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roger and ebert movie reviews

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And when the sun went down, he ran again. For five days he ran like this until every sign of man had disappeared.". This confession inspires Jane to turn her back to the window and tell her own story. At one point she turns off the light in her cubicle and he turns a light to his face and she can even see him. He tells her that Hunter is waiting for her in the meridian Hotel, room 1520. "He needs you now, jane. And he wants to see you.".

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The girl was very young, about 17 or 18, i guess. And the guy was quite a bit older. He was kind of raggedy and wild. And she was very beautiful, you know?". He tells of a time when even a trip to the grocery store was an adventure. When he would quit jobs just so he could be at home with her. And then how the jealousy began to eat at him: "Then he'd manager yell at her and start smashing things in the trailer." When Jane repeats, "the trailer?" it is short clear she knows this is Travis (I think she knows sooner, and gives it away with. He continues with his story, ended when the marriage is in wreckage and he awakens with the trailer on fire: "Then he ran. He never looked back at the fire. He ran until the sun came up and he couldn't run any further.

Travis is hauled back from despair and reunited with his brother's family and Hunter. The more he sees the family the more he feels that Hunter belongs with his biological mother. The journey takes them to houston, and then everything narrows down to the heartbreaking scenes in which Travis and Jane try to explain themselves to one another. Their first conversation is halting and painful, as Travis tries to determine if Jane goes home with her customers for money. We understand that Travis asks not out of jealousy, but because he is forming a plan. In the second conversation, even though Jane cannot see summary him and his voice is distanced by the tinny sound of the phone, travis turns his back to the window. He cannot even look at Jane while telling her a story. Advertisement "I knew these people travis begins, in one of the great monologues of movie history. They were in love with each other.

roger and ebert movie reviews

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In the wenders and Shepard telling, jane is discovered working in a sex club, where her specialty is sitting behind one-way glass and talking with her customers over a telephone. The database buried theme in each case is the need to save the woman from what is perceived as sexual bondage. All three heroes-those played. John wayne, robert de niro and Stanton-are somewhat misguided in their quest, not quite understanding the role of the woman. The journey from Los Angeles to houston includes many long mini talks between Travis and Hunter, and I was reminded of Wenders' "Kings of the road" (1976 where two men share a long journey and talk especially about women, how they need them and do not. Travis and Hunter talk obliquely about the missing wife and mother, but they also cover the big Bang and the theory of relativity. Although they are sharing the front seat of the truck, they sometimes speak over walkie-talkies. This mechanical intervention in their conversation is reflected later, when Travis talks with his wife on the telephones in the booths at the sex club. "Paris, texas" is as linear as an arrow.

Nastassja kinski who could no longer care for him, but who sends a check every month from a bank in houston. Travis is not insane, not acting out his alienation. He is simply lost in grief, despairing at the way his marriage was joyous for a brief time and then was destroyed by his own drinking and jealousy. He stays for a time with the hendersons, slowly wins Hunter's trust, walks home with him from school in a sweet little scene where they copy each other's gaits. Then he has a serious conversation with Hunter that leads to them getting into Travis's old Ford pickup and driving to houston to find Jane. Advertisement, the movie is always compared to john Ford's ". The searchers a film in which a man wanders in the desert to look for a young woman lost to the Indians. Another film said to be inspired by "The searchers" is Scorsese's ". Taxi Driver where the hero (also named Travis) tries to rescue a young woman from the clutches of a pimp.

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roger and ebert movie reviews

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Travis in for "Paris, texas" is like damiel, the guardian angel in ". Wings of Desire." he loves and cares, he empathizes, but he cannot touch. He does not have that gift. The movie's story is simply told. Harry dean Stanton ) asks for water at a backroads gas station, collapses, is cared hot for at the local hospital. His brother Walt Henderson (. Dean Stockwell ) comes to fetch him, but when they stop on the road he starts walking away again, down the railroad tracks.

He will not speak. And when he finally does start speaking, it's as if he is haltingly reassembling a self that he lost track. Walt and his wife Anne (. Aurore Clement ) live in Los Angeles with Hunter (Hunter Carson who is Travis' son. We gradually learn pieces of the story: Hunter was left with the hendersons by Travis' wife jane (.

But here's the thing: I'm reviewing the movie. The issue is not whether the movie is ever so faithful to the comic strip or whether it will satisfy the hardcore fans. And as a stand-alone film, from the characters to the alleged humor to the plot to the action sequences to the twists and turns, this movie what's the word? The man comes walking out of the desert like a biblical figure, a penitent who has renounced the world. He wears jeans and a baseball cap, the universal costume of America, but the scraggly beard, the deep eye sockets and the tireless lope of his walk tell a story of wandering in the wilderness. What is he looking for?

Wim Wenders' "Paris, texas" (1984) is the story of loss upon loss. This man, whose name is Travis, was once married and had a little boy. Then that all went wrong, and he lost his wife and child, and for years he wandered. Now he will find his family and lose it again, this time not through madness but through sacrifice. He will give them up out of his love for them. Advertisement, the movie lacks any of the gimmicks used to pump up emotion and add story interest, because it doesn't need them: It is fascinated by the sadness of its own truth. The screenplay was written. Sam Shepard, that playwright of alienation and rage, and it reflects themes that repeat all through Wenders' career. He is attracted to the road movie, to American myth, to those who stand outside and witness suffering.

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Even at 10 years old, i thought that the whole "G.I. Joe, fighting man from head to toe" thing was just a goofy way of selling dolls to boys. Nor was I fan of the various "G.I. Joe" comic book series through the years — and yes, that means I'm not versed in the marvel Comics that ran in the 1980s or the more recent series that have their fanboy bases. I can promise you when this review and the video versions are published, the comments on the websites of the sun-Times and Roger reviews Ebert and and a dozen other places will be more entertaining than the movie itself. To which I say: good for you. It's important to be passionate about something.

roger and ebert movie reviews

I'm sorry, but if you're older than 12 and/or not involved in a serious nostalgia trip, how can you take any of this stuff seriously? Advertisement, the dialogue and exposition scenes in "G.I. Joe" are like something out of a saturday morning cartoon from the 1980s, but the pg-13 violence is a little intense for the 7-year-old boys (and girls) who might love this stuff. The end game here is we have a villain who says he "wants it all meaning control of the world, but as is so often the case with these bad guys, first he wants to blow up much of the world, which always has. Evil Bad guy want to rule over a vast, nuclear-poisoned wasteland? Where's the fun in that? Full disclosure here: I did not play with. Joe where action figures when I was a kid.

of Cobra " (2009 at least had a sense of its own absurdity, but the sequel is a heavy-handed, explosion-riddled, ear-piercing disaster with an insanely stupid plot and an endless stream of mostly generic fight sequences that straddle the pg-13 line. Sure, there are all kinds of cool toys and breathtaking mountain-side fight sequences and guns-and-against swords nonsense, but they're all so clearly fake, so clearly concocted in the cgi lab, that we're bored when we should be saying, "holy bleep.". We pick up the action in "Retaliation" with some generic buddy-movie bonding between duke (Channing Tatum) and roadblock (. They engage in semi-witty banter while taking out the enemy, playing video games or hanging with roadblock's family. But soon the playing field gets crowded, with Flint (D.J. Cotrona lady jaye (Adrianne palicki) and Snake eyes (. Ray park ) going up against the cobra commander, Storm Shadow and Firefly.

How many times am I going to have to walk in slow motion with flames bursting all around me? Am I going to do be doing this when I'm 70?". Tatum: "i've got to talk parts to my agent about these 'must appear in the sequel' contracts.". Adrianne palicki : "hey everybody, remember me? I was on 'Friday night Lights'! That show had actual writing!". Joe: Retaliation" is a video game for the big screen is to insult a number of video games that are far more creative, challenging and better-looking. Like a dumpster bin behind Tiffany's, this contains nothing but well-packaged garbage.

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Seeing as how "G.I. Joe: Retaliation" is a live-action cartoon, i wish we could have seen thought balloons above the heads. Channing Tatum, dwayne the rock " Johnson and, bruce willis, among others, as they filmed this ridiculous and overblown debacle. Not their characters, mind you. I wanted to see thought balloons indicating what was going through the minds of the actors as they went through their paces: Willis: "Let's see, this paycheck will cover the vacation house for what, another summary two years; plus, i can get a gold harmonica. Hey, i wonder if any of these punks saw the original 'die hard'? Wait, they want me to say what about Patton's gun? Advertisement, johnson: "I know they're going to turn this scene into a slow-motion group-walk in the editing.

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  1. proclaimed Dignan (Owen Wilson the reckless child-man in Wes Anderson's bottle rocket (1996). Now it's 10 years. can't buy me love makes American teenagers look like stupid and materialistic twits. That would be all right if the movie were aware. won a pulitzer Prize for his writing, but just as influential as his print essays were his thumbs up and thumbs down movie reviews.

  2. The Sting is one of the most stylish movies of the year. That's an especially pleasant surprise because it reunites the co-stars and. How do you make a film about a life-sized love doll, ordered through the Internet, into a life-affirming statement of hope? The man comes walking out of the desert like a biblical figure, a penitent who has renounced the world. He wears jeans and a baseball. is a movie about cheap whiskey and black coffee, all-night drunks and lost jobs, and the bad times you can have with good-time girls.

  3. on tuesday, he announced a recurrence of his cancer and said it would mean a leave of presence on his website and fewer movie reviews. Here is just one small moment in return of Jedi, a moment you could miss if you looked away from the screen, but a moment that helps. Roger Ebert 's journal Video: Roger Ebert on 11th hour Chaz's journal in 1942, and died a little over five years ago. We never remember in chronological order, especially when were going back over a failed romance. We start near the end, and then hop.

  4. They were the joke of the town, even. A good movie that buckles beneath the weight of its responsibilities to the franchise. Roger, ebert 's journal Video: Roger, ebert on 11th. I was consistently impressed by the directors willingness to take risks and steer this movie out of conventional territory. There is no need for this movie. That's true of most sequels, but it's especially true of Smokey and the bandit ii, which.

  5. A few years ago there were stories in the papers about a couple of California kids who were caught selling government secrets to the. when this review and the video versions are published, the comments on the websites of the sun-Times and. Roger, ebert and and. Ennis tells Jack about something he saw as a boy. There were two old guys shacked up together.

  6. Jumanji is being promoted as a jolly holiday season entertainment, with ads that show Robin Williams with a twinkle in his eye. The Thing is a great barf-bag movie, all right, but is it any good? I found it disappointing, for two reasons: the superficial. Roger, ebert 's journal Video: Roger, ebert on 11th hour Chaz's journal in 1942, and died a little over five years ago. I owe a good part.

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