Report on trip to zoo

report on trip to zoo

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 I decided to start walking in the direction I *thought* we were supposed to be going.  As we were walking, i tried locating someone who worked at the zoo, but we never ended up running into anybody who could help. . we ended up walking the wrong direction for about five minutes, and we had no waterand about 3 kids needed to use the restroom.  So that five minutes seemed like forever! My advice to you would be to familiarize yourself with the area, and get yourself a map right away!  As much as I tried to prepare, i still struggled.

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Facebook group is going to save your trip! When you are finished really reading, be sure to request to join the group so you can see what everybodys suggestions were! They were all so valuable! A little story about my first year to the zoo. I had 33 kindergarteners in my classroom, most of which were English Language learners. We went to the Phoenix zoo. Being from Illinois, i was unfamiliar with the layout of the zoo. I managed to swing the majority of the trip because i was quite prepared, and I did my homework. We were having a great time thesis until it was time to leave. Since we werent allowed to split up, i had my whole class and about 3 chaperones with. I didnt exactly know the way out, and none of the chaperones could figure it out either.

Comments: If you'd like to, send us copies of your Animal Research Papers to billy bear. You can mail them to: Billy bear x 132 Tipton, michigan 49287. If you decide to send us copies of what you've found out about the animals. Be sure to include the School's Name, the grade you are in and the zoo you visited. Hi guys this was my trip to the zoo and yes i edit this enjoy. Travel Insurance"s - compare, my favourite road trip through, trip - english-French Dictionary, i made my shed the top Rated, rate my professors - review teachers, fml : business your everyday life stor, abc tv's Australian Story, best Trip Choices, google Flig, Opinion dont Harsh. Araurviving a field trip to the zoo should be a college preparation course for all teaching candidates. Seriouslyif you have not yet taken your class to the zoo, and you are about to, this post from the experienced teachers in our.

report on trip to zoo

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You, can speak up at any time with information you may wish to include. But my guess is, by watching the kids during our visits to the zoos. We can learn a lot from the young ones! Suggestions: Tape the students as they give the reports. Have the tape playing during a "Parents Night" so they can see just how much their children know about our animals. Students best can use the material they've collected to create wonderful school bulletin boards. Students can use the material to create a zoo book and place it in the school library to share with others. Students can create articles for your local newspaper about the animal (aniaml group) and their trip to the zoo. Use our printable animal stationery to send Thank you letters to the zoo.

Use maps to show where the animals live in their natural habitat region. The students can find information and photos right here at m using the "Tickle the toes" game. We have photos, cut outs, coloring pages, flash cards. We've even supplied a link to yahooligans (a kid safe search engine) so they can find more information about animals. Animal writing worksheets for the kids who are learning to write can be found in our Worksheet Games area. Part four: groups give their reports allow the students to tell you about elephants (their animal, or animal group). Read their report, share the information they've gathered about this animal (including any photos they took during the zoo visit). After they've given their information, have the listening students ask questions or add what they know, or learned during their visit to the zoo. See just how much they've learned.

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report on trip to zoo

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This is not good for the animals. Some items can be very dangerous for the animals. Some animals will even try to eat the trash, and it could make them very sick. Q: What do you do if you get lost? A: Find a zoo worker and ask them for help.

Most will be wearing special zoo shirts so you know who they are. Find out where the location is for "lost" kids ahead of essay time, and point out this area when you arrive at the zoo. It's a good idea (esp with larger zoos) to let the kids know how important it is to stay together. Part three: groups prepare their reports. Have each student (group) research their animal (or animal group) Use the internet, school library, and information they gathered from their trip to the zoo. Research PrintOut, suggestions: Drawings of the animals by students. Some ideas on how to make objects from clay, visit our.

Toledo zoo, and a few others i've noticed have tv specials now about their zoo and the animals who live there. Part two: the field trip, print the Photo page of Animals for your students. This paper can be given out to use during your trip, or in the classroom after the visit. Put a mark (a star or a small sticker would be a nice touch) on the animal that is given to them (or their group) to learn about. Have the students mark off what animals they saw during their visit to the zoo.

Write down the animal's name, and brief information about the animal. What they thought was interesting about that animal. Here are a few questions you can ask before your trip or on the bus ride to the zoo: Q: Why can't you feed the animals at the zoo? A: you used to be able to feed the animals at the zoos. In doing so, many of the animals became sick, and some even died because they were given too much food during the day. A lot of the foods they were given by zoo visitors weren't good for them to eat. Q: What happens if you toss your trash on the ground instead of the trash cans? A: Many zoos have stopped giving us straws or lids for our drinks because people would drop them into the animals house area. Or instead of throwing the trash away they'd toss them on the ground and they'd end up in the animal's house areas.

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Find the zoo that you will be visiting on the internet so the students have an idea of what they will see. Print out the map and go summary over the different sections of the zoo with them. If you are not sure where the zoo's site is, look at the. Aza web site they have a large listing of all the zoos online that are members of this group. While you are on the zoo web Page. Check to see what they offer schools for their field trips. Will set up special group events. Some will bring items to your classroom.

report on trip to zoo

to learn about. Have them spend more time with that animal than any of the other animals. Have someone (or each can do this) be in charge of writing down information about the animal as they watch. This is what the zoo's researchers do when they are learning about the animals. Research PrintOut - observation, oberservation Worksheet, ask an attendant (zoo keeper) questions about the animals. Read information signs, look at pictures!

Scavenger hunt, each child (or paired off in groups of two) are given a list of things to find while at the word zoo. Like flowers, trees, a building (like the lost and found building, first aid building, gift shop). To add to the fun. Make different lists so they aren't all looking for the same animal/thing. Print scavenger hunt cards. Download our, scavenger Hunt Software. You are able to create your own pages by dragging the animal pictures to the page you want to print. Lesson Plan, a field Trip to the zoo using the Internet.

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Count off, have each child partner up with another. Each student looks for his/her partner. If they see their partner. If their partner is missing. That child should say "check needed". Each group of two is given a number. When you say "sound off" the first 2 look for each other and each say "1". And revelation so on until all in your group have counted off.

Report on trip to zoo
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  1. Hi guys this was my trip to the zoo and yes i edit this. Page: my trip to ireland, my trip to new york city, my trip to the esb write in a short report. Filed Under: Trip Report, zoos Tagged With: Brevard zoo, discovery Island, Florida, one song, poems, Trains, trip report. A trip to the zoo. Every year, the top juniors in Martin Bormann Academy went by coach.

  2. Toddlers notice kangaroos mating on trip to the zoo with Dad. My daughters love to feed the freely roaming kangaroos at the lone pine koala sanctuary. Araurviving a field trip to the zoo. I dont usually do a scavenger hunt-I just ask students to pay close attention so they can report on an animal. Read their report, share the. Students can create articles for your local newspaper about the animal (aniaml group) and their trip to the zoo.

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