Stationary and paper stores

stationary and paper stores

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Im talking stationery decorated in floral prints, tapestries, quirky illustrations and more in various designs and styles. Rifle paper co, available at various stockists, including Cat Socrates, paper Market, gallery co, cumulus and more. Cat Socrates, for something a little more off-beat, chances are youll find the perfect stationery at Cat Socrates. Step into this quirky, indie lifestyle store for beautifully illustrated notebooks, cards, colouring books, wrapping paper and more by local brands, as well as pretty organisers by us-based Rifle paper. And uk-based Ohh deer. Add a couple of kitty prints, vintage memorabilia and other adorable kitschy items from all over the world, including nifty, singapore-inspired knick-knacks by local designers and youre all set. Cat Socrates, available at multiple locations, including 448 joo chiat road, singapore 427661.

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Filled with plenty of beautiful designs, trust us, you wouldnt be bagging just one. The paper Bunny, available at various stockists, including Isetan Scotts, tangs at Tangs Plaza, mondays Off and naiise. Muji, its not hard to find modern mujis stationery station at its Plaza singapura flagship store; its the area with the hanging pens. We dare you to resist the rainbow round table filled with a kaleidoscope of pens in different colours. A stationery heaven, youll find everything from colour markers to animal stamps. Thanks to its sealed notebooks, you wont even have to rummage through its stocks to find one sans dog ears and creases. Muji, 01-10 to 17, Plaza singapura, 68 Orchard road, singapore 238839. Photography: courtesy of Rifle. Rifle paper co, heres a confession: I stalk the rifle paper Cos Instagram page on a daily basis. Because this Florida-based stationery and lifestyle brand stocks a brimful of gorgeous notebooks, writing sets, notepads, file folders, cards, phone cases, and more.

Your best friends birthday is looming and youve decided to legs surprise her with a witty birthday card and a cool diy gift? . Then its definitely time to visit a stationery store. Not sure where to go? Well, weve got you covered. Here are our favourite stationery stores in Singapore that you have to check out. You might just wanna pen this down. Gorgeous designs at the paper Bunny. Photography: courtesy of the paper Bunny via facebook. The paper Bunny, this local stationery and lifestyle brand offers both custom stationery for weddings and events, as well as a collection of ready-to-purchase lifestyle products such as notebooks, prints, planners and patches in minimalist designs, vibrant hues and brush letterings for the modern paper.

stationary and paper stores

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You will also feel lost in a heap of emotions as you imagine all the possibilities of what you can create seoul, in Arnold Schwarzeneggers voice ill be back. Read Next: Ultimate Travel guide to seoul pin for later note: This blog post fuller contains some affiliate dates links that come at no extra cost to you. If you would like to learn more, please read my disclosure policy. Thanks for supporting enSquaredAired. Looking for back-to-school essentials or stocking up on office supplies? Our list of stationery stores in Singapore might just be what you need! Office running out of printing paper? Need a new organiser for you to note down your weekly meetings and plans?

If you are into calligraphy, you will know that Rhodia is a premium paper product and is amazing for calligraphy. The smoothness, the whiteness of the paper oh, the beauty! If you dont understand now, youll understand when you use Rhodia. Related: seoul Travel Tips to read Before your Trip to korea other Korean stationery stores in Namdaemun market After you have visited Alpha, you will find some stores in the same area that carries the cutest arts and crafts supplies. Stationery store in Namdaemun market with tons and tons of cute crafty supplies beautiful bags and packaging Narrow and creepy looking stairways leading to stationery heaven! Markers of every colour imaginable, and wedding party favour packages galore some things to keep in mind when searching for cute korean stationery in seoul you will find many cute diy arts and crafts kits that produce adorable products. The only downside is that the instructions are in Korean and there are no diagrams Most places take credit card, although cash will probably make the transaction easier Know what you are looking for and plan on what you want to buy. Otherwise, expect to feel lost in all the products that you will see.

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stationary and paper stores

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Alpha has multiple locations in seoul, but the mother of all Alpha stores is in Namdaemun market. There are four floors of stationery heaven, with over twenty rooms filled with stationery and art supplies. There is a paper room, an art room, a pen room yes, a pen room. Seriously, it is a room full of pens. I spent.5 hours at Alpha but could have stayed longer if not for my same-day flight to bangkok. Full disclaimer: While i did visit Alpha the previous day, i only saw the main floor.

Moral of the story: always look. Cute stationery on the main floor! Not only does Alpha have four floors of incredibly beautiful supplies, but they also have an alleyway full of stationery! The alley carried some beautiful Korean cards. Alpha carries supplies for those who want to build miniature models. Everything you can need to create modelsan architects dream The largest Rhodia collection I have ever seen in a store At first glance, alpha looks like it carries some random cute stuff, but upon further inspection, youll see that they sell some legit serious products. Take the Rhodia notebook collection, as an example.

1300k : This shop looks like they have a lot of Korean stationery, some from international brands as well. Dongdaemun stationery street : Sadly, i couldnt find this street when i visited Dongdaemun. I got to the station and asked the tourist information site for help, but I got puzzled looks in return. As a result, i drowned my sorrows in Korean food while wandering the shopping complex instead. Related: Ideas On Things to do while In seoul Disappointment came too early i was slightly disappointed after visiting almost all the stores on my list.

While each store did carry stationery, the selection was pretty limited and small. I tried asking the tourist information centers and my hotel concierge for help but to no avail. The places they recommended were large department stores that did not carry the selection of stationery i was looking to buy. Where are all the korean stationery that I come across outside of seoul? By the end of my first day, i gave up looking for good stationery shops. On my second day in seoul, i went back to namdaemun market because i was craving Korean dumplings and Korean street food. While there, i wandered aroundonly to realize there is a whole street filled with stationery stores in the market! Huge stationery section in Namdaemun market Alpha alpha store is the store to go to for reasonably priced stationery now, lets start by talking about the king of all stationery stores.

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M, other popular Korean stationery stores to check out. While i havent had the chance to personally visit these stationery stores during reviews my trip to seoul, these shops are places youd want to consider adding to your hunt for cute korean stationery: Noldagage Stationery : This shop specializes in Webtoon characters 10X10 Ten. Jam Studio : Another cute stationery store with a cute smile with jam tagline. Theres so many adorable notebooks, planners, and pens. It looks like you can shop online as well. Millimeter essay Milligram : Also known as mmmg, this Korean store has many locations around seoul. Kosney : Lifestyle shop that sells basic and feminine stationery items. Object : This shop sells contemporary looking stationery.

stationary and paper stores

Kyobo bookstore., Ltd. ) : kyobo is a bookstore chain that you can find all across seoul. Unfortunately, the stationery ramzan selection ranges depending on the store and the ones i visited were far too small regarding stationery options. ArtBox : Artbox is a famous chain store with tons of lovely stationery. Like, over the top cute! Line friends : Line friends is a brand of cute animated characters and is one of Asias top animation brands. Alpha : The best stationery store, in my opinion. Keep reading for more details.

My first inkling about visiting seoul to find stationery was in 2011 when I was in Bangkok. While on that trip, i encountered tons and tons of cute korean stationery and thought to myself, one day, ill visit Korea and buy all the stationery i can dream of buying. Fast track to my month long trip to Asia where i was able to stopover in seoul for two days. Two days in Korea, a partial wish come true! Naturally, i put together a short list of stores to check out with the little time i had in seoul. Related: The year i left Home to travel The world. The chosen ones (aka, the list of Korean stationery shops to visit).

Its an obsession, really. So of course i was beyond thrilled when. Sweet Paper had me along to photograph their store! Its the cutest store filled with paper goodness, and non-paper goodness to! Its owned by two amazing thesis sweet sisters, julie teresa. They are two seriously fabulous ladies, and I loved spending time with them for this shoot! I also love the fact that in their store, they have a bridal table where they like to meet with brides to discuss their wedding invites! So if youre in need of some beautiful letterpressed invitations, or just want to drool over beauitful paper products, go check them out! Sweet Paper 7527 la jolla boulevard, number 1 (between pearl.

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We love to create beautiful stationery. Whether choosing from our collection or using our custom service we are passionate about all the little details. Little paper Store is perfect for those wanting unique stationery thats affordable, beautifully simple and impossible to forget. We would love to hear from you! Cute paper adorable gifts stationary invitations two stellar ladies all around awesomeness. I love stationary/paper stores. I could spend hours in them. .

Stationary and paper stores
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Jam paper envelope Store Information. Our New Jersey stationery store hours are: Monday - friday: 8:00am - 5:45pm Saturday - sunday: closed.

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  1. If you need to scan a document it is best to go to a store such as Kinko's FedX. All muji vacation New Arrival Limited Time value apparel Children's Home fabric Furniture/Storage/Interior health beauty kitchen Bathroom housekeeping Stationery Snacks Clearance new Arrival Home. Stationery and paper goods store The paper Stone has seven locations in Singapore, including one at nex shopping mall (23 Serangoon Central). Following the facebook page, you can keep up to date on the stores sales and promotions, new products, and upcoming events. The paperplace is a stationery store specialised in fine paper and stationery, cards, gift wrap, wedding invitation, personalised stationary and social printing.

  2. Prepare for the new term or stock up on your office supplies with our wide selection of stationery including paper, paper storage, adhesives, pens and much more. Careers at b m stores. With so many stationery stores available on the Internet, however, how do you find one that sells cute products and also has affordable prices. A better and more convenient way to shop for high-quality paper supplies is to go to an online stationary stores website. Stationary stores deal with just the sale of paper stationary and accessories for such stationary.

  3. I love stationary /paper stores. So of course i was beyond thrilled when Sweet Paper had me along to photograph their store! Its the cutest store filled with paper goodness, and non-paper goodness to! Whether choosing from our collection or using our custom service we are passionate about all the little details. Little paper Store is perfect for those wanting unique stationery thats affordable, beautifully simple and impossible to forget.

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