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The decision propounds that instead of merging the administration of newly developed nodes of navi mumbai including New Panvel, kamothe, kalamboli, kharghar, parts of Uran and developing nodes of Ulwe and Dronagiri, which are currently overseen by cidco, with nmmc, they should be incorporated under. This opinion is the result of a political agenda. The fact is, of the total 16 nodes of navi mumbai 10 are under nmmc and the rest are under cidco. Nmmc's jurisdiction is limited within the boundaries of the Thane district, which is a foothold of the nationalist Congress Party, while the remaining nodes are in the raigad district, where parties like bharatiya janata party, shiv sena and peasants and Workers Party of India are. Hence, the local politicians, especially panvel mla prashant Thakur, oppose the merger of all the nodes under one municipal Corporation citing political conspiracy. 22 23 The proposal is to be tabled before the maharashtra State government which has appointed an expert committee to study the feasibility of the demand to upgrade the panvel Municipal council to a municipal Corporation. 19 But there is some discontent among the residents of the Kharghar node. The residents and some ngos from Kharghar have voiced their demand for Kharghar to be inducted under nmmc as it would provide them with better civic amenities and would make kharghar eligible to be a part of the proposed plan of making navi mumbai.

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The nine nodes maintained by nmmc are cbd belapur, nerul, juhunagar Vashi, turbhe, kopar khairane, ghansoli, airoli, digha, and Sanpada as of, with the physical and social infrastructure already in place. Nmmc main building With annual budget exceeding navi mumbai municipal Corporation, it is humor rated amongst the richest corporations in Maharashtra. The municipal corporation is headed by a municipal commissioner and an elected mayor. Currently, the mayor of navi mumbai is Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) member. There are 111 electoral wards in navi mumbai. 18 A corporator is elected in each of the wards. Pmc edit recently a resolution has been passed by the general body of the panvel Municipal council (pmc which currently administers the city of Old Panvel spread across an area.11. . With a population.8 lakh (0.18 mn to upgrade the municipal council to a municipal Corporation. 19 20 But the minimum requirement for the formation of a municipal Corporation is having a population of at least 300,000 which the council falls short. Hence, a decision has been made by the pmc to incorporate the adjacent nodes of navi mumbai under cidco's jurisdiction and surrounding villages in the proposed Panvel Municipal Corporation. This would add another 593,000 people under its administration 21 thereby clearing the first hurdle.

In its new development plan, cidco land was allocated to builders essay for housing. Cidco only provided basic infrastructure like roads, water and electricity, these nodes were developed mostly by private builders according to the cidco plan. The newly developed nodes of navi mumbai on the south side like kharghar, kamothe, new Panvel and Kalamboli are maintained by cidco. These nodes, which are all beyond cbd belapur, come under the raigad district. Nmmc edit On 17 December 1991, navi mumbai municipal Corporation (nmmc) was constituted by the state government for maintaining some of the developed nodes of navi mumbai. Local self-government started on nmmc was handed nine of the 14 nodes of the navi mumbai project area for its jurisdiction. However, cidco, as a planning authority, has rights on the open plots in these five nodes.

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Administration edit cidco edit When navi mumbai was created in the book 1970s, cidco was the only authority that looked after the development and maintenance of the city. Cidco prepared a developmental plan for navi mumbai covering 95 villages Konkan Bhavan For the first Ten years of the project cidco acted as the planning and administrative body, and as the developer and builder for the project. Taxes on property, land, commercial and water were payable to cidco. The 14 nodes which cidco created were named Airoli, ghansoli, kopar Khairane, juinagar Vashi, sanpada, nerul, cbd belapur, kharghar, kamothe, new Panvel, kalamboli, ulwe, pushpak and Dronagiri. Each of the nodes is divided into smaller groups called sectors. Initially only vashi, nerul and cbd belapur were developed by cidco with housing, schools and community centre roads. But after the arrival of the harbour railway line extension in the 1990s, there was an increase in population. Cidco shifted its development plan to nodes like kharghar, kamothe, new Panvel, and Kopar Khairane.

It was decided not to let any slum pockets pop up across the city. According to the 2001 census, a fifth 12 13 to a third 14 of the population of municipalised navi mumbai lives in slums 15 and gaothans (urban villages) 11 with thousands of buildings built violating planning norms. 16 by the end of the 1990s, the planning authority of navi mumbai initiated private participation in the developmental activity of navi mumbai. A new railway link between Nerul and Uran is under construction and the portion of this line from seawoods to Ulwe is at an advanced stage of construction. 17 southern navi mumbai is being developed rapidly with its class infrastructure and modern nodes of Kharghar, kamothe, panvel and Kalamboli. These nodes are experiencing major infrastructural developments due to their proximity to the proposed navi mumbai international Airport. Also a latest development known as 'One time Planning' with an estimated budget of 12,821 crores is underway to transform the municipalised navi mumbai on the lines of the mega cities of the world.

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essay on karmaveer bhaurao patil

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Cidco carved out 14 small nodes with a view towards facilitating comprehensive development. These nodes are summary named Airoli, ghansoli, kopar Khairane, juhu nagar, vashi, sanpada, nerul, cbd belapur, kharghar, kamothe, new Panvel, kalamboli, ulwe, dronagiri, taloja, karanjade. Cidco planned and constructed all the railway stations, roads and public spaces in navi mumbai and developed nearby areas commercially. In 1973, the vashi bridge was opened to the public for residents of Vashi, cbd belapur and Nerul. The sion-Panvel Highway was built to reduce the time taken to travel from sion to panvel.

Initially there was not much response to the new city. Major changes took place only after 1990, with the commissioning dragon of a wholesale agricultural produce market at Vashi and the construction of a commuter railway line from Mankhurd to vashi in may 1992. These developments caused a sudden growth in economic activities and population in navi mumbai. The city has some issues too. The city was originally planned to create affordable housing for people who could not afford living in Mumbai.

These multi-nucleated settlements are called nodes in the plan, where the entire development is proposed as a series of nodes strung out along mass transit area. The nodes proposed by us are, however, more closely spaced than the multi-nucleated settlements envisaged. But the principle remains of individual settlements, self-contained in respect of schools and shopping and other essential services and separated from each other by green spaces. The maharashtra regional and Town Planning Act was passed in 1966 and brought into force in January 1967. The bombay metropolitan Region was notified in June 1967 and a regional Planning board constituted under the Chairmanship of Shri. The Draft Regional Plan of the board was finalised in January 1970.

It proposed the development of a twin city across the harbour, on the mainland to the east, as a counter-magnet to the office concentration taking place at the southern tip of Bombay. The alternative growth pole was to siphon off the over concentration of jobs and population which further growth would cause in the city and reallocate these on the mainland. In making this recommendation, the board was influenced by various factors such as the existing industrial sites in the Thana-belapur area and Taloja, the imminent completion of the Thana Creek bridge and the proposal of the bombay port Trust to establish a new port. The board recommended that the new metro-centre or navi mumbai as it is now called, be developed to accommodate a population of 21 lacs. 8 Implementation, development and issues edit Utsav chowk at Kharghar Shivaji Chowk The planning of navi mumbai could begin, in the right earnest, only by 1971, and involved leading architects and urban planner like, charles Correa (Chief Architect Shirish Patel, Pravina mehta 9 and. Jha (Chief Planner 10 The city and Industrial development Corporation (cidco) was established on, under the Indian Companies Act, 1956 for this purpose. The area covered 150 kilometres (93 mi) of the total 720 kilometres (450 mi) of the konkan coast. Privately owned land consisting of 86 villages covering 15,954 hectares (39,420 acres) within the present limits of navi mumbai and further villages measuring an additional 2,870 hectares (7,100 acres) were acquired by the government of Maharashtra. 11 The major part of navi mumbai covers the southern part of Thane taluka (from Thane district) and part of Panvel and Uran taluka (from raigad District).

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The group felt that the bridge would accelerate development across the Creek, relieve pressure on summary the citys railways and roadways, and draw away industrial and residential concentrations eastward to the mainland. The Group hoped that the eastward development would be orderly and would take place in a planned manner. The government of Maharashtra accepted the barve group recommendation. Another Committee under the Chairmanship of Prof. Gadgil, then Director summary of the gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics, poona was formed and asked to formulate broad principles of regional planning for the metropolitan regions of Bombay panvel and poona and to make recommendations for the establishment of Metropolitan Authorities for preparation and. The gadgil Committee inter-alia made two important recommendations which have influenced the planning for navi mumbai. One, a planned decentralisation of industries with severe restrictions on further industrial growth in the bombay region. Two, development of the mainland area as a multi-nucleated settlement, each settlement smaller in size than.5 lacs population.

essay on karmaveer bhaurao patil

Besides, there are business physical limitations to the growth of a city built on a long and narrow peninsula, which has very few connections with the mainland. The government of Maharashtra has been alive to the emerging problems of this metropolis. Responsible public opinion was equally vigilant and several constructive suggestions appeared from time to time in the press and elsewhere. All this helped in keeping the problems of Bombay in the forefront of public awareness. In 1958, the govt. Of Bombay appointed a study group under the Chairmanship of Shri. Barve, secretary to government, public Works Department, to consider the problems relating to congestion of traffic, deficiency of open spaces and play fields, shortage of housing and over concentration of industry in the metropolitan and suburban areas of Bombay, and to recommend specific measures. The barve group reported in February 1959. One of its major recommendations was that a rail-cum-road bridge be built across the Thane Creek to connect peninsular Bombay with the mainland.

the city making it an active business hub. 7 navi mumbai also has various recreational facilities such as a golf course, central Park and Pandavkada water falls in Kharghar, parsik hill near Belapur, wonders Park and Jewel of navi mumbai in seawoods, mini seashore in Juhunagar or Sagar Vihar in Vashi, pirwad and. Navi mumbai also has many quality restaurants and luxury hotels for accommodation like four points by Sheraton, The park, fortune Exotica etc. There are many shopping malls such as seawoods Grand Central Mall in seawoods, little world mall in Kharghar, Orion Mall in Panvel, inorbit and Raghuleela mall in Vashi. Contents History edit a phenomenal rate of urban growth has been experienced by India during the 25 years following independence and Bombay has had its due share. The population of Greater Bombay rose from.966 millions in 1951.152 millions in 1961 and.970 millions in 1971, registering.0 and.80 per cent growths during the first and second decades respectively. The rapid rate of growth of population, made possible by the increasing industrial and commercial importance of the city, resulted in a fast deterioration in the quality of life for the majority of people living in the city. Development inputs could not keep pace with the rapidly growing population, industry, trade and commerce.

As the commercial capital of India it was attracting large numbers of citizens, which the available infrastructure could not cope with. So the friends came up with the concept of building a new city, new Bombay, on the mainland, across from the seven islands of the old city. 2 3, the area was mooted in 1971 to be a new urban township of Mumbai by the. For this purpose a new public sector undertaking was established that business is the, cidco. 4, navi mumbai is situated across two districts namely. 5, the city has been ranked 12th among 73 cities surveyed for cleanliness and hygiene by the. Union Ministry of Urban development (moud) and quality council of India (QCI) as a part.

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"New Bombay" redirects here. For other uses, see. Newly planned township of Mumbai by cidco. Navi mumbai ipa : /nəvɪ mʊmbaɪ/ ) is a planned city off the west coast of the Indian state. Maharashtra in, konkan division. The city is divided into two parts, north navi mumbai and south navi mumbai, for the individual development. Panvel Mega city, which includes the area from. Navi mumbai has a population of 1,119,477 1 as per the 2011 provisional census. In the late 1960's, adi kanga, a civil engineer, and some of this type friends lamented that their city, the bustling Bombay (now Mumbai was overpopulated.

Essay on karmaveer bhaurao patil
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