Oil field pumper resume

oil field pumper resume

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Many systems have a warning system that alert the lease operator. This can include a problem that occurs late at night or during holidays. The lease operator must be able to cover emergencies or furnish a replacement to do the work for him. Guidelines, your resume for pumper position must not exceed one page. Draft and tailor your resume to fit the specific qualifications of the pumper position. Use a clear, readable font such as Ariel, verdana, courier or Palatino with a size of 10-12 points. Keep your resume orderly and clean yet simple. Print it on white or off-white 20-24 pound stock paper.

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The lease operator must measure the amount of qualities oil with a special tape. The tape measures the current amount of oil in the tank. Chemicals are added to the oil to lighten it up and allow water to separate. The operator also has to measure the amount of water in the oil. The water is separated and drained into a separate tank for disposal. Paperwork, evgeny bashta/iStock/Getty Images, lease operators must extensively document oil production from each well in the field. This information is sent to the company and used to establish production levels and a record for sales. Reports are sent in daily and a monthly report is common. Roger Milley/iStock/Getty Images, the job of a lease operator does not end here. They must be on call for emergencies such as equipment failure.

Charting Natural Gas, images. Many oil fields also produce natural gas, which is a valuable product that is separated from the daddy oil. The lease operator is responsible for the charts that measure the amount of natural gas. This can include analog paper readouts, but is mostly done digitally. Natural gas is often sold to a third party, thus the charts are important for establishing payment to the oil field operator and the mineral rights holder. The lease operator must keep the charting equipment working and study readouts to see if they indicate production issues. Storage tanks, huyangshu/iStock/Getty Images, once oil is collected it is piped to storage tanks.

oil field pumper resume

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They must report spills and prevent shutdowns from equipment failure. Monitoring Wells, kuzma/iStock/Getty Images, the primary responsibility of a lease operator is to ensure that the company's wells are operating properly. Wells in oilfields are often located over long distances and in land leased from several people. The lease operator must drive to each well and check that the mechanical components of the well are working and pipes are not blocked or obstructed. Some wells have gas compressors, which make natural gas denser and easier to ship via pipelines. These must be maintained and restarted when they turn off. Problems must be reported to the company that rents the units out. Heat Treaters and Dehydrators, which are devices that separate the gas, oil and water from the well, must be maintained. During cold weather methanol may be added to prevent water from freezing.

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oil field pumper resume

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Performing weekly and monthly permissability exams on various types of mine equipment 6 months as section mechanic Performed routine services of various types of mine equipment 1 year as pumper performing repairs, routine maintenance, permissability, new pump installations, and recovery of old pumps and power. Responsible for maintenance and coordination with contractors for all oilfield construction and major maintenance projects on the lease. Fully functional. And Advocet (oilfield accounting and production software) Candidate Info 9 Concrete pumper and Finisher, finance Analyst Created budgets in amount of thousands of dollars on a monthly basis Responded to customer inquiries on daily basis Performed basic accounting procedure such as invoices Finalized formal bids. Upload your resume and within 48 hours TopResume will email you a detailed analysis of what hiring managers and automated systems think of your resume and how to improve.


Your resume has been submitted successfully! You will receive a confirmation soon. Email: Resume: Browse Upload Resume file. Lease operators, also called pumpers or gaugers, are employees of gas and oil companies that work in the field to monitor equipment and to report the amount the oil extracted from the ground. They must be able to maintain the equipment on the site and make sure it follows environmental rules.

Performed lease maintenance including surface pump and production equipment/repairs/adjustments at the well site. Recommended course of action to correct problems resulting in continuous production being maintained. Assisted in meter calibrations, monitor rates/pressure on injection wells and make the necessary adjustments, monitor chemical use, and test safety systems daily, which results in maximizing daily production. Performed repairs to surface pump/motors including: checking minor electrical issues, replacing faulty valves, and repairing mechanical issues. Performed preventative maintenance on various types of artificial lift systems including: compressors, electrical submersible pumps (ESPs plunger lift, and rod-pump. Performed maintenance on multiple (3) Salt Water Disposal Wells and facilities.

Candidate Info 5, pumper / Flood Technician, responsible for monitoring assinged batteries and wells. Troubleshoot and determine bad oil problems and apply the proper solutions so that oil is at production levels. To monitor Production Separators to make sure levels are good and assure that all dump valves are operating properly. Assure that all satellites are testing individually that all wells are continually operating in proper condition and provide proper packing to any well as needed. To provide a flowline leak with proper clamp if needed. Candidate Info 6 Me2/pumper 4 months as diesel shop mechanic repairing and troubleshooting heavy equipment as well as dodge mantrips.

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Have increased production on most of the wells that I have been responsible for by using a common sense approach in regards to the equipment placed at each well sight. Have familiarized myself with the individual wells and incorporate different changes to valves to accomplish increased production. In charge of reporting any problems that cannot be physically fixed myself. Inform my superiors of any problems at any of my sights. Have optimal safety knowledge and certifications. Candidate Info 4, lease Operator/pumper, gauged production on multiple (50) wells, report gauge readings, downtime and other information to the company office. Maintained and perform paper preventative maintenance on production equipment located at multiple (16) central tank batteries (CTBs). Maintained accurate data regarding total production (oil/water/gas) at each ctb and accurately record daily sales through transfer pumps, lact units, gas sales meters, and truck haul tickets.

oil field pumper resume

Maintained, adjusted, made minor repairs, and operated equipment. Candidate Info 2, pumper/production Supervisor, company did not offer insurance (family support). Had an opportunity as an operator that nearly doubled salary from superintendent role and offered essay insurance. Dietert swd 1(Saltwater Disposal) in Encinal, texas. Supervised six employees, i supervised and trained employees to recognize different types of fluids that are allowed into the disposal as well as recognizing the dangers through the msds, and coordinating safety practices for a safe working environment. Responsible for Construction, Training, and Operations. Assisted in establishing the land with well-equipped employees. Made sure yard was in necessary compliance with all proper regulations and well prepared for production. Candidate Info 3, pumper ii - lease Operator, responsible for maintenance on 20 wells per day.

operated engines/pumps at 30 wells within defined operating parameters. Operated main compressor and pumped oil into trucks, controlling hazardous spills. Inspected tanks and attached piping components for leaks or unusual conditions and made safety and environmental corrective actions. Surveyed pipeline areas to detect leaks. Reported leaks to maintenance and repair crews.

Experience level, sandRidge Energy, inc - 10 reviews - alva, ok, overview Responsible for preventative maintenance and repair oil production facilities. Operates oil production and injection equipment in accordance with. Desired Experience: Driver's License, view all. SandRidge Energy, inc jobs in Alva, ok, alva jobs, learn more about working at Sandridge Energy, inc Sandridge Energy, inc questions about work, benefits, interviews and hiring process: Related forums: SandRidge Energy, inc - alva, oklahoma rover Petroleum Management - abilene, tx pumper Pickle. Pumpers work on oilfields and are in charge with operating power pump equipment used to pump oil. Duties listed on a pumper example resume are setting the rate of pumping, following production schedules, operating valves and compressors to separate natural gas, handling pump maintenance and repairs, and assembling pipes. Those interested in a pumper position should be able type to demonstrate the following assets throughout their resumes: physical strength, stamina, teamwork, attention to safety, effective communication, being able to work on site for long periods of time, and teamwork.

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Team concept and safety awareness are important skills to include in an oil field job resume. We focused on both of these aspects, as you can see in this resume sample. It shows his strong accomplishments and skills, which are all relevant to his job objective. The petroleum industry is not glitzy or formal, so this resume was designed using a simple word format. Filter results by: Sort by: relevance - date, salary Estimate, job Type, location, midland, tx (15). Carlsbad, nm (13 oklahoma city, ok (5 evans, co (5 denver, co (5 pecos, tx (4 appleton, wi (4 spearman, tx (3). West, tx (3 odessa, tx (3 artesia, nm (3 palm Springs, ca (3 dickinson, nd (3 arizona (2) more company more ».

Oil field pumper resume
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Also wellhead Pumper Jobs. Operate power pumps and auxiliary equipment to produce flow of oil or gas from wells in oil field. 2) Is your resume getting you enough interviews?

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  1. Lu brication and adjustment duties for all oil field equipment; Detect problems. Oilfield resume samples oilfield resumes pharmacy tech resume. Oil field pumper sample sales entry level samples oilfield operator resume. An example of a oil field resume that actually got a real person the job that they wanted. 267 Pumper jobs available. Oil and Gas Operator currently seekin g a pumper for our oil and gas.

  2. Pumper / lease Operator. This page contains a good resume sample for pumper positions inclu ding mechanical, tank, oilfield, concrete, oil gas, cylinder and sanitation. With management experience and exceptional people skills I have 11 years in the oi l and gas industry with numerous achievements. Versed in safety and hard. Pumper Resume samples and examples of curated bullet points for your resume.

  3. Find the best Pumper resume samples to help you improve your own resume. Respo nsible for maintenance and coordination with contractors for all oilfield. Find the best lease Operator resume samples to help you improve your own resume. E ach resume. Lease Operators work in the oil and gas industry and are also called gaugers or pumpers. Their main duty.

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