because, as the review on goodreads. Edward, tulane says, kate dicamillo is an incomparable children's author.

  4. Abilene loves her blue china rabbit, but. Edward, tulane is extremely vain and only loves himself. The miraculous journey. Alex, 7, lexington, kentucky. Return to The miraculous journey.

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