Thesis paper length

thesis paper length

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Might it apply elsewhere in his work, and why, and why might that matter to us? 5) prose and documentation styles: does the paper follow the conventions of academic word use, grammatical sentence construction, and coherent paragraph construction? To improve this aspect of the paper, read aloud any sentences that rise above simple declarative sentences. . look for places where commas may have been omitted where they are required to prevent misreading, especially around prepositional phrases. . make sure introductory phrases do not confuse the reader about who or what is the subject of the sentence. . In long, complex or compound sentences, look for uses of the semi-colon and make sure it separates clauses that could stand alone as sentences (i.e., independent clauses). . The only other legal use for semi-colons is to separate items in a list when a comma could not be used because the list items, themselves, contain commas. Does it follow mla citation style?

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To improve this aspect of the paper, help revise the title to make it more specifically describe the topic and thesis the paper argues, or offer a new title. Does the introduction clearly introduce the thesis, keywords, and topic order? To improve this aspect of the paper, help the author remove any words or phrases that redundantly tell the best readers things that they already know (e.g., "Hawthorne's short story, 'young goodman Brown published in 1835. . make sure the thesis, and its basic explanatory logic, are clearly revealed by the end of the introduction. Do motivation paragraph transitions clearly explain the topic order and link to the thesis? To improve this aspect of the paper, improve the order in which the paragraphs appear, or clarify at the start of each paragraph why the topic of the former is shifting to this new topic. . look for "Another" and "Also" transition sentences as signs the author has not yet discovered the ordering logic. Does the conclusion take advantage of the thesis' consequences for the work's significance? To improve this aspect of the paper, help the author answer the best readers' "So what?" question by exploring what this paper's insight might mean for the story's political, moral, aesthetic or other values its best readers might bring. . Think about what this paper's insight might mean for readings of other Hawthorne short stories or novels. .

Are"tions and paraphrase from all sources smoothly integrated into the argument and documented? To improve this aspect of the paper, read aloud to the author the sentences that use sources and make sure they work properly. . Check the parenthetical citations against the online course Style Sheet. 3) thesis: does the paper's thesis about clearly control the argument with enough abstract reasoning to grasp significant and debatable understandings, and with enough focus to avoid wandering generalizations? To improve this aspect of the paper, make sure the thesis is referred to in every paragraph, from first to last. . Bring up alternative theses, especially the "antithesis" or opposite opinion, and test the evidence against them. . If an alternative thesis works better, convince the author to change her/his mind. . If the alternatives do not work better, help to add a paragraph or two that considers them and explains why they are less successful than the author's thesis in explaining the evidence. 4) title, introduction, paragraph transition, and conclusion: does the paper's title clearly reveal the topic and indicate significant elements of the thesis?

thesis paper length

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To improve this aspect of the remote paper, help the author identify the best readers' likely assumptions about the insight, and help develop the insight's importance to readers' overall understanding of the story and Hawthorne's authorial strategies. 2) supporting evidence: does the paper support its insight with appropriate primary source evidence of sufficient quality and quantity? To improve this aspect of the paper, find other evidence in the story or stories that helps make the insight seem more likely to be true, or warn the author about the existence of evidence which suggests the opposite might be true. Does it use any secondary sources, are they of sufficient quality and currency, and are they properly acknowledged? To improve this aspect of the paper, make sure any secondary sources used are scholarly. . Suggest scholarly alternatives to any non-scholarly sources. . Help find additional sources to improve the paper's explanation of its insight.

It is the student's responsibility to notify me about reasons for absence. Lateness may be counted as absence, although you are encouraged to come even if you are late in order to keep up with course work. Grades 20 Paper One, 50 Paper Two, 30 class preparedness and participation Calendar : Class meets in the honors Center Monday and Wednesday 12:35-1:50 Schedule of papers Paper One : Length, 3-5 pages Topic and partial thesis: September 29 First draft : Oct 13 Second. 17 Second draft and outline: nov 24 Technical revision: Dec. 6 Final Draft: Dec. 13 through Finals week, final date tba). Hawthorne paper evaluation, english 105 Hawthorne paper evaluation Criteria _ 1) critical insight: does the paper explain a sufficiently important insight regarding the work(s) it discusses? (I.e., perception of the author's intentions in formal structure, theme/imagery, characterization, plot construction and details, or other techniques.).

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thesis paper length

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Pearsall to the lighthouse by virginia woolf and, if you have not yet purchased a copy, thomas Hardy's. Tess of the d'urbervilles. Methods, the course will the be conducted primarily as a workshop, with the emphasis on mobile group discussion and critiques of readings and drafts. Students will frequently be asked to read aloud from drafts, and to xerox them for discussion. Requirements, there are two papers assigned. The first is a little warm-up paper, the other the magnum opus which will contribute heavily to the final grade. Drafts and final versions must be in on time.

No paper will be accepted late. All drafts, short essays, answers to questions and papers must be clearly typed on white paper using a 12 pt font of any simple typeface. No drafts will be accepted unless accompanied by all previous work. Attendance Attendance is a prerequisite to passing and does not add to the grade in itself, although unexcused absences which exceed those permitted in the Student Handbook may be cause for failure. An excused absence requires a note from a doctor or the college.

After your submission, your faculty supervisor will be asked to verify that the work is your own and did not result from collaboration with faculty or other students. He or she will recognize if you "benefited from more than the usual faculty guidance.". Sample "Typed Style" Syllabus, writing 100 has as its aim the production of two well-thought-out, correctly documented, and clearly written research papers. What is a research paper? Some people think of it as a collection of citations from the past.

This would make it a rather boring exercise. Actually, we will be breaking in on critical discussions of the texts we read, discussions held all over the world by students, professors, readers, critics. Many questions we raise have been raised before-how have they been answered? Are we interested in those answers? We will be thinking about these questions and others as we participate in a truly global thought process. Objectives, students completing this course will be able to demonstrate the ability to: develop and articulate a thesis find and evaluate appropriate secondary sources in a library provide supporting evidence for the thesis through argumentation based on original ideas as well as ideas generated from. Materials, texts for this course are available in the college bookstore. Please purchase the, mla handbook, women and Values (ed.

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The committee strives to take into account different circumstances - the "submission category" questions on the online form help us to identify those circumstances and take them into account, as appropriate. 4) Are master's theses eligible for the graduation competition? In principle, yes, if the thesis is trimmed to conform to the specified "article length." see above. 5) my paper was written individually, reviews but it was based on research conducted by a group. Several years ago, group papers were eligible, but no longer. 6) I met with my honors thesis supervisor weekly and she gave me a lot of guidance in my research. Does that disqualify my paper?

thesis paper length

Post-bachelors Lehigh students, such as Presidential Scholars, can submit work to the undergraduate competition if it was finished prior to their first Lehigh graduation, but papers written or revised after that graduation ceremony must be submitted to the graduate competition. 2) What does "article-length" mean? My thesis is 60 pages. We usually think of articles as 30-35 pages or less, with 50 pages the upper limit. Manuscripts that are longer than 10,000 words should be edited down, because the volume of submissions and the short time period available for evaluation leave us unable to guarantee a full reading for very long ones. Your faculty supervisor may be able to offer tips on how to most easily cut the manuscript. 3) What does "article-length" mean? Does burner my term paper of 10-15 pages have a chance in competition with honors theses that are 50 pages in length? Yes, because those papers will face higher expectations, given their length.

the campbell Prize committee (see below). Campbell Prize committee, norrin Ripsman, International Relations, chair, daisy dai, economics. Janey lee, journalism and Communication, al Wurth, political Science, yuping Zhang, sociology and Anthropology. Frequently Asked questions 1) i am now a presidential Scholar, but my paper was written before i graduated. Which competition do i enter? To be eligible for the undergraduate competition, the author must have been a lehigh undergraduate working toward his or her first bachelors degree at the time the submitted paper was written.

Papers should be article length - no more than 10,000 words (about 50 pages of double-spaced type). See, frequently Asked questions below for details, winning papers will be judged on the criteria that database distinguished Don Campbell's own work: The clarity and compelling character of the written presentation. The quality and originality of the research design and analysis. The appropriate use of social science methodology. And, the focus on important societal issues. Submission Procedures: Papers should be submitted in Word, wordPerfect, or pdf formats. The interactive submission form will request the name of a lehigh professor who can verify that the paper is the student's work.

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Campbell, University Professor at Lehigh from 19, was world renowned for his pioneering work in social science methodology, evaluation research, and the application of social science to the understanding and solution of a wide variety of social issues. A member of the national Academy of Sciences, campbell was among the most cited social scientists in history and a beloved mentor to generations of students and colleagues. Two 1000 prizes will be awarded to outstanding research papers in the social sciences, one undergraduate and one graduate. Eligibility: The competitions are open to all Lehigh students and all work in the social sciences, broadly conceived. Papers must be the work of a single individual. Specifically excluded are those based on group projects, even if the paper is authored by an individual. Collaborative work with a faculty supervisor is not eligible.

Thesis paper length
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  3. Narrow the topic down so that it can be appropriately addressed within the length of the paper. Provide supporting evidence for the thesis through argumentation based on original ideas as well as ideas generated from research materials. Thesis : does the paper s thesis clearly control the argument with enough abstract reasoning to grasp significant and debatable understandings, and with enough focus to avoid wandering generalizations?

  4. The heart of the matter: Writing. A research paper presents and argues a thesis, the writer s hypothesis, theory, or opinion. In this guide, the word thesis refers to both the thesis and the dissertation, unless otherwise noted. Failure to comply with the regulations on thesis length. Three paper copies of the thesis in a temporary soft binding. 6) I met with my honors thesis supervisor weekly and she gave me a lot of guidance in my research.

  5. Students are encouraged to use their thesis for both graduate studies and post-graduate employment. The honors Program does not require students to write a research or scholarly paper for their thesis. Below is a detailed list of suggestions that may assist you with creating your thesis. An abstract inside the thesis is optional and may be any length. A single grade will be awarded for the. Paper thesis ; this grade will be posted on the students transcript after the second semester of the senior year.

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