Essay on folk literature

essay on folk literature

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For any other proposed use, contact the reviews editorial staff at). Voices at Work: Women, performance and Labor in Ancient Greece. baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press articles and book chapters: Karanika,. "Messengers, Angels and Laments for the fall of Constantinople." In The fall of Cities in the mediterranean: Commemoration in Literature, folk-song and Liturgy. Cambridge University Press, february 2016 (226-251). Materiality and Ritual Competence: Insights from Womens Prayer Typology in Homer.

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Helsinki: Academia scientiarum Fennica; Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 1987. Lagos: nok publishers, 1977. Sixteen Great poems of berner Ifa. Lagos and New York: nok publishers, 1982. The form and Content of Yoruba Ijala. Oxford University Press, 1966. Bloomington: Indiana University Press. Id5399 Citation: Stephen Belcher. Review of Emenyonu, ernest.,., goatskin Bags and Wisdom: New Critical Perspectives on African Literature. Id5399 Copyright 2001 by h-net, all rights reserved. H-net new permits the redistribution and reprinting of this work for nonprofit, educational purposes, with full and accurate attribution to the author, web location, date of publication, originating list, and h-net: Humanities social Sciences Online.

I am indebted to Prof. Emenyonu for clarifying the background on the conference and the genesis of this volume. The annual papers, published by heinemann-Nigeria, include the titles. Black culture and Black consciousness in Literature, literature and National Consciousness, critical Theory and African Literature, and, literature and Black aesthetics. I would take issue with Nnolim's construction of some of the earlier criticism of African literature, such as Gerald moore's seven African Writers, as showing a fascination with the 'quaint nature of the content of books' and even more with 'our ability to put pen. The types of the folktale. And revised paper by Stith Thompson.

essay on folk literature

The souls Of Black

It will be clear from this rapid survey of the book's contents that it does have weaknesses. Some of these are explicable in external terms: the relative poverty of institutional resources such as libraries and research support in African institutions of higher education. Others stem from what might be called an unacknowledged geographic centeredness dates on Calabar and eastern Nigeria, which has defined much of the contents of the book. The book is in many regards the vehicle of a regional pride, but this fact is obscured by the wider dichotomy posited between non-African and African readers and critics, a dichotomy which is really something of a straw man given the contents of the volume. The book is evidence for regional literary strength, and in fact would real be more revolutionary if it had proclaimed itself as such. Here, however, we enter the realm of marketing and public relations. The book will undoubtedly sell more copies in the United States through the continental claim expressed in its title (the American market for studies of African literature has not matured sufficiently for a local focus to ensure sales although the response may well then. In Nigeria, however, the book may rightfully claim a place and an audience, and there it deserves to inspire its own polemics on the nature and orientation of Nigerian literature.

Discussions of folktales have a considerable literature to draw on, not to mention well-established methodologies and reference works such as Thompson's. Motif-Index of Folk-literature or the aarne-Thompson, types of the folktale. The section on 'Theories and Aesthetics' begins with a relatively solid essay by Charles Nnolim, reviewing 'Trends in the Criticism of African Literature.' The essay's core is an assessment of the impact of the 1980 volume, towards the decolonization of African Literature, and its focus. The section as a whole does not address the central questions raised by Nnolim in the course of his essay: '. What constitutes African literature and its definition; on the "newness" of African literature on the world scene; the problems of the appropriate language for its propagation (European or indigenous on who constitutes the audience of that literature.' (p. Discussion of these questions requires a far broader and more comparative perspective than is evidenced by most of the critics represented in this volume. There are, besides, other questions arising from the geography and history behind the collection that are only obliquely addressed: has Nigeria come to terms with the civil war, and the strong association of literary talent with the losing side? The book expresses a nationalistic outlook, without endorsing the national government of Nigeria (for understandable reasons: the essays dedicated to ken Saro-wiwa are a tacit criticism of that government).

Folk, english, literature, essay

essay on folk literature

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This response does raise one of the perennial dilemmas of African literature: its non-literary function as social description, as social or political criticism, as historical representation as anything except fiction. But in this case, the tone of the criticism suggests simply that Ogwude is failing to accept the novel as a novel and to accord Okpewho the liberties which a writer should be allowed to take. Another essay, by Ada azodo, works ponderously through Achebe's. The man of the people in terms of its novelistic construction (pp. 203-231 the exercise seems redundant given the recognized expertise of Achebe. This reader found the section on being 'sources and Influences' somewhat disappointing. The short section features three essays, one on 'nigerian Literature and Oral Tradition.

67-89 another on "Tradition, rotimi, and His Audience" by sam ukala (pp. 91-104 and one. Eighteenpence : a critical Study." Tradition is an amorphous concept in these essays; it denotes whatever the authors find convenient at the moment of writing, but offers little in the way of external referents to anchor the reader. This difficulty occurs frequently in connection with this particular term, but that is exactly why scholars should attempt to connect their usage with some definable external reference. Discussions of poetic diction would have benefitted from some connection with the excellent work done from the 1960s on to present oral poetry poultry (largely yoruba) in print: the work. The form and Content of Yoruba Ijala (Oxford, 1968 the works of Wande Abimbola on the poetry of Ifa (including a number published in Yoruba or Bade Ajuwon's. Funeral Dirges of Yoruba hunters.

African literature in languages other than English is barely visible. At the same time, one of the merits of the volume is that it introduces a number of new critical voices. A quick search through the mla bibliography (admittedly an imperfect instrument, but at least standardized) suggests that this volume provides the first publication for approximately half the authors. Their work will encounter two distinct categories of readers: a first community of students of literature within Nigeria (at least, one hopes as questions of book distribution and publication locale are central problems in the study and criticism of African literature, and there is little. These two categories will have somewhat different responses to this work. Following the editor's introduction, the book is divided into sections: 'Theories and Aesthetics 'sources and Influences 'case Studies' (the longest section 'poetics and 'our Writers Speak ending with an epilogue by the editor on 'nationalism and the Creative talent'.

Of these, the most satisfying (for an outside reader) is probably the section on 'case Studies which affords descriptive introductions to the works of little-known Nigerian authors. Oguzie's several contributions might be said to anchor this theme, with one essay treating Ifeoma okoye's novel, men Without Ears, another on Chukwuemeka ike's, the potter's Wheel and, expo '77, and later an interview with Chukwuemeka ike. Ike is also represented in a lengthy essay under the rubric 'our Writers Speak in this essay the author reviews the various responses to his novels (the most telling comment is a complaint about the dominance of heinemann's. African Writers Series in the market,. 338, and the relative obscurity of other publishers such as Fontana). Some of the other essays in the 'case Studies' section are less satisfying. Sophie ogwude chooses to criticize isidore okpewho's novel. The victims because she finds it ethnographically inaccurate and an untrue representation of her conception of Nigerian life (pp.

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Trenton, nj: Africa world Press, 2000. Reviewed by, stephen Belcher, published on, h-AfrLitCine (August, 2001). Beginning in 1980 and continuing for the next ten years, Ernest Emenyonu organized a series of conferences on African literature sponsored by the English Department of the University of Calabar. The present volume commemorates that series of conferences, through twenty-eight papers (excluding the editor's introduction) by a variety of authors, solicited to mark about the tenth anniversary of the conference. Goatskin Bags and Wisdom thus constitutes a collection of papers on African literature, written by African critics and deriving from an African setting: the description surely represents a claim to authenticity, at the least, and legitimates its perspectives by its origins. Readers may regret, however, that some of the most interesting papers or presentations from the conference series have not made it into this collection: the editor mentions addresses delivered by Ama Ata aidoo, by bessie head, by Ngugi wa Thiongo (who used this conference. Xiv) but which are not included in the section entitled 'our Writers Speak.' The conference is also memorialized by the series of annual volumes published by heinemann. In the past decade, the conference series has lapsed, although there are strong hopes of reviving it for the year 2002.1. The sub-title's claims are somewhat broader than the substance of the book, and a more accurate description might be 'critical perspectives on Nigerian literature for in fact almost no non-Nigerian author is treated at any length.

essay on folk literature

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Gothic ction (Literary presentation genre english — history and criticism. Horror tales, English — history and criticism. People with disabilities in literature. Mental illness in literature. Mind and body in literature. Anolik, ruth bienstock, 1952 PR830.T3D '. — dc British Library cataloguing data are available 2010 Ruth bienstock Anolik. All rights reserved no part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying or recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from the publisher.

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Demons of the body and Mind. Also, of interest, horrifying Sex: Essays on Sexual Difference in Gothic Literature (edited by ruth bienstock Anolik; McFarland, 2007) The gothic Other: Racial and Social Constructions in the literary Imagination (edited by ruth bienstock Anolik and douglas. Essays on Disability in Gothic Literature. Edited entry by ruth bienstock anolik, mcFarland company, inc., publishers, jefferson, north Carolina, and London. Library, of, congress cataloguing-in-publication data, demons of the body and mind : essays on disability in gothic literature / edited by ruth bienstock Anolik. Includes bibliographical references and index. Isbn softcover : 50 alkaline paper.

Essay on folk literature
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  2. People with disabilities in literature. Dubois: The souls Of Black. Folk, essay, research Paper. Home essay general, literature, index. This database focuses on the humanities and social sciences, with subject coverage ranging from economics, political science, and history to criticism of literary works, drama, and film.

  3. James Runciman s, essay : Colour-Blindness In, literature. Read online.made to force certain books on young folk are shocking and deplorable; for it must be remembered that in literature. The strong oral tradition in Ireland has resulted in the preservation of Irish folk and fairy tales over the centuries, to the benefit of children s literature. Another essay, by Ada azodo, works ponderously through Achebe s The man of the people in terms of its novelistic construction (pp. Anti Essays offers essay examples to help students with their essay writing. Below is an essay on gothic from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

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