Indie movie reviews

indie movie reviews

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New York, dohlerites) will be featured here soon on their reviews of the timewarp Films productions. Vampire sisters and, dead hunt. Stay tuned, and I writing will leave you resume with this: I havent talked about my own upcoming productions or have done updates for a very, very good reason. Mitch Klein and I have been really hard at work on the post-production of crawler. Don Dohler and joe ripples last movie to be released. As I type this i am over at Mitchs house watching him continue to work on the creature sequences and they look amazing. My jaw dropped when he showed me what he had been working. All I can say is if you are a fan of these type of films you are going to love this! Until next time stay creative!

A winner will be drawn on June 15th. Dont delay, enter today! Also in the news is that I have updated the review for the horror/comedy. Swarm of the snakehead. I was sent the recut version and boy does it play a lot better and is a lot more fun! Check out the revised review. Here and watch this site because in the near year future i will be a guest. The after, movie, diner talking to jon Cross about this movie! Speaking of Jon Cross, he and Nick console (part of the.

indie movie reviews

Indie, movie, review : Knuckle Draggers ScreenRant

Pictured above is george and lamartina are fielding questions before the showing of Call Girl of Cthulhu. Photo by leanna Chamish. Cast members Helenmary ball, paul Fahrenkopf, leanna Chamish and george Stover were in book attendance. Photo by les Bradley. To celebrate the success of Call Girl of Cthulhu, smash or Trash is giving away a copy of lamartina and georges previous blockbuster. Wnuf halloween specia,. It is a found footage film about a live news broadcast in a haunted house that goes horribly, horribly wrong. To win a copy of this movie, write in to with your full name and address and say. I want my halloween special!

The first evening there was a q a with the cast and crew after the initial showing. Whats next for this independent. Well, i can say for lamartina that he met and fell in love with his leading lady, melissa obrien and the two plan to get married soon. No word yet on when we will see a release for this movie. I suppose i should say something about what the film is about! As I was unable to attend the premiere, i can only give you the basic premise. A lonely artist meets and falls in love with a call girl. While thats a big enough complication in his life, it also turns out that this girl has been marked as being given over tho the god Cthulhu. Hijinks and nudity and bloody gore ensue!

Review.5/5: naa peru surya naa illu

indie movie reviews

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The boy is only 11 years, love and is never gives up in his quest to find his daddy and—together with other kids in the neighbourhoodthe hunt. Sound of my voice, this is a movie about two people, peter and Lorna, as they try to make a documentary. Rather daringly, they choose as a subject, a secret cult that, headed by a mysterious woman. To really get into their story, they become cult cult members. The movie requires you to concentrate and follow closely, but, though a serious watch, its very much worth the effort. Ruby Sparks, the movie is directed by jonathan dayton and Valerie faris. It was inspired by henry kosters 1959.

It is an interesting literal story focused on Ruby Sparks. If you love the indieswhere creativity truly is foundyoull enjoy these five for 2012. And dont miss the action at this years Toronto film Festival! Well producer Jimmy george and director Chris lamartina have done it again! Call Girl of, cthulhu premiered this week at the prestigious. Two nights low of sold out crowds told of the success of their latest venture.

The movie follows 12 year olds, sam and suzy, who run away into the wilderness in the 1960s. Sam is a young boy but behaves more of a man—mature beyond his years, no matter what the crisis. Layer in to the story, the parents stories, as suzys mum cheats on his daddy—played by Bruce willis. If you liked any of Wes Wanderson films, this is definitely a fun and worthwhile film to watch. Sleepless Night, this is a french thriller directed by Frederic Jardin.

It is a 98 minute movie that take place in a crowded nightclub, and in a serene blue city. Against a situation of cops arresting a young boy for possession, a hidden camera reveals the darker aspects of the night for dancers, karaoke singers, cooks and bartenders. In all the confusion, sisler, one of the police, does everything possible to save the boy. It is a must see thriller that will keep you glued to the action. The kid with a bike analysis. This is a drama directed by jean pierre dardenne—a short, sharp, and a contemporary tale. It follows the adventures of a kid who desperately looks for his daddy—who had abandoned him to social services.

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By agnes, every year, the best, the most creative and database the most interesting films are made by indie film makers. Here, in the indie space, committees and teams of focus groups arent available to ruin a good story. Here, often the film maker is producer, director and writer—without the added creative interference inherent in big budget conglomerate movie productions. The evidence is clear at every film festival, notably in the coming. Toronto film Festival (tiff: September 6-16). So, hereare my personal pre-tiff picks for best five indie movies so far in 2012. Id love to know if you agree (please comment!). MoonRise kingdom, this is a must word see movie, directed by wes Anderson, casted by Bruce willis, Frances McDormand, tilda Swinton, jason Schwartzman and Kara hayward.

indie movie reviews

When both of them. Read more, movie review, november 15, 2017, steve happiness j donahue 0 Comments 4 out of 10, horror, indie, raw, review. Theres a way that I think most great movies are built: they push the limits of storytelling to say something. Read more, movie review, october 26, 2017, steve j donahue 0 Comments 5 out of 10, colossal, indie, review you know what you shouldnt do? You shouldnt work two jobs. But if you do work two jobs, you need read more movie review October 8, 2017 Steve j donahue 0 Comments 4 out of 10, indie, review, youth on the march There has been about four times where a random film maker messaged. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with. Top five indie films of 2012.

posted by, gary dowell, february 22, 2014. Leave a comment, the Alamo Drafthouses Big Screen Classics series continues with a screening of Michael Curtizs Casablanca (1942 12:30pm, february 23, at the theater. . Details The Alamo Drafthouses tough-guy cinema series presents a screening of Walter Hills cult classic Streets of Fire (1984 9pm, february 24, at the theater. . Details The magnolias Big movie film series continues with Philip kaufmans historical drama The right Stuff (1983 7:30, continue reading). Movie review, november 27, 2017, steve j donahue 0 Comments 7 out of 10, indie, lady bird, review, ya, if it seems like im not reviewing any bad movies lately, thats because Im trying as hard as I can. Read more, movie review, november 23, 2017, steve j donahue 0 Comments 10 out of 10, drama, indie, review, three billboards, three billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri. There are only two people in the entire world whose film critique i admire and respect.

Its tempting to call Green room the punk successor to deliverance, but that glosses over the brilliance writer-director Jeremy saulniers smart, ferocious, blood-soaked thriller. His previous film, Blue ruin, was an art house family drama disguised as a b-grade revenge flick; Green room is first a b-grade exploitation thriller with art house sensibilities. Its schlock so smartly written. Continue reading, posted by, gary dowell, may 7, 2014 2 Comments. One of the most original, suspenseful, and surprising indies in the past few years, writer-director Jeremy saulniers Blue ruin is a mesmerizing exercise in style and character study. Granted, that last bit is enough to make many a movie-goers sphincters clinch with dread of ponderous, talky self-indulgence, oblique references to obscure film movements, and/or overblown visual flourishes; continue reading, posted by, gary dowell, february 28, 2014. Leave a comment, the magnolias Big movie film series continues with mike nichols iconic comedy The Graduate (1967 7:30pm and 10pm, march 4, at the theater. .

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Director: Jon favreau rating: r starring: John favreau, sofia vergara, john Leguizamo, emjay anthony Screenplay: Jon favreau cinematography: Kramer Morgenthau running Time: 114 Minutes Premiered: may 30, 2014 dvd release: September 30, 2014 Synopsis: A chef who loses his restaurant job starts. Every monday i will either review a movie or an album/music group. To start things off is a review of Strange desire. A couple days ago, my brother and i ventured downtown to attend a bleachers concert. Bleachers is Jack Antonoffs (best known). Posted by, gary dowell, july 20, 2017, leave a comment. A man dies tragically and returns as a ghost draped in a white sheet with eye holes cut in it, and silently haunts his former spouse gps and the home they once shared. On the surface, its a goofy premise that most filmmakers would play for laughs, schlock, and/or sugary schmaltz of the highest order. However, continue reading, posted by, gary dowell, april 27, 2016 1 Comment.

Indie movie reviews
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  1. In this quick review, aj reviews a movie he saw called. Indie, game the, movie. You can pick it up for about 5 on steam. Indie, game: The, movie, trailer - watch now. Pyro's Xbox Indie game reviews, vol.

  2. Movie review : The killing of a sacred deer. Posted by gary dowell October 26, 2017 leave a comment. Indie, game: The, movie is a 2012 documentary film by canadian filmmakers James Swirsky and Lisanne pajot. Reviews : One Expat Story, one dongguan Debut. This is Sanlitun (2013) When it came across my desktop, i thought, finally, someone has done.

  3. We do one-sentence reviews for every movie we've seen since june during the "Year of Garbage" including Harry potter, captain. Indie, movie, cast. The lowedown on Solo: a star Wars Story (PG-13 Theatrical us). Filed Under: Indie, films, Indie, movie. Reviews, movie, trailers Tagged With: Bruce willis, Frederic Jardin, independent film, indie, indy, jean pierre.

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