Taken movie review

taken movie review

Taken movie review film Summary (2009) roger Ebert

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Taken - movie reviews - rotten Tomatoes

So really, maybe the end wasnt disappointing, its just our perspective on how we feel a film about fighting should end. Overall, Knuckle is a unique film because it gives us a rare glimpse into the lives of Irish Travellers and the culture of bare-knuckle boxing that has now been deeply engrained in their society. There are no boxing gloves, not pretty people putting on a show, just men willing to destroy themselves for the sake of their familys name. Its a cool documentary assessment for those interested in the subject matter, but if fighting or learning about cultures isnt your thing, then maybe you should give this one a pass. Rating : A haymaker of a documentary but without its share of bumps and bruises (6.5/10). Tags: 2011 documentary, ian Palmer, ireland irish, james quinn McDonagh, knuckle. Paddy joyce sundance film festival 2011.

He seems to be the instigator of many of the fights, seeing as how James never challenges anybody, and since he is also a relative of James it would seem to make sense that we would learn a lot about his point of view. The film focuses on the McDonaghs but much of the engaging story is a result of James and Paddys ideology and their view of the fights and feud mini history. Palmer loses his grip on the audience a little more than half way into the feature and its because he ends up focusing on the rest of the McDonaghs, where the repetition comes into play. At least we are able to see how crazy paddy is when we see old men old men coming out of retirement to fight each other, thats where you learn that the fighting is actually pathetic. The build up to the final fight and finale. Knuckle is a bit disappointing. We see paddy, james younger brother, get a rematch with a guy who he lost to ten years ago and when it ends it seems like a truce has been made when, in reality, another fight will happen in probably seven months with the same. What the film does is show that it is actually the spectators that instigate, as i, along with the people in the crowd on film, wanted to see an exciting fight.

taken movie review

Taken (2009) - rotten Tomatoes

Its hard not to respect these guys for what they do, no matter how stupid the subject of the feud may be because it is clean and is a business temporary way to calm everybody down. Imagine today if you could solve your problems with a fair fight and that would be the end of it, we would save so much time and money because people would stop bitching and suing each other. Plus, then people would know how to fight and then maybe the pussification of the world might decrease. While the documentary itself is quite an impressive feat for the fact that it is the culmination of 12 years worth of work for Ian Palmer, it has one flaw that sucks a little bit of its entertainment value dry and that flaw is repetition. While some repetition makes sense in that the Travellers are trying to drive a point into your potentially thick skull, it eventually feels like palmer is beating a dead writing horse with the amount of times we here how ridiculous the reasons the fights are and. While many believe they are fighting for honor and respect, money definitely seems like the stronger hidden desire for at least the McDonaghs. One other problem with the movie is that Palmer interviews the joyces and we learn all about Paddy The lurcher and his angry temper.

Yet while it's fun to watch him take out the eurotrash, we've seen him do it better. One of the smaller films that hit theaters this weekend has nothing to do with celebrating a new year, babysitting children or uncovering spies; this little film is about men who settle stupid arguments the old fashioned way, with their bare fists. Ian Palmers decade spanning documentary, titled, knuckle, is about feuding Irish travelling clans who settle their scores through bare knuckle boxing, think of Brad Pitts character, the pikey,. More specifically, the film follows. James quinn McDonagh, an undefeated fighter and his brother. Paddy The lurcher joyce as they both fight for their familys reputation and honor, despite how silly the feuds might. The movie, which features 12 years worth of film and various technological changes, gives us an inside look at the normally private lives of Irish Travellers and how feuding between family members initially began and still drives them all to fight today. What started out as a bar fight gone wrong turned into fight challenges via video tape has now become a cyclical affair with fair fights being initiated because families want to fight for the name and be the best. The crazy part about all of this is that a large majority of the clans we are introduced to are actually related; they are fighting and spilling their own blood.

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taken movie review

Taken (2008) - imdb

On Demand, dvd blu-ray, available from 5 providers, flicks review. The peoples' reviews, average ratings from 6 ratings, 6 reviews. The Press reviews, the cast is short uniformly capable and dead serious, and if you're buying what Luc Besson is selling, he's not short-changing you. Full review, the first lovely one offered the novel sight of Oskar Schindler going Commando. Unfortunately, this half-hearted sequel is low on novelty and lower on fun.

Full review, you know what happens in 'taken 2 don't you? The same thing that happened four years ago in taken, but different. Full review, the premise is looking pretty tired. Full review, what follows seems like a nonstop car and foot chase, with Albanian after Albanian falling victim to Bryan's remarkable aim and hand-fighting skills. Foreigners bad, Americans good, box office busy. Full review "What are you going to do?" wails Maggie. "What I do best!" growls liam.

Gopi sunder's background score is apt to the theme and pace of the story. "take off" is a highly engaging and meticulously crafted film. The experience it permeates is effusive as well as unique. Kudos to the directorial brilliance that ensures a smooth take off. Rejeesh.4 out of 5 (Good what the ratings mean:.0 -.4 : poor.5 -.7: poor, a few good Parts.8 -.3: average.4 -.9: fairly good.0 -.4: good.5 -.0: Very good).

(2012 first they took his daughter. Now they're coming for him. Liam neeson and his badass cia skills are back in this sequel to 2008s action-thriller. . Retired cia operative bryan Mills (Neeson) invites his family to holiday with him in Istanbul. There, he and his wife (Famke janssen) are taken hostage - by the father of one of the henchmen Mills disposed of in the first. While in captivity, bryan must secretly instruct his daughter Kim (Maggie grace) to break them out so he can commence breaking bones and leaving the customary trail of bodies in his wake. . Producer and co-writer Luc Besson (. The fifth Element, transporter ) also returns. Out Now (On-Demand, dvd or Blu-ray get it now, the reviews.

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Parvathy is shredder simply outstanding as she largely contributes well in portraying the character Sameera, who is bold and determined. Sameera is not a typical heroine. She has her own identity and is never afraid of questioning of what she deems to be unfair. The scenes in which she fearlessly speaks against an elderly relative and her meeting with embassy officials are good instances. It appears to be one of her best performances so far. Kunchako boban and Fahad faazil have shown complete justice to their respective characters. The film is top-notch on technical front; Sanu varghese's visuals elevate the film to the realms of reality.

taken movie review

Her aim is to repay her family's debt and support them. She marries Shahid (Kunchakko boban his colleague, post her tumultuous married life with faisal (Asif Ali). They arrive in a hospital in tikrit along business with others. Faisal leaves his son in the custody of Sameera, who's pregnant now. Once Shahid leaves for Mosul along with a medical team. In tikrit is rebels capture the city. Now the nurses are stranded in the hospital and there's no news of Shahid. Then Sameera seeks the help of Indian ambassador Manoj Abraham (Fahad faazil).

lull, i witnessed a film that has been made so passionately and candidly by a filmmaker. Based on real events, this thriller tells about the rescue of 19 Indian nurses who were stranded in the war-ravaged tikrit in Iraq. Editor-turned-director Mahesh Narayanan keeps simplicity in story-telling and diligently treats the story that also focuses on the pathetic conditions of Indian nurses working in an is-controlled province in Iraq. His attempts for sincere filmmaking yield the result: to showcase the plight of nurses in war-hit countries. Albeit his maiden film as a director, mahesh's truthful approach to his own script paves the way for intense filmmaking. Sameera (Parvathy a nurse, opts for a job in Iraq ignoring its aftermath.

Use of this website (including any and all. Though the film takes some time to get going, once neeson arrives in Paris, the the. While taken 3 has been billed. There's a taken tv series in the works, and this show is a prequel with many of the familiar elements stripped away. 50956 talking about this. Available now on Blu-ray, dvd. Get daily discounts on movies, including taken 2 for.99 today only. Taken 3 begins with cia operative bryan Mills (Liam neeson) realizing that surprising his college-age daughter, kim (Maggie grace for her. Watch Johnny depp phone it in as another eccentric Deppified character that will earn him another shit-tillion dollars.

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Taken (film) - wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Taken is a 2008 English-language French action thriller film directed by pierre morel, written by luc Besson and Robert Mark kamen, and starring liam neeson. Doing this film propelled Famke janssen to take action in the real fight. Nothing that made taken 2 at least recognizable as a taken movie is here. Relying on his spec. "taken" shows Mills as a one-man rescue squad, a master of every skill, a laser-eyed. 13 m 30 — 0 type — 8 10 taken 3 Official movie site now on blu-ray, dvd digital hd taken. and 2015 Twentieth Century fox Film Corporation.

Taken movie review
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  1. Movie review : take off your Gloves for the Irish Traveller Boxing Doc knuckle. Movie review : take off your Gloves for the Irish Traveller Boxing Doc. Watch Johnny depp phone it in as another eccentric Deppified character that will earn him another shit-tillion dollars.

  2. take off is a highly engaging and meticulously crafted film. The experience it permeates is effusive as well as unique. Kudos to the directorial brilliance that ensures a smooth take off. There, he and his wife (Famke janssen) are taken hostage - by the father of one of the henchmen Mills disposed of in the first. Rate / review this movie.

  3. Review, by -renuka vyavahare rating-4. Taken, movie, review film Summary (2009) roger Ebert. taken " shows Mills as a one-man rescue squad, a master of every skill, a laser-eyed. Find out if take the lead sizzles or fizzles. Take the lead - kidz In the hood. Solo: a star Wars Story movie review.

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