Where is my resume

where is my resume

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Readership, awards won, etc.). There are exceptions for this but you still want to lead with your full-time jobs and have any additional pieces of your resume (blog included) be secondary.

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You want to put your best foot forward on your resume so if you feel like your blog is decent but youre not 100 proud of it yet, consider waiting to include. If biography a resume reader sees a blog listed on a resume, theyre probably going to go read. Its about a topic that would not be considered appropriate for work (enough said). Many other reasons, honestly, most of the time, you probably should not include your blog on your resume. I cant list (or even think of) all of the reasons here, but the more material you share with a recruiter or interviewer, the more they can find that they dont like (thats not even relevant to the job). I know that sounds terrible and I wouldnt want someone to make a judgment of me based on something I worked really hard on and cared about, but you want to save most of your first impression for your in-person interview, and not give too. If you are on the fence about including your blog for any of the reasons above, id say skip. Unfortunately, unless you really have achieved success through blogging, its difficult for some interviewers to see the value. Worse, it can make you seem less focused on your day job. If you do decide to include your blog (because it is awesome, professional, and aligned with the job you are interviewing for i would generally suggest putting it in an additional experience section business versus in the section with your primary roles youve held (unless.

If your blog is related to the job you are applying for (and meets the other criteria above) it will likely make you a stronger candidate. Leave your blog off your resume. Your blog contains mostly personal information. You always want to keep your resume and what you talk about in an interview very, very professional. Therefore, really think about if you want your interviewer reading about what you ate for breakfast or did on Saturday night. I especially want to call attention to blogs with first lots of photos of yourself whether they be pictures from your personal life or you posing for your own blog, be aware that it can come across as a little unprofessional if not done in the. You feel like your blog is good, but not great.

where is my resume

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The content is mostly geared towards a topic or theme (vs. Personal) and you are knowledgable in the area. You have a proven following who considers you an expert on the topic you are blogging about. The audience itself isnt so important. However, having a following of readers is a good gut check which could indicate whether your interviewer or resume reviewer will also find you to dates be a reliable source. Youve been working on the blog for a significant amount of time. Showcasing a blog you started last week will not have an impressive amount of content and doesnt necessarily show any dedication. Wait to include your blog until you know you are sticking with it for the long haul. It makes you a stronger candidate for the job you are applying for.

As always (I know, i know) its not a black and white answer. The answer is sometimes. I fully realize there are a lot of people out there would straight up say no, dont ever include your blog but in some cases, i feel that doing so can make you a stronger candidate. Here are my guidelines on when you should include your personal blog on your resume. Include your blog on your resume. The overall presentation (formatting, theme, just the way it looks in general) comes off as professional and polished even if someone were to not read a single word. If you started the blog up a year ago and still havent gotten around to branding it, you might want to think twice. The first impression just based on looks alone is a very important one (shallow, i know!).

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where is my resume

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Id frame it something like this: Master of Business Administration degree candidate. Thesis under development; anticipated completion June 2013. Marylhurst University, marylhurst, or, list Honors, not gpa, if you graduated from college with high honors, absolutely make note. While you dont need to list your gpa (especially if its under.5 or if youve been out of school for more than three years dont be afraid to showcase that summa cum laude status or the fact that you were in the honors college. Most people list educational background at the end of the resume, which is perfectly fine. However, if you have a degree from a prestigious university or one that may serve as an advantage for the types of positions youre pursuing, consider listing your education at the beginning of your resume instead. Above all, be strategic about anything you put in your education section.


Like anything else on your resume, it should be working for you, not against). We are definitely in an era where a ton of people have blogs about their lives, personal interests, and other topics. Starting and maintaining a blog shows commitment and anyone who has been updating one for years knows, it takes a ton of time. That being said, blogging is usually not someones primary job, and so the question often comes up should i include my blog on my resume? On one hand, it should be impressive that youve created one and maintained it (and have a big readership?) but on the other hand, it could seem like youre not 100 invested in the other (primary) jobs youve held.

Put Advanced Degrees First (Usually usually, you should lay down your educational background by listing the most recent or advanced degree first, working in reverse chronological order. But there are exceptions. Say you earned a degree in geography, but are now working in the field of online marketing. If you more recently completed coursework specific to social media or digital marketing, list that first to grab the reviewers attention. Lose the dates, Unless youre a recent Grad.

Unless youre a recent graduate (one to three years out of school you really dont need to list the graduation dates. The reviewer cares more about whether or not you have the degree than when you earned. And, as you progress in your career (thats code for as that gray hair starts springing out listing dates can work against you. Dont List everywhere you ever Attended. If you attended one or two colleges before landing at the one from which you graduated, its not necessary to list them all out. Again, the degree is what the reviewer is looking for, not an autobiographical account of the four colleges you hopped to and from before finally graduating. Didnt quite earn the degree? Last week, i counseled a woman who had completed her masters program, but not the thesis. She wondered if it was ok to list that shed completed the coursework, or if would it appear deceptive.

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Do you list them, or not? Do you cite gpa, courses completed? The education section is tough. And truthfully, there arent unbendable laws. But to avoid this job seekers mistake (and others here are a few bits of advice on how to best manage this piece of your resume : Dont be overly cutesy (or lie). Most of us have stuff in our past that wed like to disguise on our resumes. If it happens that your Achilles heel falls in the education section, be strategic, of course, but not cheesy (see above) or dishonest. It probably wont end well. If you feel your education section is a little biography light, load this section with continuing education and professional coursework.

where is my resume

About a week ago, i received a resume from a job seeker interested in a technical sales position one of my recruiting clients has available. All words was going well—until I reached the education section of his resume. Heres what it said: Graduate, and ongoing student, school of Life, multiple locations, i wanted to admire his creativity, i really did. But instead, i just felt sort of annoyed and duped. I wondered why this job seeker, who had tons of great work experience and plenty of continuing education coursework under his belt, felt like he had to invent something to put into this section of his resume. The more i pondered, the more i realized: Resumes are just damned hard for most people to craft, even under the most straightforward of circumstances. This challenge becomes even more daunting when you have to strategize on something sensitive or complex, like having no degree or a non-completed degree. And then theres the whole, where do i put my education on the resume, top or bottom? And how about dates?

unsure about possible titles for your resume, ask your volunteer work supervisor to help you clarify your responsibilities. How should I describe my volunteer position? The volunteer work on your resume should show employers the important skills you learned. As with any job on your resume, the best way to describe volunteer work is to relate it to the job to which you are applying. List two or three responsibilities of your volunteer jobs that demonstrate a knowledge of skills you can bring to your new workplace. If its clear that your experience helped foster some valuable abilities you will need as an employee, your volunteer work can be a key part of your resume.

Should i include volunteer work along with paid experience on my resume? Some resumes list volunteer work in a separate category from paid positions. But many students have only held volunteer positions, or might not have enough experience to warrant two separate sections. Employers expect list students, unlike more experienced applicants, to have volunteered in order to learn the ropes of the workplace. Because paid experience and volunteer work both offer students key opportunities for growth, feel free to put them in the same section on your resume when applying to your first job after college. Just make sure to be up-front about the nature of each job if asked. What if I have no job title for my volunteer work? Writing that you were a volunteer on your resume might be accurate, but it leaves employers wondering how your volunteer work experience applies to their workplace.

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3 Common questions About Including Volunteer Work on your. Resume, a resume that lists volunteer work not only reveals the skills and interests youve developed throughout your volunteer positions, but also shows that you take initiative to find work that you enjoy. Employers love to see about that you are motivated by the chance to learn not just by a paycheck. Listing volunteer work on your resume also can add a lot of valuable information to your job history, especially for new job seekers or recent college graduates with short resumes. Volunteer positions can fill gaps in employment so for students whose employment history is short, volunteer work can be an especially important addition to your resume. But how do you include volunteer work on your resume? Check out these 3 frequently asked questions:.

Where is my resume
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  5. The education section of your resume can be a little tricky: Where should it go? Should you list your, gPA? All of the schools you ve attended, or just the most recent?

  6. Listing volunteer work can boost a resume - especially resumes of entry-level job seekers. Improve your resume by adding volunteer work the smart way. Should i include my blog on my resume? The answer is sometimes - here s when you should include your blog and when you shouldn. Listing your, linkedIn link in your resume is an easy and smart move. LinkedIn is the best way to create a network of colleagues, employers, potential employers, and recruiters.

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